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May 30, 2014



So I am not really sure who told my kids that they could just keep growing at extreme rates. But after doing a little closet clean out I realize they don't have too much to choose from when it comes to summer outfits. Well, if kids gotta grow....then mama's gotta shop! Here are a few of my favorite picks!

I hope everyone has a great weekend!

different strokes for different folks

May 29, 2014

Opinions, everyone has one or fifty right? It seems like parenting and children are among some of the stronger topics that people have opinions on. It is kind of like in the work place, you can't talk about certain things, your pay, religion, politics, sexual orientation. I feel like parenting should fall in those categories. Ha! Everyone does things differently. And that is okay. Actually I prefer it, doing different things with all my kids has allowed me to figure out what works and doesn't work for us.

I think some of the most outrageous opinions come from people who don't have kids. Why would I say that? Because I was that person! I had all these ideas in my head about having kids before I ever popped one out. Breast feeding? Isn't that what they made bottles for, I mean I put them on my registry and everything. Co-sleeping? What is that? Didn't we just spend a pretty penny on a crib? I totally thought, my kid will be on a schedule, none of this I just sleep and eat when I want jazz. And tantrums? Clearly my children will be the most well behaved, perfect mannered, uphold the utmost respect for people, place, and things in all the land! See...don't you just want to slap me? If only I could time travel I would walk right up to myself and point and laugh......hard!

Now obviously not all people without kids think like this, just the incredibly naive ones like myself. I have since been reprogrammed. Other mothers have a whole different ball game of opinions. The mamas at the park that can't believe you are not trailing behind your child as they climb up the slide. The mom in Target who is appalled that your son is stripping down in the diaper aisle. The mothers at the pre-school drop off that cannot believe you didn't wake up your sleeping baby to bring your son three feet from the car to the teacher who was standing outside. And these moms like to let you know their opinion. I myself, much prefer the dirty looks than the commentary. 

So how to deal with it? I like the smile and nod approach. I never really feel a reason to defend my parenting. Are my children harming yours? Are my children harming themselves? Am I harming my children? If the answer to all of these is NO, than I think everything will be okay. There is a difference between opinions and advice. Advice is sought out, looked for, wanted, even needed. Opinions are personal views, your attitude and feelings on things. So unless you have tried to convince a four year old that his plate, cup, and utensil do not need to match in order to eat. Or argued with a two year old about the reason why his pants won't go on is because that is a shirt. I have a hard time accepting your opinions. Smile and nod.....just smile-and-nod. 

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Mom Uniform | Overalls

May 28, 2014

overalls: edyson (similar on sale) t-shirt: vince shoes: urban outfitters (old, similar
clutch: kate spade saturday sunglasses: rayban watch: michael kors lipstick: lime crime

Ya'll ready for this? Overalls!!! You either love them or hate them. Clearly I am in the infatuation stage of our relationship because I can't get enough. Ace tells me every time I where them that I look like Bob the Builder, which is the best possible compliment coming from a four year old. Surprisingly, Chris likes them as well. 

I love that you can dress them up or down, throw on a white tee, heels, and some accessories and you are ready to go out. Or dress them down with some crisp white chucks and have a park day with the kids. Oh the possibilities!!! 

What do you think of the overall come back? Love it, or make it go away? 

Glacier, Right Ahead!

May 27, 2014

The weekend flew by am I right? I mean the husband had a four day, but I swear it was more like a one and a half day. Time flies when you're having fun, or jam packing every waking hour with adventures and three toddlers in tow. But we hiked....damn we're predictable. I won't bore you with the details of the first hike, because we have done it before. It is a tourist hot spot in the Anchorage area, Flattop. Enough said.

