all for one and one for all

Dec 17, 2014

As in we are all sick! I don't think there has ever been a time where all five of us wake up sick. We have certainly all gotten the same sickness, but more or less staggered in its arrival. Not this time. Starting Sunday we had the sniffles, Monday a little achy but not enough to keep the boys from trying to kill each other all day. Bam! Tuesday I woke up at 4:30 just not being able to swallow anymore. Chris hit his alarm I don't know how many times (which is semi unusual). And then the kids slowly crawled down the stairs one by one looking like death. The morning was spent with me hunched over the counter like "please tell me you all will just eat toast this morning because I can't fathom taking three different breakfast orders right now". Luckily, they all wanted fruit and some toast, that I could manage.
To the couch we went...... and stayed. 
This picture of Pierce pretty much sums it all up. Just bodies flopping to the floor, clinging to any ounce of comfort we can find. I have been pumping us all full of vitamin C, elderberry, and echinacea. Everyone sipping on warm lemon water with honey. Each taking turns to grab more tissues. Sitting and listening to each other cough, sometimes we even do it in unison. It is all very dreamy. 

And you know what!! This is the first year, and I do mean first year ev-er that I got a flu shot. I have explained before that my mom is very much a holistic healing, witch doctor type lady. She never really did the flu shot thing (yes, I got all my vaccines as a child). But she just pumped us full of vitamins and when in doubt pulled out an oil or two, put on her head dress and did a healing dance, and when that didn't work, modern medicine was her friend. I have gotten my kids the flu shot in years passed but never myself, who the hell knows why. But this year I was sitting in my OB's office and he asked if I had gotten it yet, I said no. He said he thought it would be a good idea and they could do it right now. I was like....oh okay let's give this thing a whirl. And wouldn't you know the very first year I get it, they announce (they being the CDC) this years flu shot is missing a KEY strain, one that very well accounts for much of the crap floating around. Funny flu shot....let's see if I get poked with you again. Okay, but seriously I am not blaming the flu shot, just thought that was funny. Well actually Chris thought that was funny. He makes fun of my "all natural" ways every chance he gets. I don't blame the shot....I blame the kids at Ace's preschool. Is that harsh? 

In any event, here we are, trying to kick this to the curb. Chris's vacation starts this week and the weather report is calling for snow! As much as I may not be a snow bunny, these kids of mine are. And if they see fluffy white things falling from the sky and can't go out and play in it, I will probably have to melon ball my eyes out! So, grandma how does the healing dance go? I don't have a head dress, but I did just buy a killer fedora!


  1. Oh no! I hope you guys feel better soon!!! Serves you right giving in and letting them inject you with that nonsense. ;)

  2. Hugs to you all! Hoping it passes soon!

  3. Oh you poor woman! I hope you all start to feel better soon. And I don't do the flu shot!

  4. Oh no, that's terrible!!! I hope you all feel better QUICKLY! :(

  5. Aww! Hope you all feel better. We're all staggered this time around. Poor Adri is out on the couch with a fever.

  6. Sickness is no fun! Hope you're all get well together, preferably by tomorrow!



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