One Fine Day

Mar 30, 2014

When Alaska hands you insane amounts of sunshine, and 38 degree weather in March, you take advantage of it! When the weather is so beautiful in Anchorage, it means that Girdwood is probably breathtaking. Girwood is a small ski town south of Anchorage, and a little over 30 minutes from my house. So any chance we get that the husband is home we try and get out there. There is so much to do winter and summer.

The drive down is my favorite part, and I made the mistake of buying Chris a GoPro for our anniversary. Why is this a mistake? Because he has chosen to embarrass all of us with it. He bought some crazy suction thing and put it on the outside of my car so he could "capture the drive". Many people were staring at this contraption, and Ace even said "I am putting my head down" haha! But when we got home and watched the video it was pretty cool.

Get ready for picture overload! Hashtag you've been warned. Hashtag sorry.

Amazing right? I took about 100 pictures and somehow choose these four to share. There are so many little turn offs during the drive, but my favorite is Beluga Point where most of these were taken.  There are also so many waterfalls on the side of the mountain, but Chris told me I was getting a liiiittle crazy when I said I could just run across traffic to get a pic. What a fun sponge!
We spend most of our time at Moose Meadow across from the resort, and ski slopes. It is gorgeous, and there are always people skiing and sledding, and tons of dogs that the boys love to run around with. 
Once the kids have spent a few hours running around, and you think they are good and take them on a hike on one of the many trials. You know just to make suuuure they have very little energy left for the ride home. 
After its all said and done, you head back down the hill to the best little bakery. I consider this the best because their cookies are the size of my head, and their croissants and apple strudel could feed a family of five. Take my word, we just happen to be a family of 1-2-3-4-5. We are talking Shrek like portions here!
And here is a bonus out take shot of me watching Ace and Pierce race in snow pants and snow boots. Pretty much like watching a turtle race. But Chris took this and said "look at you...if I didn't know you I would think you actually knew what you were doing outside". Funny man....funny man!
And that is faux fur....faux fur! No need to alert PETA. 

How was everyone else's weekend? 

Another Anniversary In The Books!

Mar 28, 2014

I could go on and on about the mushy gushy side of wedding anniversaries, and life with this man. But who wants to hear about that? I think it would actually freak Chris out. We show our love in different ways like loads of sarcasm, the driest of the dry humor, a nice tap on the ass while walking through the kitchen. True love people!

So with that I say....marriage is something truly truly special. It is the act of choosing someone to annoy countless times a day for the rest of your life. Christopher, thank you, thank you for choosing me! 

I love you! 

The Honeymoon - Bora Bora

Mar 27, 2014

Linking up with Laurie from Andiamo for Travel Thursdays

Chris and I didn't get a real honeymoon seeing as how he deployed right after we got married. But somewhere in all of our hundreds of emails back and forth during his deployment we decided we wanted to plan a honeymoon/vacation when he got home. I remember asking him "where would your dream place be to go?" he replied with "Bora Bora". To be honest I didn't know much about it at the time. But I decided to start researching and contact a travel agent about our options. I wanted to have everything set for when he got home from Iraq. There were a lot of details to work out!

We ended up choosing to stay at the Bora Bora Pearl Beach Resort for 10 days. Dream come true is all I can really say. We needed this after 15 months of being apart. But moreover Chris needed this to decompress.
Chris was already sporting a nice tan from the deserts of Iraq!
We chose to spend the first couple days in a beach front bungaloo, complete with an outdoor bathroom. 
We then moved to an over-water bungaloo for the remainder of this fantasy! These were amazing as one can imagine. 
Inside our room was this little glass opening where you could feed the fish and see everything going on under your bungaloo. Chris was obsessed with this, and he bought out all the fish food at the hotel store. He would sit for hours in the morning determined to have every fish under our room. 
There was a lot of this...and a lot of that going on! (clearly this was when I was young and invincible because my fair skin is now paying the price)
Chris surprised me with a beautiful black pearl to remember this amazing vacation. 
There were many conversations about just not going home. Somehow making a life in Bora Bora! This was the ultimate vacation complete with parasailing, tattoos, shark feeding, and amazing food. We have promised each other that one day when our kids are grown and put through college we would reward ourselves with a return trip . But we may not be able to hold out that long so hopefully my offspring have some scholarships in their future!

