I'm on team mom

Jul 31, 2014

The other day I took my brood to the wonderland that is Target for our weekly supply run. You know, diapers, wipes, pull-ups, a skip and a hop through the home goods section, and who can forget a speed walk through the beauty aisles? The kids were good and in the cart with lollipops in hand (my secret weapon these days). After spending not so much time in there we made our way to the check out. As we got closer we heard the oh so familiar screams of a toddler, this time not mine. As I was unloading our cart full of goodies the screams where getting louder, I kept doing a double take to see if it was one of my opera singers. But no, it was the tortured soul next to us. She looked young, she was frustrated. She had been trying all the usual mommy tricks to calm down a real rager. Nothing was working! The people behind her decided they simply needed to move to another line. She was having a hard time keeping her child from escaping the carts belt of death, while simultaneously unloading her Target treasure trove. The cashier was getting visibly annoyed which was only making this mama fumble. She could feel the eyes of others around her. As if in that moment they were breathing down her neck, judging her every move from here until she could escape those magical automatic doors.

I kept unloading my things, then waiting for Ace to swipe my card at the machine. And I just felt so bad for her. The whole time I was unloading my things I was hoping we would get done before her so I could at least help her get her things out of the cart. She started to push her cart off just seconds before we did. You could tell she was just defeated. Her son still kicking and screaming. Ace said "do you think he wants a lollipop?". I was kind of thinking the same thing. But she made it out of the store. Parked just two cars away from us. As I was unloading my bags into the back of my car, I stopped. I decided to go right over to this complete stranger, I looked at her and smiled and said "don't worry we have all been there". She looked long and hard at me and took a deep breath, she said "I didn't think I could get out of there fast enough, he has never acted like that before, I am just so embarrassed". I tried to reassure her that there is nothing to be embarrassed about and the good thing is that she will probably never see these people again. Tantrum negotiation is an acquired skill, it takes time and not one person has mastered it yet. I was not trying to give her any advice because look at me, that would be laughable. Just tried to show her that she is not alone, no matter how many strangers might make her feel that way in the moment. 
an incredibly blurry picture of Ace throwing a fit. 
only to prove we were novices in parenting and photography.

I could have just went about my business, unloaded my things and went on with my day. But in that moment I kept thinking about my 22 year old self and the many times I just wanted to hide in a corner when Ace would show a public display of dissatisfaction. Did I look clueless? Absolutely. I was. I even feel that way three kids deep and about 200 public meltdowns under my belt. You feel like everyone is judging you, as if they really matter anyway. As if in that moment they would be doing something different. They wouldn't. It is a lonely place to be! I would have loved for someone to come up to me and say "it's okay", even if they were secretly thinking my child needs a straight jacket. We all wish we could be as calm as Beyonce in an elevator when a tantrum erupts, but that is not always the case. You get flustered, your fight or flight instincts kick in, you even find yourself trying to count how many diapers you have at home and whether or not sticking it out is even worth it. But from one mom to another, and another, and another, it's okay. So instead of judging, because let's be honest no one really has a horse in that race, just pick the winning team. Team mom. 

from day to play

Jul 30, 2014

One thing I am always looking for when putting an outfit together is, how can I make this kid friendly as well? On the weekends when I have Chris's extra set of hands, I like to throw on some heels or a higher wedge. Chris can carry the baby so that eliminates me tripping and falling with a child in my arms. Ace and Pierce are somewhat capable of holding my hands, so it usually works out. We like to explore new restaurants on the weekends, ones with an outdoor patio are preferred. But afterwards we usually head to a park, or something equally geared towards children. Which means my footwear choices must change. This time I took an outfit from day time to play time by switching up a few things. 


jacket: old navy (camo in store)// tee: vince// jeans: ag jeans// wedges: sole society (loving these and these
sneakers: converse// sunglasses: rayban// necklace: thrifted (similar)// bag: louis vuitton

Just by switching my shoes and eliminating my necklace, I am ready for the play ground and some major underdogs at the swing set! My car doubles as a closet so it is not unusual for me to have a shoe choice or two lingering in between the mounds of goldfish! 