Then, we were feeling frisky and wanted a little more pizazz out of our hiking routine so we threw in a glacier!
It blows my mind that just an hour drive from our front door and we are steps away from a glacier! We have been wanting to do this hike for a while but never could get the timing right with all this kids' attitudes. This time they were on board but the sky was filled with smoke. There is a devastating wildfire not far from us, that has covered more than 243 square miles. But we thought we would give it a go, smoke inhalation and all.
I was caught up in all of the excitement of touching a glacier that I completely forgot the fact that it just might be COLD! I didn't bring a jacket, or socks for that matter. Basically I just ran in the car the second all kids were strapped in. Chris offered me his spare jacket because you know, I gave him the "I will complain every step of the way and make you miserable" look. 
After a little over a mile hike there it was, the Byron Glacier! It is so beautiful, these pictures just do not do it justice. And on a clear day I can only imagine that this frozen piece of goodness shines like a treasure box! The ice is so blue, and the snow surrounding the mountain is so deep. I could have sat there and ate my bag of goldfish all day. But.....toddlers. They don't stop moving!
Pierce pulled his usual routine of stopping every five feet to make sure we are all paying attention to him. Then we motivate him by fear, "if you don't start walking the bears will find you". Judge and judge hard until you go hiking with Pierce, because his antics run through you like a freight train!!
Harmony at last! Ace met his hiking quota for the weekend. Pierce was motivated by the possible bear sighting and chocolate covered pretzels. And I got to spent another amazing weekend with this band of characters! Oh and no mosquito bites, not a one thanks to Whitney and her enlightening me on these! So thank you from one mama to another :)

How was your weekend? Anything fun, crazy, out of this world happen? 

diem to carpe

May 23, 2014

So we have survived the first week of Ace not in school, survived one ounce of caffeine at a time. Only. It was rough! And for what reasons I am still unsure. Well thats a lie, I could spout off fifty reasons right now, but then you might label that complaining and we can't have that right? But I can tell you that my idea of just spending time outside and enjoying no mas alarm clock was not so much the case. Shall we swim in Kelsey's glass of half empty? As Ace would say...."hold on to yo hem-lets".
We did play outside, everyday. Whether we ventured out to a park, or kicked it old and boring in the backyard, we made it out in the sunshine. One of the days Ace got a splinter. His very first splinter which I thought he would wear proudly, as a badge of honor to show his Dad after a long hard day of playing. Negative. He wanted that "huuuuge piece of nood" out! I got my tweezers and prepped the objective (hear that Chris? don't say I don't listen to you). As soon as I moved toward him he screamed "nooooo not wit that laser". I told him I need to get it out so it doesn't get infected. He said "otay otay just not with that laser". I moved one inch closer to him and screams broke out. Like screams that warranted my neighbors to come out of their houses. I said forget about it. Then he looked at me and said "is it gunna get infecitated?" "will you cut my arm off?". Clearly this issue was better suited for Dad.
After we got over that oscar winning performance we attempted another go at the backyard. But mosquitos apparently love them some toddler blood. So kids....outside....mosquito back inside. When my children are inside there is a constant state of civil unrest. The fighting n e v e r stops! Not for one single minute. We have escalated the level of annoying to a defcon 1. Mom blowing her lid is imminent! I sent many a texts to the husband stating that I am "about five minutes away from opening the front door and letting them free".
I didn't realize how much Ace had become accustomed to his own little schedule. And with the constant sunlight (which means no sleeping) everyone has been in full on readjustment mode. So far so not good. But next week is another week....and we shall conquer with all our citronella, deet loving might!

On to much better things on the internet....

Like reading. Something I should be doing much more of, but Kate posted a great list for me to start with!

Bridget posted this potato I mean home fry recipe and I can't get it out of my head!! No time like the weekend!

So last week Grace posted about a pair of jeans. I ordered that pair and I am just hoping that I can look as good as her in them, because seriously go look she just had a baby!! Numero quatro to be exact. Like whoa!

Michele posted this amazing, thoughtful and creative teacher's gift, and I can't help but feel like my coffee mug and gift card was just sad! But, but this was my first year so I get a pass right?