Our Love Story | Part 2

Mar 25, 2014

So where did we leave off? Oh yes, summer break!

Part 1 here if you missed it.

So I went home for summer break, Chris and I were both in the mindset that we just had to get through the next couple months and I would be back up to Washington. I ended up getting a part time job, and taking a couple summer classes at UNLV. We talked all the time, and fell asleep on the phone many nights together. Chris offered to fly me up to Seattle for his two weeks of summer leave. I jumped at the opportunity and spent a whole week in Seattle. It was the most amazing time, we got even closer, and finally decided that maybe just maybe we were ready to call this thing a relationship. After going home some family drama would arise that would keep me from going back to college in Tacoma after the summer. Chris was very adamant in the fact that he didn't want to do a long distance relationship. I mean he was in the Army....he has seen one too many so called "love stories" be ruined by the distance. So we were at a stand still. He was leaving for pre-ranger and I was now working two jobs and going to UNLV full time. When he got back from from pre-ranger we broke up. It was all me, I just didn't think I could do all this time apart, time together, time apart thing. 

So we went a couple months going back and forth. Talking here and there, trying to figure things out. I was trying to find ways to get back to school in Washington, but Chris's unit was getting ready to deploy to Iraq very soon. We fought all the time about what the hell were we doing? This was non-sense. Its not like this could work. I finished my semester at school and things just hadn't gotten better between us. Chris then threw a hail marry and drove from Tacoma to Las Vegas on a weekend, that is an 18 hour drive. He stayed at my apartment for all of 10 hours before driving back. But that was all the time we needed to realize this was it. We had to do something in order to make this work.
His time to deploy got moved up by a couple months. It was January and he would be leaving for Iraq for 15 months in April. In February we started tossing around the idea of marriage (I know two 19 year olds just casually talking about getting married). It was crazy, but it didn't seem too far fetched for us. We are the go big or go home type of people. Once we had it in our minds that we could do this, it was done. In Seattle there is a waiting period to get married, so we applied for our marriage license. I got it notarized in Las Vegas, mailed it to him, he got it notarized in Seattle. We set it all up to get married in March. Were we nervous? Yes. We did not tell anyone, our families had no idea this was about to happen. 

So March 25, 2007 rolled around and I was about to board a flight to Seattle to get married. I remember telling my mom "mom I am going to marry him" and she said "ya ok Kelsey just fax me your marriage certificate" never for a second did she think I was being serious. Chris picked me up from the airport with a huge bouquet of lilies and a smile that melted my heart. What were we thinking? Were we really going to do this? And after we did this, then what? We had no answers, all we knew was this was our next step. We woke up the morning of March 28th with butterflies in our stomachs, checking the clock constantly. I got ready first, and watched anxiously as he put on his uniform. Chris's best friend showed up at our hotel to tell us how crazy this was, yet he supported it. 

We all made our way downtown and had a nice little ceremony. Just me and an entourage of uniformed men. We took one picture to commemorate the occasion. It was perfect! I was never the girl that wanted a big wedding, I never wanted the hassle. So this, this was all I needed. We finished out our "honeymoon" getting all the paperwork needed for me to be considered Chris's spouse when he deployed. I never wanted this trip to end because that meant that 15 months of separation would begin. We cleaned out his barracks room. I had duffle bags full of stuff that I was taking back to Vegas to keep while he was gone. It was an emotional whirlwind. But it did come to an end. He would deploy in 3 weeks, and I was headed back to Vegas a married woman with no husband to show for it.
I was left to break the news to my family. I remember sitting down before telling my mom and step-dad. My stomach was in knots. My head was filled with so many worse case scenarios. I was terrified! They had seen the ups and downs of this long distance relationship, but what would they think now? I presented my mom with our marriage certificate and she was in utter disbelief. It took her a minute but she knew how much we loved each other and she knew Chris was deploying and this was going to be a rough road ahead. Telling other people in my family did not go as smooth. It caused a huge divide that would take years to mend. Chris's family welcomed me with open arms, figuratively of course because we had never met. It was all very overwhelming. But all I was focused on was getting through this deployment and being with my husband. 