So I guess I didn't do a good job of explaining things in my shameless plea plug last week, but since I know you all have so much spare time on your hands, you can cast a vote for me everyday for the next couple weeks. Did she just say everyday? Yes...yes I did. Excessive, perhaps. But you can vote here or click on that blue banner up there that says vote for me! Singing your praises already!

gettin WASHI with it

Jul 29, 2014

Na na na na na na na! So leave it to me to start putting my children's rooms together after living in this house for 10 months, and only having about 12 more months. But boredom breeds productivity for me. And when I say bored, I mean Chris is either gone for training or working really late nights and I have nothing to do but throw all the kids in my bed so I can get my DIY on in their rooms. 

Now I don't even know if this counts as a DIY because honestly it is just tape, and we all know how tape works right? It is sticky, so find a surface and stick it on there. I did not get crazy with the the designs, just some simple stripes is all my craftiness can handle. But I do like the little accent walls I created. 
The boys room, super simple. Just a few red washi tape lines above the bed to go with our little American/map/whatever theme we have here. I did run into an obstacle or two in their room. The wall near the window is extremely cold, so the tape would not stick at first. But I dug deep into my Mary Poppins bag of tricks and thought.....well what if I heat the tape? So I got out my blow dryer and heated the tape up a bit and pressed with all my might to get it to stick! It worked!! And it is still sticking strong!
Avalon's room is not as put together as the boys. I still have to hang her drapes, and I got an antique white mirror that is getting the glass replaced that will be hung next to her shelf. But I did black and white polka dot washi tape on her walls. Yes I know some are crooked but that is what you get when it is 3am and you drank a cup of coffee. Shaky hands and not so much of a clear mind. Anyhoo, washi tape is a fun alternative to painting (since we are renting) and it will peal right off when we get ready to move. Winner winner! 

Have you used washi tape? Have you heard of washi tape? I am always late to the craft party, but I bought all the rolls from esty at this shop. 

weekend wonderment

Jul 28, 2014

Here we are.....fresh off another weekend. Could we not have had just one more day? Not that we even did anything really exciting. But I could have used a day to squeeze in a nap, or taken advantage of Chris being home and taken a long shower that included washing my hair. But alas that is not the case...what up Monday? Shall we put the re in recap?
Friday night we let the kids camp out in the living room, aren't we just defying the laws of fun parenting? I know. The boys thought it was the coolest thing, and Avalon just thought it was fun to walk in and out of it no less than 100 times (not pissing off her brothers at all, nooo). Childhood thrills can take little to no effort, and I liked it. The boys made it all night in the tent, and Avalon made it to me getting to the fifth step on the stairs to say---nope! Please escort me to my king size bed where I belong. Smart girl!
Saturday we took advantage of the 40% chance of rain (which we saw not a drop) and spent the day outside. We picked up some fruit at the farmers market and made our way south to Kincaid Park. We explored trails, Pierce made a solid attempt at killing me by making me carry him for two miles. I bribed him with a pony for him to just walk a few more steps but he refused by laying on the ground. Pretty sure my hip bone is bruised from the unknown number of rocks that he was carrying in his pockets, which we HAD to bring home because they were his "fwends". Thank the hiking gods for a large pile of dirt that allowed me to recover for a solid hour while the kids frolicked in the dirtiness! At that point they could have been playing in horse manure and I would have given it a high five! Like I said, childhood thrills!
Sunday we gave in to the noise surrounding our house and climbed the hill behind our community to watch the air show. We live right next to the air field, so the boys get to see the planes fly by almost everyday. But for the show they were flying a little lower than usual, and rocking the sides of our house. The boys were going nuts inside so getting them closer to the action was a must. I am not even sure if we were allowed to be where we were. I didn't see any 'restricted area' signs, not that I even pay that much attention. But we were the only people out there (call us antisocial). We were right at the end of the runway and the views were incredible. The noise was insane! The boys brought their toy planes and mimicked the maneuvers on the ground. 
It was a good weekend, filled with family time which centered around child memory making. Chris we be gone again soon, so hopefully this is what the rest of our weekends together will look like! Except maybe with a nap or two thrown in there....

