I present....zoo lights

Dec 19, 2014

Last night we decided to hit up one of the winter wonders here in the Anchorage area, Zoo Lights! What is zoo lights you ask? It is where they turn the zoo into a Christmas light extravaganza. They place lights throughout the whole zoo, light shows, music, hot chocolate, all very Christmas spirit inducing if you ask me.
It is one thing to drive house to house around your neighborhood to spot some glorious lights, but it is another thing to walk around in 17 degree cold to spot some animals by the colorful illumination. Explaining to toddlers that we are going to the zoo to see Christmas lights is quite the conversation. In the car they were thrilled, but we have been to the zoo so many times that once we got there the most frequently asked question was...."where are the animals? how come I can't see them?" That is when you distract with hot chocolate and keep on walking. Remember the goal here is to tire them out......I mean see Christmas lights. 
Oh thank you tiger for letting yourself be seen! The boys didn't care how many animals they saw, as long as they saw one. And with all their failed Christmas caroling to try and wake up the polar bear, they stood silent looking at the tiger. Which gave me a little break from skate chasing them all over the place. 
And then there is always Princess Avalon, who cannot be bothered to to walk, or even be cold like her commoner family. No no, she must always ride in some chariot like device and be pushed or carried to her destination. Sorry, I think that was my jealously talking. I mean she was so warm in her stroller with blankets, and hand warmers, and the top down so there was no chill on her face, how can you not be a little envious? The boys always take turns getting warm in there as well. 

But really this is my favorite piece of "baby gear". I had never seen this stroller like contraption until we moved to Alaska. Our first winter we saw people pushing their kids around in these mobile enclosures, and Chris and I knew we had to have this. It also turns into so many things, if we would get some damn snow we could strap the skis on this thing and really have a good time. I just love it...and the kids love it, how could they not?
Surprisingly we were in and out of here in an hour! When you are on the hunt for animals, things tend to move a little quicker. But it was so fun, something we definitely look forward to every year. It is a little different, and Anchorage doesn't offer too many activities like this so you have to capitalize on these things when they come about!

And once we arrived home we all passed out on the couch....Merry Christmas to all and to all a good night!


  1. This is really cool! I would have braved the cold for it too.

  2. What?? That is so cool! I wish they did that here, but oh wait, it doesn't snow in Southern California!!!

  3. That's a genius idea. Minus the fact it's bloody Alaska and you have to be outside. Brrrr. Avalon. You got the right idea girl.

  4. Not surprised that you were in an out in a hour. LOL I would have been running through the place. Looks like a great adventure!



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