15 months of seperation, with only 2 weeks together for mid-tour leave after the first 10 months was excruciating. Chris deployed to Iraq during the surge in 2007. I knew nothing about the military prior to getting married. I was a 20 year old girl just trying to make it to class on time and use my lunch break at work to do homework. There was no Skype or FaceTime at this time. Phone calls were few and far between. We would talk maybe once a week if we were lucky. There were many rough weeks and months. We knew each other for less than a year before being separated for more than a year. We drifted apart at times, my day to day didn't stop. But he was experiencing things far beyond my comprehension. After 15 months he came home. I got an apartment outside of Tacoma and did my best to make it a home for him to return too. He came home in June of 2008. We thought that we would pick up where we left off. But that was the furthest thing from the truth....
All odds were against us. No one believed this was going to work. We struggled, we ate turkey sandwiches for breakfast lunch and dinner. We had no idea how to manage money, college classes, army life. All we had was this undeniable idea of love pushing us forward. That idea has taken us on an insane adventure over the years. Friday will mark another year together. And as Chris put it recently "we've been married ten years right?" no, no my sweet male companion that would mean I married you when I was 16. But close enough.......

*completely unrelated, but seeing all these pictures makes me miss my long hair....grow baby grow!

Our Love Story

Mar 24, 2014

I never thought I would write this down, let alone share it on a blog. But I kind of feel like this is the best time to get the details down that we still remember! This friday is our anniversary so I wanted to take this week and dedicate it to how we met...fell in love...and what started this whole shebang! If this does not interest you at all I totally understand, feel free to skip the blog posts for this week and return next week where I am sure I will have more overdramatic kid craziness to relay. 

So this is the story all about how my life got flipped turned upside down, so I'd like to take a minute just sit right there I'll tell you how I became the wife to that man right there.....
It all started when I went to college at a small school in Tacoma, WA. When I had visited the school earlier in the year I fell in love with the campus and couldn't wait to pack up my things and kiss Las Vegas goodbye! Once I got there in the fall I was assigned to the all girls dorm, which for me seemed very fitting seeing as how I was in a two year relationship with my boyfriend who went to college at Gonzaga. I was thrilled to be on my own, I loved my classes, college was just a dream come true. After the first few months of exploring Seattle, my love of food and fashion was born. But I was a jobless freshman in college, I had champagne dreams on a beer budget. So I found ways to make some cash. Charging people for photocopies of my class notes, requiring a small fee to tag along on a grocery shopping run. But where I made the most dough was charging people gas money. Freshman weren't "allowed" to bring their cars to campus and we didn't read that fine print until we had driven up from Vegas, so my parents paid the ridiculous amount for me to get a parking pass. Who was I not to put this privilege to good use and chauffeur people around. 

Well one night a group of girls in my dorm asked if I would drive them on to the Army base near by so they could see their boyfriends. I didn't even know there was an Army base in close proximity to the school, let alone that we could just drive on to one. But hell they said they would each give me 10 bucks for gas so I was about to make a killing! 

After getting a pass on base and driving around aimlessly trying to find a building that looked like every other building we made it to our destination. I thought I would just be dropping these ladies off, but they said there might be some drinking involved and they asked if I could come back and pick them up. Seeing as how I had no idea where I was I just said I would hang out for a bit. I ended up sitting in my car talking to my boyfriend until my phone died (lame so so lame). Then I went inside to find them and tell them that the taxi would soon be leaving. I entered this building that smelled like cheap cologne and body odor. There were more men in one confined space than I had ever seen. I was incredibly uncomfortable. I found my friends, got introduced to all their boyfriends and was given a nice comfy seat on the hardest twin bed in the world. Across the room I see this guy in a blue and white button up and I was speechless, which never happens to me! I just stared at him every chance I got without him noticing. We left that night and didn't say one word to each other, I had no idea what his name was or if I would ever see him again, but I couldn't get him out of my head. 

