impromptu family getaway

Dec 25, 2014

Did you survive Christmas? Are there still pieces of wrapping paper hiding in corners of your house? If you answered yes to both of those questions that will make me very happy! I for one am super surprised we pulled Christmas off. I thought for sure we would have unwrapped presents to put out, or possibly be caught pulling an all nighter as we frantically put wooden toys with a million pieces together. I guess it wouldn't have been so nerve wrecking if we actually planned things in our lives, but where is the fun in that? I have come to realize Chris and I function solely off impulse decisions....not my advice to anyone, unless you would like to live in chaos much like us.

That is what happened the Sunday before Christmas. The morning started off normal, Chris got up early to go ski, I didn't sleep much and waddled down stairs to have my cup of decaf and await the sleeping beauties. After Chris got home he said "let's go stay at the resort for a couple days, they got a decent amount of snow to ski on". I laughed....and said "oh wait your serious? You know Christmas is in a few days? the man didn't care. Next thing I know there are suitcases being brought up from the basement. We ran around destroying the house finding clean ski stuff, multiple changes of clothes for every human, and diapers! The next morning we were off....
The resort is only about an hour from our house so not bad at all as far as road tripping goes. The kids were so excited, they love them some hotel living! Movies, room service, more hallways than they could ever dream of exploring. At one point Ace said "can't we just stay here instead of having Christmas? It's the room service right? I mean he couldn't possibly have wanted to give up his toys. 
The whole hotel was decked to the highest halls! Which I have to admit I loved, if I wasn't going to be home enjoying my own Christmas lights, might as well have a Christmas tree at every corner you turned too. The kids loved all the decorations, and ran through the halls yelling "ho ho ho".
Even though we were only there for two days, it was non-stop skiing. If Chris was taking runs down the mountain, the kids were building a snowman. For me it was just a lot of being on my feet. And being almost 7 months pregnant, just sitting is exhausting to me. I was so surprised and thankful when Chris said "I booked you a few spa treatments in the morning". At first I was like...noooo this is a family affair. But I snapped out of that mindset real quick and let myself relax for a few hours at the spa. It was just good for this mamas soul. 
After that it was back to the bunny slopes for the boys! We made a quick decision to sign the boys up for ski lessons for the two days we were there, because well, they won't listen to us but they will listen to someone else. And they did! When we try and tell them the technical stuff like how to stop they just argue or say "I know how to do it!!!!!". But this time they listened and in a matter of minutes were jumping on their skis to get down the hill. Chris and I sat on the side lines with perpetual smiles on our faces. 
After another long day in the cold and one more night of playing musical beds we had to say goodbye and come up with a game plan to pull off Christmas, with multiple meal preps included. But we needed this change of scenery for our family. Get out and away from the house, let the kids be kids, both Chris and I fitting in some relaxation time. And fully taking advantage of Chris being on vacation and willing and able to turn off his phone so there are no interruptions. It was a nice little recharge....or as recharged as one can be chasing toddlers down long hallways, or riding the elevator up and down because your kids have quick button poking fingers. Someone take me back!

I hope you all had a wonderful Christmas and are attempting a recovery from a food coma!


  1. So fun! We never stayed or skied at Alyeska, but loved visiting for the day. Glad there's a fair amount of snow for you guys! I just had my first "green" Christmas in 5 years and I did not like it one bit.

  2. Such an awesome getaway!!! The photos are amazing.

  3. Ah now that spa morning sounds real nice! What a fun little impromptu vaca!!



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