How was your weekend? More importantly how is your Monday going? 

I will survive. I think.

Jul 25, 2014

Have you ever thought about the items that you couldn't survive without? Maybe not totally in a zombie apocalypse situation, but just things that you know you wouldn't be able to go too long without. Well, I had a chance to think about this when Man Crates contacted me about five things I would put in a survival kit. At first I was thinking, what? I wouldn't last 15 minutes in a crazy survival situation. That is what I rely on Chris for. So I enlisted his survival skills and had him make a life or death, the world is ending, get your shit we need to go kind of kit! 

Also take a minute to check out the Man Crates site, seriously it is your one stop shop for all things  male gift ideas. I love so many of the packages they have put together and I know I will be utilizing their creative geniuses in all things man! 
Alright, let's see what I bring to the table in the survival gear department:

iPhone: I mean how am I supposed to record my survival journey if I don't have my phone? If I don't over-gram the situation then it didn't happen right? Right!

Egyptian Magic: I will be damned if I let my skin get all crocodile like because the world is ending. Sun exposure, stress, malnutrition, it will on take a toll on my skin. Moisturize! 

Tweezers: Listen, I am Italian. I can go from two brows to one before you can send an SOS! These are essential to my survival, or in order to keep my husband. 

Sunglasses: Protect those eyes! And why not protect them in style? 

Lucas Papaw Ointment: Okay, this is my secret weapon. This stuff is the bees knees when it comes to chapped lips, bug bites, rashes, all things I am sure will be present in my survival adventure. 

French Press: Since bringing my pour over coffee maker won't work (I would need filters and a cup and a sturdy surface for that matter) the french press is the next best thing! 
Alright now let's leave it to the professional. I say he's a pro because he takes week long trips into the Alaskan wilderness for fun! I am still trying to convince him to chronicle his trip to Denali, but it might come off more broke back mountain than back country backpacking. Chris would also like me to mention that he gives his personal stamp of approval on all these gadgets!

Osprey backpack: This pack is lightweight, it's not too small for a day trip, but large enough to carry a weeks worth of stuff without weighing you down. Best multi-use pack.

Multi-tool: When don't you need a multi-tool? I feel like I always need this, with kids, my job. Every man needs a multi-tool.

Solar Kit: Obviously Kelsey needs to keep her phone charged. I can charge anything I need while I am walking with this strapped to my backpack. I can charge my go-pro, gps, and batteries for my headlamp, all with this one device. 

Jet Boil: Coffee! This device will boil water in order for that french press up there to work. It also boils the water for dehydrated food. It only weighs a few ounces, and is very compact. 

Pack Raft: this only weighs five pounds, and folds down smaller than a sleeping bag. Why not have a raft to float down a river? You can also use the pack raft as a shelter when it rains. 

Chris talked, I typed. And there you have it. I would not survive if it weren't for Bear Grylls  Chris! 

So tell me, what would be in your survival kit? 

Leather and Lace

Jul 23, 2014

leather jacket: zara (old similar here)// lace tee: forever 21// jeans: target (on super duper sale!)// hat: urban outfitters also loving this leather one// clutch: zara (old similar here)// shoes: zara (old similar here)

Leather and lace...a beautiful combination! Sweet with a little bit of edge. I love mixing textures, leather with lace and a straw hat. So many combinations to be made! Also I have found that since owning this leather jacket, I have gotten more use out of it in the Alaskan summer than any other time! It certainly won't be keeping me warm when the weather turns to cold, but for a cool brisk morning to grab a coffee and a few precious moments of solo mom time, it is the perfect choice! As much as I love summer, my favorite season fashion wise is fall. Which for the tundra is like next month! If we are lucky September. But I am already scouting out fall inspiration, crazy I know!

What is your favorite season to dress for? 

I rounded up some similar items to this outfit since many pieces are no longer available. 