I cannot for the life of me keep any plant alive, how I keep my children alive is still a big mystery. BUT I really want these hanging planters!

Last but not to be forgotten, Nordstrom is having their half-yearly sale, and I would not be mad if these shoes, this dress, these amazing shorts, and this light jacket showed up on my doorstep.

Well its a four day weekend for this crazy crew...wish us luck :) 

me, myself, and mom guilt

May 22, 2014

Mom guilt is alive and kicking right? At some points it consumes you. It comes in all different situations and different times. I know I am constantly asking myself, was I really a good mom today? A lot of the times that answer is no, I spent too much time worrying about the laundry, or checking my phone, or being annoyed when asked to play dinosaurs for the 100th time that day. I hate that feeling. When you are laying there at night wishing that you could just have a do-over for the day. I always tell myself...I'll make up for it tomorrow. But there really isn't a rain check on being a parent. 

Or what about all the times I wish I had just a day to myself, just hours to myself where I could do whatever I wanted to do. Eat a meal without standing up, or having to share it with three hungry hippos? Is that wrong? No I am human, but it does make you feel pretty crappy when in reality all your kids want to do is spend time with you. 

I think my biggest knock down drag out fight with mom guilt came when I got pregnant with Pierce. Ace was 10 months old, and I had the hardest time feeling incredibly happy about being pregnant. I kept thinking, is this the right time? Will Ace hate me forever for having to share my attention? Does he even want a sibling? I mean its not like we consulted him before we tried for number two. And the biggest and most pressing question....I am fully capable of loving two babies? Clearly the answer is yes considering we added number three not long after. But those thoughts kept me up at night. 

I don't think mom guilt will ever go away. I mean we care so much about these little humans. Do they drive us crazy, hell to the yes. Do they leave us longing for wine thirty at the end of a stressful tantrum filled day? Yep. There are times I am counting down the minutes to bed time so I can just sit and hear nothing but the sound of silence all around me. And I will be the first to admit I know little about parenting, almost nothing really. But I do know that as long as I have their best interest at heart, and that I reciprocate the unconditional love they give me, and lets be real, those little suckers radiate love when they aren't screaming. Then I should be able to rest a little easier at night.

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May 8:          Taming the Temper Tantrums
May 15:        Weaning from Breastfeeding or From Formula to Cow’s Milk 
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Recent Beauty Favs

May 20, 2014

Around the same time as my crazy hormonal changes, I went on a major beauty binger. Once I fall down the rabbit hole that is sephora and nordstrom beauty sections....I'm a goner. But there were many products I wanted to try, and I like to change up my make up routine like people like to change their underwear, so lets introduce you to the new troops shall we? 

1. Smashbox Hydrating Primer- First up, this primer! If you aren't using a primer before you are putting on your foundation, or bb cream, or war paint, you are truly not get the full results of your products. This is the hydrating version of the Smashbox photo ready primer, and I love it. It keeps my skin nice and moist and gives my face make up that dewy spring feel. 

2. Too Faced BB Cream- I was on a serious hunt for a BB cream that I actually liked. I took recommendations from everyone and nothing seemed to gel with my skin. Insert this product! Nice and light coverage for the days where I dont need that much help. I could totally wear this everyday though. It also gives my skin a nice golden look since it has a tint to it. 

3. Younique 3D Mascara- Okay, I am thinking I will have to dedicate an entire post to this product in the very near furture! Have you seen this stuff? It is mascara on steroids! Forget about false lashes if you use this stuff. It thickens and lengthens. AMAZING! I found it randomly and thought I had to try it. Game changer in the beauty world folks. Look it it. You're welcome. 

4. YSL Touche Eclat Foundation- Okay this one is definitely a spluuuuurge! It has somewhat of a cult following, and I debated on trying it for a long time. But I pulled that trigger and I am never looking back. Not something I would wear for everyday, but when I am going out and need more coverage, this is what I turn too. Such a silky feel, a little goes a long way. And it smells nice. 