This went on for days...I felt guilty thinking about this person when I had a boyfriend. I remember calling my step-dad and telling him how I felt like I was almost cheating on my boyfriend because my thoughts were consumed with this guy I had seen for 15 minutes in an Army barracks. My step-dad told me to give it some time, and that I was young, I shouldn't be putting so much pressure on my current relationship. I gave it another week and then what do you know one Saturday night I get a knock on my dorm room door and outside are my friends and their boyfriends and a couple of their friends. There he was! Standing in my hallway! They asked if I wanted to go into Seattle with them. I hadn't showered all day, I was in sweats watching a Law and Order SVU marathon and eating a hot pocket. So I declined. They left and I just kept thinking I should have gone, he was right there I missed my chance to talk to him again. I took that moment to call my boyfriend and break up with him. I just couldn't do it, something was not right, I felt like an awful person having all these thoughts about someone else. This boyfriend was an amazing guy, so sweet, two years of a good thing. But seeing this unnamed guy twice now sent my head spinning. So I broke his heart, with no explanation. The next week was filled with my family, his family, and our friends calling me asking me what happened. I had no answers for them. 

Come to find out my mystery man had started seeing my friend from across the hall. I was somewhat heartbroken. So for the next few weeks we would all hangout and I would see these two together. It was weird, I was a psycho who just broke up with her boyfriend for this guy who is now hanging out with my friend. Winter break was coming up and I couldn't wait to go home to just get away from them. As I was on my way to the airport I get a text from an unknown number saying "hey I hope you have a good Christmas maybe we can hang out when you get back". I knew it was Chris and I was so excited. 

After a few weeks at home I returned to Washington with an extreme amount of anxiousness. As luck would have it, my friend had not come back for second semester so that left a real clear opening for Chris and I to get this party started. But I hadn't heard from him since I got back to school. Do I text him? How long do I wait for him to contact me? Should I be a stalker and offer to take my friend to the barracks? Her boyfriend was Chris's neighbor so I mean I would for sure see him right? Sure enough I get asked to drive them on base again, I took it and as I was there Chris had just come back from the field, he smelled like nothing I had ever smelled before (death). His face covered in dirt, his uniform was just one solid color of brown, no camo to be seen. It was gross. He was surprised to see me too. He asked if I would hang out for a bit while he got cleaned up. Hell yes...I mean of course why not? So I did and we spent the next however many hours sitting in his barracks room talking. 

The next couple months were filled with hour long visits. Him coming to see me, me going to see him. Our schedules were crazy. I had night classes and he had early mornings. I would sneak him into my dorm room every chance I got and he would fall asleep on my couch only to wake up at an extreme hour to race back to base for PT. It was intense, we tried to spent every minute together. But we were in this friend zone, there was no holding hands, no kissing, nothing. We just had this weird understanding that there was so much emotion between us yet we did not slap a label on it. Everyone would ask us "so are you guys together? whats the deal?" we never answered. We had a good thing going. He was literally my best friend. He would come to my dorm and study Army manuals while I would study for exams. We would bum around, I never had a chance to put make up on or look cute in front of him because I never knew when he would just show up. The element of surprise really kept this thing going. 
Then my birthday was fast approaching and he asked if he could take me out. Of course I said yes, and we he picked me up from my dorm on my birthday and handed me a little box. Inside was a single solitaire diamond necklace!! I was in shock. What did this mean? How do I accept this? I had never been given something like this before. He put it on me and we went out to dinner with a bunch of our friends. It was such a great birthday, and one of the last times we would go out before finals and the inevitable summer break that I would be going home for. For the next couple weeks we tried to see each other as much as we could. But he was in the field a lot and I was packing to go home. We said our goodbyes before he left for a training exercise, and we had no idea where this thing was going to go. 

And that was a lot to read, so if you made it to the end I should send you some of the money I hustled out of people! Let's finish this soon shall we? 