Now do the humpty hump, come on and do the humpty hump! Happy Hump Day!!

the winds of change

Jul 22, 2014

With a title like that you thought we might be getting a little deep here today didn't you? I wouldn't do that to you. I will however document the current state of my toddlers. More specifically my youngest two. Ace has reached a point in his "boy hood" where he is incredibly vocal, constantly asking questions. He notices every minute detail around him. He is used to routine, he likes a schedule, he is constantly reminding me of what we should be doing and when we should be doing it. But....but! Let's talk about Pierce and Avalon and how they are currently plotting against me. No really, I can hear them screaming at each other throughout the day. I swear they can understand the screams because minutes later they will each reck havoc on different parts of the house. Then Ace will run around yelling "MOM YOU ARE GUNNA BE SUPER MAD". I will come upon the scene of the accident and the guilty party will somehow have vanished into thin air.
a bowl of chocolate chips...how did you even get that?
Pierce has this new found sense of entitlement. He feels that everything is his, he will dictate where we go, when we leave, and how quickly we get there (if walking usually a snails pace). But he does most of his bossing around with the cutest smile on his face, which is hard to resist when he bats those long eyelashes, and flashes you those baby blues! It's awful! Awful I tell you. I give in when I know I shouldn't be. Ace gets pissed that we have deviated from the set system of just straight up punishment...punishment everywhere! Oh, and Pierce's new favorite word rhymes with shmam it. It's damn it, okay, the kid says damn it. When I find the person who taught him that....oh man. I'm bringing the hammer down (it was me....he learned it from me. Judge and judge hard). But the crazy thing is he uses it in perfect context. Like at the doctors when she said he was going to get a shot he whispered "uhhhh damn it". It wasn't funny, I shouldn't have laughed. But I did. We are working very hard on correcting it, him and I both. Ha!
And Avalon! Do tantrums start at 14 months? I mean if it screams like a tantrum, throws itself on the ground like a tantrum, flops around like a fish out of water like a tantrum, it's a tantrum right? Damn it  Well then so it has begun. She pouts, she storms out of the room. By golly if the child could reach a door knob she'd slam a door or two as well. She makes her presence known, always! If she wants something she will stop at nothing to get it. She has learned how to work the system....meaning me. She will ask for something and if I say no, she will run up and hug my leg, look up at me for a kiss. And then I melt and give her whatever she wants...like a hammer or a screwdriver. Okay kidding, but she has asked. And I did almost give in on the hammer, before I was like WHAT ARE YOU DOING!
her new thing...throw the clean clothes out and hop in. 
 Loco my vida is definitely loco! But their personalities are growing by the hour. I mean if this was high school superlatives Ace would win Most Likely to be a Drill Sergeant. Pierce would win Life of the Party. Avalon would win Most Likely to Throw a Chair on Jerry Springer. And now after writing that I genuinely feel bad for the teachers that will have all my children in high school at the same time!
It all comes full circle right? Toddlers are just mini teenagers that have a hard time putting sentences together. They are out of their minds hilarious. And completely exhaust me!

On a completely different note I am about to shamelessly plug all over your screen. This little blog of mine is a nominee for a stay-at-home-mom blog award for 2014! I have to tell you I am pretty excited to be in the company of some amazing blogs. Many of whom I read daily, and have voted for as well. Just to be thought of is humbling, and I will send you a baby moose if you take the time out to vote for me right HERE. Kidding on the moose, shipping is a pretty penny from the tundra!

a breakfast treat

Jul 21, 2014

So I am not a huge breakfast person. I happen to love breakfast foods, just not always for breakfast, eggs and sausage for dinner anyone? I am also not very hungry in the morning. I usually have my cup of coffee, and then don't eat a real meal until almost 11am. Insert-- biscotti. A sweet treat that pairs so well with a cup of coffee. (no one said I was the healthy one)

There are so many flavors of biscotti you can make, but peanut butter chocolate chip is one of my favorites. So, here we go!

