workin on the weekend

Dec 7, 2014

If I could sum up this weekend, I would probably say it was filled with manual labor. I mean nothing too crazy....but much more than what this family is used to. Color us lazy or something. First, I had this crazy idea to cut down our own Christmas tree. Last year I saw that there was an on base program for families to go out to some of the field training areas and cut down trees. I told Chris about it and he said what he always does " we will do whatever you want", such a good guy! I got all the permits, emailed the right people, Chris picked up a saw and we were ready. 
We have always done a real tree every year, but nothing as fresh as cutting down our own. Chris said that is what they used to do in Maine growing up so for sure he was well equipped to find us a winner. We drove around looking for the "easily marked christmas tree cutting areas" not to be confused with the hard areas to find because those must have been top secret! We finally found a place and I sent Chris out to run around and see what our options were looking like. He came back and said " uhh I don't think this is what you would consider a Christmas tree but get out and see for yourself". We got the kids out and Ace kept saying "mom these are not real Christmas trees". Ha! They just weren't what we are used to seeing, ya know? 
We gave up the search pretty quick and went to the nursery that we have gotten our tree the last two years. They did not disappoint. Ace was not so happy that Santa's sleigh was there, but he was not. Snowman cookies from Starbucks remedied that situation. I am not above bribing my kids! Survival parenting is the name of the game....I suggest everyone play it!
We found our pretty lady and she happily made her home in the living room! Every year our tree gets simpler and simpler. We used to do big bulbs and tons of lights. But as we had more kids and their curiosity grew we lost the bulbs and the extra lights and took away some of their temptation. I actually like it better this way. As the kids get older I am sure they will want to do ornaments and fun colored lights. 

Sunday Chris and I were up pretty early and he mentioned how he was looking into buying a table for the garage to wax his skis. He showed me some of the options and I choked on my coffee. The prices of some of these things were insane! I stupidly said "we could make something for a fraction of the price". I said that because we  have never built anything in our lives together, except a few Ikea purchases in our first apartment. But never have we thought of doing something like this, as basic as it may be. 
Before I could think twice about it he was out the door on his way to Lowe's, where he was sending me texts saying "what am I buying?" "we need how much wood?" "I am buying a bunch of power tools". (so in retrospect this wasn't a fraction of the cost). But he was so excited to do this that I had to be on board. We were committed, I mean we bought wood!
It took a lot longer than expected to make, more hands don't always mean more work! Especially when they are six mini hands that like to throw tools around and bang on things, oh and order tons of food and drinks like I am a drive-thru window. 
But we did it! I have no idea how we did it, but we did! It is exactly what he needs to wax his skis. And he is so much more excited to use it since we he built it. He has already made the request that we make shelves for him to hang his skis, and he wants to make the kids a little art table for inside. If anyone finds my actual husband can you send him back to me, because I have no idea who this person is. 

But I'll keep him. 


  1. He's handy that one!! Excellent table and it's perfect for what he needs it for. And lovely tree lady. Such a shame about the whole cut down your own one. Somebody missed the boat there.

  2. Your tree is wonderful! I love it.

  3. I love the tree decorations! Probably the best option for a lot of little hands!

  4. I like your van, all these 7 hour road trips are making me actually want one. Your tree is cute! Mike makes stuff all the time that he wants/needs but I asked him for a crate out of a palette and the palette has been sitting in the yard for 2 weeks now.

  5. Love the tree you, it's so full and pretty!



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