Gift Ideas for the Kiddos

Dec 4, 2014

patchwork jeans// happy sweater

Like I have stated in previous posts, we are thiiiis close to being done with Christmas shopping. My children came up with some pretty extravagant lists for Santa this year though. Topping everyone's list was a dog (including Chris's), but mom used her executive power to point and laugh at every single frowning face in the room. I am very much not giving in on this one seeing as how I am about to have a baby and I clean enough poop on the daily as is. So Santa if you show up at my house with a dog, it better come with a "reward if found" note. 

So to make up for that I really wanted to get things that the boys actually asked for. I have no idea what Avalon asked for except for "loli-pop". In the short four years we have been doing children involved Christmas we have tried different things. We have settled on just setting an amount for each child. They all get the same amount of money, and we work their requests into that. It usually involves one big toy, followed by smaller toys to accompany that. Then we do a joint gift for them. This is kind of how my parents did it for me growing up and it seemed to work. I can tell you I am not looking forward to putting together that kitchen that showed up for Avalon! Santa....send me some elves! 

How do you Christmas shop for your kids? Or nieces and nephews? Or any child for that matter. 

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  1. That's a pretty sweet kitchen! She's going to love that for years to come. We do the same thing... Setting a very strict budget. And if a kid wants something expensive then they may end up with only that one gift. That's how it always worked in my family. Like the years my brother got one box and it was an Xbox or something. Haha

  2. I love these ideas especially the tee-pee! We did 2 toys for each of our nieces and nephews but the rest of clothes. :)

  3. We followed the something they want, something they need, something to wear, and something to read, this year. These children have so many freakin toys we decieded to try our best to stay away from buying them any. They'll get some from family so it's not like they'll have a no toy Christmas.



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