Antica Farmacista's New Baby Line

Mar 21, 2014

If you have been reading this blog for awhile you know I am completely obsessed with candles, candle warmers, diffusers, and smells of all kinds. One of my favorite brands is Antica Farmacista. I found them at Nordstrom's some time ago while shopping for a house warming gift for a friend. After smelling the Manhattan scent in her house I became a huge fan, and have been buying them ever since. So you can imagine my shock and excitement when I was contacted by the amazing people at Antica Farmacista to try out their new Baby fragrance.
With all my kids I have never put anything really smelly into their rooms, well accept a diaper of course. But many "baby" smelling products give off too much of a baby powered scent intended to mask the array of smells produced by our bundles of joy. So when I opened this diffuser I was amazed at how light and refreshing the smell was. I will admit that I was skeptical it might be too much to put in Avalon's nursery, I didn't want her breathing in an abundance of smells during her afternoon nap. But after having it in her room for sometime, and also moving it around to the boys' room I am so happy with the amount of fragrance it provides. It does not build overtime, it keeps that light, sweet, and calming smell that I really like. 
In my opinion this line would be a great baby shower gift, or the perfect addition to any nursery! Or even a great spring scent to keep in a bathroom, or laundry room. Chris has even requested that we move the diffuser into our bedroom since Avalon spends her nights sleeping horizontally between the two of us. The mans got a point....

I really love this idea of a fragrance just for babies, and the diffuser adds a touch of luxury to any room! So check them out!!

*I was sent this product to review but these opinions are all mine! And Chris and my bank statement can vouch for my love of this brand and their products!

Links and Things

Mar 20, 2014

I love this picture of these two, the majority of this blog is dedicated to the ramblings of my stay at home mom life. But for Chris I can only imagine the things he would come up with to write about as a working husband and father. I fall victim way too many times to not showing enough appreciation for the stressfulness that is my husbands job, and then to have to come home and deal with this bunch of lunatics? There has to be days he thinks....mayyyybe I'll just sleep in my office! Ha! But we love him and this article written by a working dad is a good one!

If you are in a shopping mood and want a good bargain, Gap is having a 50% off sale. Many of the things from my post the other day on kids outfits are now reduced!! Also J Crew is giving 25% off with code HEYSPRING. Happy shopping. 

Madeline posted about these high waisted jeans on her blog and I immediately tracked them down at Target and bought them!! Aaaand I love them!

With spring coming up...well in about a month or so for us in the north pole, a nice glow is needed. I am hoping to find this self tanner and give it a whirl. 

Amanda posted an amazing read on her blog last week that brought tears to my eyes. Her story along with her parents is incredible. Her series Chat With A Caregiver is a 
great outlet for caregivers of patients/ cancer survivors to discuss the process and give advice to one another!

Ace is quite the complex child, and right now he is going through an "only orange" phase. As in he will only eat things that are orange, on an orange plate, with an orange cup. He has been living off of carrots, oranges, orange bell peppers, cheddar cheese, mac and cheese, only orange m& get the idea! So I have made this carrot recipe no less than 10 times in the last week. Can you imagine the outrage that erupted from his little body when I made chicken and GREEN BEANS the other night? Poison...pure poison in his mind. 

One of my favorite brands Madewell released their spring catalog and I want really everything! I need a job, anyone want to hire me? I could wrangle cats like nobody's bizzz-nassss!!!

Thats all I got, over and out!

West side story- The mom version

Mar 19, 2014

Ace is on spring break this week, which put the pressure on in order to find things to do for all parties involved. I thought well we will just do our usual routine, Target runs, turf time, dad office visits, all very exciting things. But then Monday night I overhear a father son conversation in which Chris asks Ace what he has planned for spring break...Ace said "uhhh I don't know just playing" Chris said "fun, maybe mom will take you to bouncing bears". What! Who said I would do that? And on that note does anyone else's husband say things out loud that should not be said? Like oh ya maybe mom could do this or that, or ya we should get a dog what kind would you want?  No no and no. I mean what the hell, don't throw me under the bus. I think Chris does this in order to keep his fun parent status because when mom doesn't follow through with these lavish ideas then she is the bad guy...

and where was I going with this?

