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Nov 16, 2014

One of the many things on my Alaska bucket list, is to see the Northern Lights. And not just see the dim aftermath, but the real deal, dancing lights in the sky. But we live so close to the downtown lights that they are never really visible. But this weekend they were supposed to be insane! The local news really got me pumped up to load my offspring in the car well passed there bedtime to see these damn things. Chris of course was on board, he rarely says no to my craziness. So Saturday night rolled around. I was checking my "aurora borealis tracker" on my phone like I was tracking Santa. We packed the car full of blankets and activities for the kids, and even carved out time to stop at our favorite bakery to load up on a few delectable's to make the wait that much more bearable.
We pulled into our viewing spot and saw lots of other cars parked and thought "clearly we are in for a show....look at all these people!!". (rookie thinking). But we devoured our treats. Set the kids up a nice little play area on the floor of the minivan, have I told you how much I love that thing? No seriously, everyone should drive a minivan with toddlers. Anyway, the waiting began. It was about 9:15 pm at this point. I was moving around trying to find signal so I could jump on my fan crazed light tracker. I was sending Chris on random walks outside the car to see if he could see anything. Nothing! About 9:30 Avalon fell asleep. The boys were watching a movie. Still no lights. 10:30 Chris said, "okay I am waiting 15 more minutes and then let's head back, I am too old for this late night shit". 10:45 Chris and Ace fall asleep. 11:00 Pierce falls asleep. So there I sat.....still no lights. Then what do you know, I FALL SLEEP! I woke up at 11:30 frantically looking for lights in the sky, Nothing! I woke Chris up and said, this was stupid let's go home. Ha! And we did. 
Sunday we all slept in, thank goodness! Ace woke up and said "I never want to do that again. We didn't even see any Christmas lights". I know kid, your mom is nuts! We figured we should make it up to them and dazzle them with some other wonders of the world around us. Insert frozen lake!
The kids did plenty of ice skating last year, but mom was too afraid to let them on a lake. I have never stepped foot on a frozen lake before. My paranoia was out of control. Chris kept reassuring me that it was fine. (He grew up in Maine and learned how to play hockey on lakes like this). So I conquered my fear, and let my little ducklings spread their ever adventurous wings. 
They had so much fun! Running, falling, sliding all over the place. They begged to go back home and get their skates, but I only have energy for so much in one day. And since I can't skate in my state of gestation, we have to figure something out. But we promised we would come back with skates and hockey sticks in hand. 
And I mean this view! Unbeatable. Thank you weekend, I am still exhausted. And no thank you local weather man who assured me I would be in for a light show in the sky. I will be sticking to my 8 pm bedtime from now on. 

How was your weekend? 


  1. Unbelievable!!! How could they have gotten that wrong? You just can't trust anyone. Such a shame. Good idea in theory though. I remember when we lived in Maine we would all line up in front of the window watching my dad "test" our lake with a broom stick and lots of jumping. It always made me nervous. You are a better mother than I! And that view. Gorgeous.

  2. That is beautiful! I'm laughing reading this because I once went to Lake Bled, Slovenia - which is basically a town with a beautiful lake that has a church smack dab in the middle of it, on a tiny lake island. In the winter, everyone walks onto the lake to get the to church. My friend insisted we do it and, just like you, I was totally paranoid. Me: WHAT THE HELL DO YOU SEE THAT CRACK?! My friend: Casey, that's a twig. And this continued the entire time :)

    1. That was me the whole time! I think I see a crack, Chris is that a crack? Maybe we should just not move. LOL!

  3. Oh my goodness what a view! Sorry you missed the lights. Can't wait to read about when you finally do catch them! xx

  4. The lights on Friday night were INCREDIBLE! Next time they are forecasted you, and the gang pile up and come to our house. We can see them perfectly from our front door! But then again a family car nap is one for the books. ;)

  5. Man, that totally sucks. But those pastries look amazeballs.

    I used to love walking on the frozen lakes, and riding snowmobiles on them too. Great memories!

  6. Wow what an amazing view!!! :)

  7. How lame that you didn't get to see the lights! I was really hoping for some cool photos. Am I crazy for being surprised that the lake is already frozen?! I though that took forever to happen! Super cool!

  8. Your posts make me want to move to Alaska with all the fun things you guys do!!
    Bummer that you didn't see the lights though, I would be so freaking annoyed!



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