3 cups flour
2 tsp baking powder
1/2 tsp salt 
1 cup sugar 
3/4 cup creamy peanut butter
6 tbsp unsalted butter
2 1/2 vanilla extract 
3 eggs
1 cup mini chocolate chips

Preheat oven to 350

Line a baking sheet with parchment paper, or silicone baking mat. Then with your mixer combine butter, sugar, and peanut butter until fluffy. 1-2 minutes. Add in vanilla. Beat in the eggs one at a time, you might have to stop and scrap the bowl to combine. Turn your mixer to low and add in dry ingredients, flour, baking powder, and salt. The batter is very thick, so you will be working your mixer extra hard. Then add in the chocolate chips. 
Divide the dough in half (and try to keep your husband and children from eating the other half). Shape into logs on the baking sheet,  they should be about 3 inches wide, and 10 inches long. They will fit side by side on a regular baking sheet. Just eye ball it, no need to get out the ruler for this one. 

Bake for 25-30 minutes, you don't want the bottoms to get too brown. Then take them out and let them cool for 10 minutes. Once cool enough to handle, slice them up!
You want to slice them at the diagonal....giving them the perfect dunking appearance! Lay the slices cut side down on the baking sheet, and pop them back in the oven for 10 minutes, flipping them over half way through. I like my biscotti a little softer than the traditional Italian style, which is crunchier. If you want them that way just leave them in for a few more minutes. 

Then enjoy with your morning cup of joe! Or anytime really....

This is when Santa brings my real gifts

Jul 18, 2014

one// two// three// four// five// six// seven// eight// nine// ten// eleven// twelve

I want to say that Christmas is my favorite holiday, and it just might be, but my favorite time of year happens to be the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale!!! I stalk this sale like a lion to a gazelle. Okay, that makes me sound super crazy, but I am. I love this sale, who wouldn't? I do have a strategy when it comes to actually buying though. I use this sale to get some investment pieces, closet staples, and update my fall wardrobe. Hence all the warmer picks up there. Also you can't beat the accessory and makeup markdowns! 

So this is pretty much what I have my eye on, now the hard part comes, deciding what to part with. Because lets be honest....mama has champagne dreams on a beer budget. Except I don't drink beer....so maybe wine? 

Anyway, have you checked out the sale yet? What do you have your eye on? 

I hope everyone has a great weekend! We might get super loco and go for a hike (shocked aren't you?).  

Taking Stock

Jul 17, 2014

Color me a copy-cat but I just love these posts, these lovely ladies inspired me: here and here

Making : lists, constantly making lists. grocery lists, to-do lists, preschool check-lists.

Cooking : 
chicken piccata, hold the "tapers" (capers) because Ace thinks they are "too spicy".

Drinking : a diet coke. Maybe I'll kick that habit one day.

Reading: books about trucks and tractors. I have a stack of books at a reading level slightly higher than a kindergartener that I'd love to get to, but for now tractors are my intellectual stimulation.

Wanting: just a few more hours in the day.

Playing: some intense games of dinosaurs and tractor wars. 

Listening: to delilah on repeat.

Sewing: nothing.

Wishing: my doorbell would ring for my ups delivery. 

Enjoying: the fact that I deep cleaned the kitchen today. 

Liking: this beautiful alaskan summer we are having. 

Wondering: what time Chris will be home tonight....before 8? 9? 

Hoping: we get some clarity on what our future might look like for the next couple years. 

Marveling: at my children all getting along, and playing in the same vicinity of one another. 

Needing: Avalon's last set of molars to come in so she can stop borderlining an exorcism every night! 

Smelling: the fresh lupines I just picked and set on the table. 

Wearing: a baseball tee and jeans.

Thinking: I really need to shave my legs. 

Feeling: incredibly content. 

Bookmarking: tons of hair inspiration, here, here, here. I feel a slight change coming on.

Have you done one of these posts? I love reading them, link me to it if you have!