Oh yes, so Ace has it in his head that we needed to go to bouncing bears (indoor bounce house place). We have been there a million times, usually as a family that includes two parents. So I was not mentally prepared to make this a solo mission, but I sucked it up. Got us all ready and headed over there. The second we walked in a group of moms just turned around a stared at us like who are these new comers? We took off our jackets and shoes and made our way to the big slide. Stares-stares-stares. I checked all the children's noses thinking are they running or something? I mean if looks could kill Chris would be a bachelor again. But we kept to ourselves...
blurry iphone photos are the best right?
Playing playing playing when one of the moms lets call her Lady Shark came over with her son to the big slide, she stood quietly for a minute or two and then opened up with "so are they all yours?" I replied with "well this one and that one are, and we picked that little guy up in the parking lot (pause...blank stare) yes, yes they are ALL mine". Man you would have thought I had 12 kids with the way her eyebrows lifted clear into her hairline. She said "wow you just look so young" and I said "thank you". I mean I know without make up on I look like a 16 year old girl, I get that a lot but she was really trying to hit this point home. I just kept on cheering Ace and Pierce on as they were tumbling down the slide. 
We made our way around to all the other bouncing attractions, Avalon having the time of her life drunk walking as fast as she could to keep up with the boys. Over at the big blob thing the kids were bouncing as the mom gang watched intently. Then sure enough Missy Shark came over and said "are they twins?" pointing to Ace and Pierce, I said "no he's just a really big two year old". She paused for a moment and said "ya they don't look thaaaat alike". I stood there thinking? Where am I? Clearly this is their tuesday morning hangout and we are trespassing. We moseyed on over to the baby area so Avalon could play when Mom Shark number 3 said "wow I don't envy you". Is three kids a lot? I never thought so. Minds will be blown if we pop out a fourth! I mean I paid my $17 dollars to bring home a cold or flu symptom or two so whats with the rude commentary? 
I think I am going to blame this on cabin fever? Vitamin D deficiency? We are all in need of spring around here, it will turn all of us into Susie Sunshine. But man....forget this, I am going back to turf time! And for the record I blame this Jets vs Sharks episode fully on Chris. We stayed for a little more than an hour, Ace got blamed for "cutting in line" from another mom. We lost Avalon's socks and hair bow by the end of it. Pierce threw a hearty tantrum on the slide when a girl told him he was a baby. Moms and kids were just vicious today!

When your a Jet you're a Jet you're a Jet all the way!!

Spring Outfits for Kids

Mar 17, 2014

The snowfall over the weekend only fueled my need for spring even more! Saturday while the boys were all out in the snow I decided to go through the kids closets and see what we were working with...needless to say more than half of the non winter apparel was not going to fit once spring does decide to show up around these parts. And there are just about three things that I cannot pass up when it comes to my children:
1. when dad offers to change a diaper or wipe a butt- check
2. when grandma says she is having withdrawals and needs to come to Alaska- check and check
3. cute kids clothing and or a sale that involves the same- check checkity check

And thats what happened this weekend. Gap was having a sale, and I was able to find some cute things elsewhere that just scream "your kids need me". 
outfit one: sweater {$10} /pants {$10} /shoes {$25}
outfit two: fedora {$7} /tee {$8} /shorts {$18} /shoes {$25}
outfit three: cardigan {similar $32} /shirt {$10} /jeans {$30} / shoes {$32}
outfit one: cardigan {$13} /romper {$35} /shoes {$30}
outfit two: denim vest {$20} /tee {$5} /leggings {$8} /sandals {$16}
outfit three: denim jacket {$20} /dress {$13} /shoes {$32}
outfit four: sweater {$30} / jeans {$12} /shoes {$14}
outfit five: tee {$5} /overalls {$25} /sandals {$13}

I hope everyone had a great weekend! Its Monday, the fun parent returned to work so let the insanity begin...