5. Beauty Blender- This isn't really recent, but I just bought a few more so I thought I would throw it in. These little sponges are amazing for putting on foundation. I used to be a strict foundation brush person but then I bought these and my world was rocked. They are great for highlighting and conturing as well. And it is wash and reuse, so they last awhile. 

6. Dior Addict Lip Maximizer- Pump, pump, pump it up! Pretty much what this product would scream if it could talk. I love a good lip plumper, but have found that most don't actually do anything for my lips. This one really works, for me at least. It has a tingle to it but nothing over powering, and you can see a noticeable difference in the lip to plump-age ratio. Warning- the tingle lasts a little while so refrain from kissing your significant other or they might say "what the hell? are you producing venom now?" Winner!!

7. YSL Lipstick in Lingerie Pink- I never wore lipstick until about a year ago. I got kind of sick of having to reapply lip gloss all the time. This is again, another splurge. But for me it will last since I don't wear lipstick on the daily. This is the prettiest baby pink, and YSL lipsticks are so soft and luxurious.  

8. Estee Lauder Concealer- All my sleep deprived mamas in the house let me introduce you to your new best friend, she goes by the name of Double Wear Concealer. This stuff is the bees knees people. Great for highlighting and concealing. And on that note, has anyone ever tried to explain highlighting and conturing to a male? It is like explaining where babys come from. So.many.questions. Anyway, this product does what it should, conceals. And I swear I hear it whisper "your secrets are safe with me" after I put it one. I love it!! 

So let's talk shop people, any products you are loving? Do you have any of these? 

sometimes it's hit or miss

May 19, 2014

Guess what we did this weekend? If you said more freaking hiking you'd be correct. Are you getting sick of the hiking yet? I mean I swear it is all we do. Not necessarily by choice, it happens to be the only thing a particular four year old in this house likes to do. He is non-stop. He can do a six mile hike and still be wanting more. There is just no tiring him out. And if you don't take him to do something that resembles a hike you might as well kiss your sanity goodbye. Clearly this isn't a bad thing, I love that Ace has that sense of adventure, and craves the outdoors. But Pierce. Complete opposite. He would much rather be at home with a cheese plate and some lemonade. But he took one for the team......
This time we headed up to Arctic Valley to make our best attempt at scaling Rendevous Peak. On the way up we encountered a black bear who was crossing the street. I posted the pic on instagram. Not going to lie, I was a little freaked out that we might see more.....while hiking.....with three small children. Pierce brought his squirt gun. 

For my Alaska hiking enthusiasts, this is a very easy hike for kids. It is completely wide open, as you can see, very little trees. Also would be a great place to bring the dogs for an afternoon out. If you had dogs...we don't...we have kids that act like dogs. And bonus fun fact, this trail is prime real-estate for blueberry picking in a few months!!
I also took the opportunity to ruin a family picture of my own. Why should I let the kids have all the fun? I mean if I am not going to get a framer out of the deal, why not look completely ridiculous? 
I got the husband in on this one. Ready-Set-Dont look at the camera, but why are you looking the same direction as me? Poor Avalon. That kid is clearly thinking, out of all the families I could have been born into? this? this is the one I get stuck with? 
On our way back down the mountain we did get scared shitless startled by a moose. Can you see him in there? Those things...big. Like really big. I grew up around horses, but seeing a moose poke his head up right behind you? No No! Then on our way to the car we saw another black bear, this time no photo because well it was a bear! Chris was going into parental protection mode. I happened to be going into Solange vs Hova mode because I'll be damned if I get taken out by a bear. Ha! 
But, good times were had by all. The four year old got to hike. Pierce got to squirt random things with water. Avalon ate more snacks in a three hour period then she does in a week. Chris got to see two bears and three moose. And I....I burned enough calories to earn myself a milkshake and a large mcdonalds fry. Boom! 

How was your weekend? Did you hike? 


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