Dry Clean Only

Jul 16, 2014

tee: sincerely jules// jeans: ag jeans// shoes: forever21 (old) 
panama hat: j crew factory// watch: michael kors 

I am on a little graphic tee kick right now. It seems like everyday I see a new one I just can't live without. This one just happens to be one of them! The material is so soft, it has the perfect slouch, long enough to do the half tuck, I mean all the boxes are checked! And when I happen to be going out without the need to chase Pierce, while holding Avalon, and yelling for Ace to walk just a little bit faster, I thrown on a pair of heels. Just to kick it up a notch. I mean as a mom you have to look for chances to wear some heels....or create scenarios (like grabbing coffee with some friends). It's a hard knock life I tell ya!

more of my fav picks below!

Lost boobs | Reward if found

Jul 14, 2014

Before we went on vacation I decided it was time I go buy new bras. I have been putting this off, and putting it off for a couple months. Avalon was done breastfeeding and none of my bras fit. But to be honest I haven't bought non-nursing bras since before Ace was born because well, in the last four years I have either been pregnant or breastfeeding, so who knew what my boobs actually looked like. Obviously I knew there was a BIG change in the appearance department of my girls, but I mean there were major changes here. They have, how should I say this? Lost their luster? Let's go with it. 
So I went to Nordstrom's, I walked around aimlessly for a little bit just looking at bras. Clearly I looked out of place because a lovely lady came up to me and said "you look like you could use some help" I wanted to reply, "yes in more ways than you know". But went with a simple "yes, thank you". I decided to get measured and fitted, I needed definitive numbers at this point. We made our way back to the dressing room and she measured me up. Then she came back with a multitude of options. Padded, unpadded, wire, no wire, lace, tee shirt bras, lingerie, everything! In all different colors and sizes. I started trying on and realized that my boobs of five years ago are gone! Now they look like something out of national geographic! The nice lady came back to check on me and said "how is it going? can I bring you anything else?" I said "if you have a crane handy to pick these puppies up that would be nice". She laughed....I was serious! Now, without a doubt this was going to happen. I have breastfed three children, all for almost a year. My boobs have gone from a normal size, to swollen pregnancy boobs, to watermelon size milking machines. Deflation was on the horizon!

After what felt like forever in the dressing room (and we all know how much I hate trying things on) I settled on a few different options. And actually found some new brands that I was quite pleased with! I left with a rejuvenated feeling, almost a feeling of accomplishment because I came to terms with the fact that my body is undeniably different from having babies. I am totally okay with that. I was a little in denial about it, but mirrors don't lie people.

I came home and showed Chris my winnings, he said "do you feel better?" I said "ya, I went down a whole cup size, but nothing a little push up can't fix". I had every intention of going through my old bras and nursing bras to just get rid of them. But who knows, maybe I will be lucky enough to breastfeed a fourth baby and go through this whole soap opera again! 

I got one more, one more prob-lem

Jul 10, 2014

The take away...there is always a take away from an experience right? Lessons learned, shoulda woulda coulda moments. Those what were we thinking? Or we are totally going to pay for this later kind of thoughts. It happens. This little vaca we took was filled with amazing moments, but it was not all rainbow and butterflies. Leave it to me to find the downside to something! But the only way you get better at things is by learning from your mistakes. Or play into the definition of insanity and keep doing things your way and see what happens. Parenting....its like playing russian roulette. 
So let's make light of our stupidity incredible parenting skills:

Rules- there were none. Not that we didn't try to enforce some kind of organized chaos, the kids were just too excited to be in a new environment to listen to us. At our house we have a strict "no climbing on the table rule". Simple right? But all my children seem to want to eat on top of the table instead of seated next to it. Avalon took advantage of the lower dining table at the cabin and ate every meal in the position above ^ . I am sure if she could talk she would say "well technically this isn't OUR kitchen table". We would pull her down, she would climb back up, we would pull her down, she would send a bowl of yogurt flying across the room. So fine, sit on your table your highness! Most of my energy this last week has been to reprogramming her. 

