the inside out "braid"

Dec 22, 2014

Lately, I have been completely obsessed with this "braid". I think it's because I recently cut more layers into my hair, so when I actually do do a braid it doesn't last very long. That is where this comes in handy. Since you use a few small elastics, layers or no layers your hair stays in place. So, if you are interested in learning how to get this inside out steps below. And if you're not, who can blame you? Not I my friend!

*please excuse the wrinkly stockings...add it to my to-do list 
1. Part your hair to the side, you can totally do a middle part for this, but I like the fullness near my face when it is parted to the side. You can also tease your hair to give it some oomph!
2. Now make a low side pony with a small elastic.
3. Then take another elastic and tie it a couple inches down from the first.
4. Split your hair in two parts between the elastics and flip it inside out.
5. It should look a little something like that!
6. Do the same thing, another elastic a couple inches from the last, and you will do it all again. Split the hair and flip it inside out.
7. Now you should have two inside out little "braids". If you have longer hair you can keep doing this all the way down until you have multiple beautiful sections.
8. Now I like to gently pull apart the hair to make it look fuller, and camouflage the elastics so it looks like more of a uniform braid.
The end will look like this! I mean how simple? Too simple, and perfect for a last minute holiday party. Or early preschool morning, or whenever really. I can't get enough of it!



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