Weekend Mom Uniform and Short Stories

Mar 15, 2014

Its Saturday. The sun is shining. We got 9 inches of snow last night. Spring is coming I can feel it, or maybe I am getting a fever and that is why I am having hot flashes. I don't know but snow people, the snow just won't stop falling. I will stop talking you to death with my weather soap opera...
hat: target shirt: lucky brand jacket: zara jeans: target (now on super clearance) belt: burberry (husbands) shoes: forever 21

On to some short stories. Pierce and I are like one person I tell ya, he definitely takes more after me than Chris. Which can be very scary at times, but more often than not it is hilarious. One of his favorite phrases right now is "uhhh come on man". He says it all.the.time. It can be frustrating when directed at us, but at other people its funny. For example the other day we were at Starbucks because mama needed her fix, and sure enough we are standing behind two women who "had never been here before"!!!!!! What? Do you live under a rock? So they went back and forth about the menu..."so a small is a tall? how many ounces is that? hmmmm...I don't want anything too too strong. what do you recommend?" I mean that is what google is for, or the starbucks app, sort this kind of stuff out in the car. Pierce felt the same way as he blurted out "uhhh come on man". I had to laugh because he said it in his most discreet two year old voice, which is quite similar to his outside voice. The kids got timing what can I say? Thankfully another employee recognized us and mouthed "white mocha?" I nodded yes. VIP status right there, or a sign of addiction but they tired to make me go to rehab I said 
Yesterday Chris had the day off, I never know why he has a day off unless it is a holiday that is already printed on my calendar, but I don't question these things. So we hit up the usual hot spot turf time for a bit, grabbed some lunch, and headed to pick up the husbands car. You see if you read this post you know that I had to make an executive decision on some new rims and tires for his car while he was away. Wellllll he didn't too much approve of my rim selection so we went to get some new ones. When we showed up a nice older gentleman explained that my husbands car is a pain in the ass and requires custom this and custom and that and it will cost us our unborn child (currently not pregnant) so you see the dilemma. This is when Chris' recruiting background comes in handy because he outsold the sales man, and what do you know four new rims and custom fittings for not much more than the originals. While I was standing there waiting for Chris to sign the paperwork and making small talk with this man he decided we were at a point in our short lived relationship that he could just take out his teeth in the middle of the convo. Yep, you read that right, popped those suckers right out. I almost threw up the lunch we just had. WHO DOES THAT? Clearly he is in need of some super poligrip! If only Pierce had said "uhhh come on man". 
These boys could not have been more excited about the amount of snow fall we got last night. They immediately wanted to suit up and get outside. I not so much, so I sent Chris to party it up with the rest of the neighbors out synchronizing their snow plows. I swear it is like a hit to a mans ego to hear someone else start up their snow plow before another. Like what what he is already out there? oh sh** where are my snow pants? That is the difference between men and women. I sat on the couch and said... you think the neighbor kid wants to make ten bucks to shovel the driveway? 

And now after a day of dressing and undressing and dressing and undressing children of their snow apparel I am thrilled to be getting some much deserved pizza and a fingers crossed a little vino, and fingers and toes crossed a movie. Luck should be on my side with st. patricks day right around the corner, just call it luck of the italians! 


Chalkboard Bookcase for the Win

Mar 14, 2014

Well the people have spoken...majority went with the chalkboard bookcase option and I had to agree! This was the easiest way to transform this bookcase and breathe a sigh of cooperation into our nightly routine. The boys love having some books in their room to chose from for a bed time story or ten.
This really was the easiest thing ever, and I have a pretty limited DIY threshold. I did however go a little overboard on the buying of the chalkboard paint, I can now paint many of wonderful things with chalkboard paint, and I think I just might! HGTV eat your heart out with all this down and dirty DIY-ing. Okay I mean clearly it is just painting, but don't kill my buzz!
Ace has a strict -no pants- policy when it comes to manual labor. But this kid can paint like a boss I tell ya. I pretty much fell in love with chalkboard paint. I know I am like so totally late to the chalkboard paint party...and pinterest has been promoting it for a while...but better late than never when it comes to childhood enjoyment right? 
From that.......

To this.......
And we love it! Not to mention the boys are beside themselves that they can play with chalk, inside the house! Minds blown! And I got to put a check mark next to the fun parent box for the day. Boo yaaa Christopher!

Now I just want to turn everything into a chalkboard surface! So for all my crafty mamas out there, what have you slathered chalkboard paint on?
Here are some things I wouldn't mind doing:

chalkboard painted herb pots
painted drawers
painted fridge (this one already got the -hell to the no- from the husband)
framed chalkboards
chalkboard pumpkins (can never think about halloween too early right?)


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