Potty training- we are idiots to plan a vacation in the middle of potty training Pierce! Because now he is most definitely NOT potty trained. It was too risky to put him in underwear for a five hour car ride. So we went with a pull-up, he used that ultra absorbent barrier to its max! The trend just continued throughout the days. Between going to the beach, eating out, car rides, it was just not worth the number of accidents. We did put him in underwear when he was in the cabin, but you can imagine how well that went. So we are back at square one. He has the foundation, sort of. And to parents who have yet to potty train or maybe don't even have kids yet here is some advice. Don't buy furniture until after your kids are potty trained. Same goes for carpet, beds, or anything else they can pee on. Sleep on the floor, put down puppy pads, newspaper...something! Potty training is only successful if you put yourself on house arrest! 

Sleep- It was vacation so we did let the kids stay up late. Way too late most nights. And naps were usually done in the car in-between stops. Clearly not great! Since we have been home all my children have developed narcolepsy! The other day Pierce fell asleep on the couch mid sentence, just straight up stopped talking and started snoring. Avalon can't decide whether its morning or night. And Ace is just up! Up all the damn time! I thought I heard something the other night well after midnight, and I find the kid playing dinosaurs in his room like he was pulling the night shift. Next vaca we are going to be stopping for some nap time. New rule...family naps on vacation! 

Okay, those are the only ones I can think of right now. I am kind of tired. But these three were ma-jor! Probably common sense to all you traveling guru's out there. Not here folks...not in this casa de
novice crazy!

What do you do on family vacations? Do you still try and keep a schedule? Enlighten me!

Take me downtown

Jul 9, 2014

Homer has the cutest downtown. You can just tell it is rich with history, fishermen telling stories of their latest catch. People walking with boxes filled of fresh seafood. The locals sitting in their favorite spot at the bar. The boats filled with tourists looking around at the beautiful scenery. It is all just so fun, and something I was looking forward to. A fresh shower, clean sand-free clothing, and an empty stomach just growling to be filled. 
The boardwalk is right down on the Homer spit, right in the heart of it all. The restaurants are small and intimate, serving the freshest halibut tacos, burgers, fish and chips, you name it. But the very best, the creme de la creme of it all is Finn's Pizza! For my Alaska dwelling people it is better than Moose Tooth, and you know that is saying something!! We stopped in for a slice, and ended up picking up a large pizza to take back to the cabin. Pierce was a wild man running up and down the board walk, greeting every human he came across like a welcoming committee. He ran in and out of stores yelling "hey man!" he was feeling the downtown vibes. 
Just walking around for a few hours gave us the opportunity to meet so many people. Thanks manly to Pierce and his need to say hello to every person. But people were quite receptive to his bubbly nature. They asked where we were from, how we liked Alaska. Nine times out of ten they were visiting from the lower 48 and were in complete aww of this place. We live in Alaska, but we are still playing tourist. When we did meet a local they gave us their best food recommendation, or coffee spot. Even their secret fishing hole! 
A little confession....everyday we came down to the harbor to see if the Time Bandit was tied up. I have been a crazy fan of Deadliest Catch way before living in Alaska was even a thought. I used to watch it while breastfeeding Ace on the couch in between studying for my classes. So maybe in a way I was destined to live in Alaska. HA! But my fan frenzy was kept at bay since I didn't get a glimpse of that crab catching beast. Next summer....next summer....
Old Town is also a sight to see. Restaurants and art galleries, mom and pop restaurants that invite you in with the sweet smells alone. We came to old town on a couple different occasions, for an afternoon pick me up or my need to explore the local consignment store. 
The real gem is this bakery right here. Two Sisters Bakery. The last time we were in Homer (last summer) we missed this place completely. Big mistake! I went in first just to grab a few pastries. When I made it back to the car we dove into the bag, eating everything before we made it to the next stop sign. So Chris made a very illegal traffic move to get us back to the bakery and fill up with more goodies!
And how can you resist stopping at a local winery for a bottle...or three? Bear Creek Winery, and these wines are so tasty. Blueberry, raspberry, and mixed berry! Chris doesn't drink, so this was pretty much all mine. Come to think of it, I didn't drink wine or anything until after three kids, that sounds kind of horrible. ha! But I assure you it is not. A glass of wine every now and then never hurt a mama! Especially on the deck of a cabin when all the kiddos are tucked in tight and it is light out for a few more hours!

So, are you in love with Homer yet? 


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