oh hey!

Aug 28, 2014

Long time no type! First I just want to say thank you to all the people that commented, and emailed me after reading Monday's post. This internet community is a thing of beauty I tell ya. My family and I truly appreciate your well wishes. 

So what has been going on around these parts? Nothing. I wish it was more exciting, but I have reached an all time high or maybe low of laziness. I don't know if it is the colder temps, the rain that only seems to stop for hours at a time, or the fact that the children have turned into some kind of anti-listening cult. But it all has me reaching for a warm blanket and a comfy spot on the couch. 

Yesterday morning I was up much before the kids and I thought, this is the perfect time for a nice long shower (hair washing included). As I was taking my sweet time I got an overwhelming breath of baby powder. I pulled the curtain back to find Avalon and Ace hidden somewhere in a cloud of baby powder! It was covering the entire bathroom, and them. I closed the curtain and just sat in the shower. 

My house is an undeniable mess. The other night Chris came home from work and as Avalon was preparing to dump out a huge basket of toys I said "No, Avalon don't dump those". Chris looked at me and said "well why not? every other basket is dumped on the floor". I laughed so hard because it was so true. The kids are having a field day with my new found lack of cleaning. 
Last weekend we did make it out for a little hike and some blueberry picking. It was so much fun, and we spent a good three hours filling bags full of blueberries. I think we got a little over zealous because once we got them home we realized it was A LOT of berries to eat. So I have been making lots of blueberry pancakes, muffins, scones, and a blueberry crumble. Needless to say we are blueberried out! 

This weekend we are planning on going to the fair! Pierce's birthday is next Friday so I should probably kick the cleaning and planning into high gear if we want to have a fiesta. And last but certainly not least, mama is getting out for some alone-no children invited- time this weekend as well. 

What are your plans? 

it stings more than a bucket of ice

Aug 25, 2014

I am sure by now everyone has seen the Ice Bucket Challenge that is sweeping the nation, taking over your Facebook feeds (I don't have Facebook though), posted videos to Instagram, the list can go on. I can say that for us the "ice bucket challenge" is a challenging reminder of the loss in our lives. Chris's mom lost her battle with ALS earlier this year. I never said anything about it because I felt like it made it that much more real. I wanted to be to be strong for Chris, I wanted to support him in anyway that I could. My mother in law was, is, always will be the most amazing woman I could have ever asked for to be in my life. There was not a mean bone in her body, she never said a bad thing about anything or anyone. And to be honest I have never seen a mom love her son the way she loved Chris. 
When she was diagnosed with ALS it was like all of our hearts got ripped out. We were not very educated on the disease, and were naive enough the think that there is no way. She is so young, she is not your typical patient with this disease. This just cannot be right. That is the thing with ALS, it does not discriminate. There is no cure, essentially it is a death sentence. The most horrible disease I have ever seen. It was hard everyday to be so far away, Chris began to close off from us, and rightfully so. It was hard to put on a brave face in front of him, or even when talking to her through text or FaceTime. But she always had a smile on her face, or would crack a joke. We found so much comfort knowing that her husband, and Chris's sister were there with her everyday taking care of her. The disease progressed so fast in her case, it was a year from the time she was diagnosed to when she passed. She was always there for me, no matter what time of day. She talked to me all the time when Chris was deployed when she hadn't even met me yet. When Chris would go away for training she would come stay with me for weeks at a time. She was there for me when I had Pierce and Chris was in OCS. I could write a hundred posts about this woman, and feel like it will never do her justice. Her life was nothing short of an HBO drama, yet she held her head high. With so much poise and grace! 

It is hard to even formulate a complete sentence at this point, so I guess all I can say is that if you are taking the ice bucket challenge, have taken it, want to take it, save your water and ice. Make some lemonade and just donate to The ALS Association. There are very limited drugs that can prolong a patients life by a only a few months. I know my family would have lived in a bucket of ice if that meant Christopher got a few more months to be with his mom. 

(pre)school is now in session

Aug 21, 2014

Day one complete! Summer is officially over and we will be getting ourselves back into the hectic morning routine, that is getting Ace to school on time! Yesterday morning was smooth operator. It may have been easy thanks to my OCD of preparing every little detail the night before. Laying everyones outfits out, cutting up fruit and putting them in their designated color coordinated (to the child, their must have not mine) bowls, and beverages ready and in the fridge. Yesterday morning will probably be the only morning to look like that all year as Chris reminded me many times over. After I got Ace dressed, and he requested "to have his hair look like dads" I took one look at him walking down the stairs and burst into tears. I stood there for a second as to not let the children see mom crack, but I was caught by Chris who couldn't help but say "are you crying? it's preschool Kelsey, and he is only gone a few hours. You don't cry when I leave! Anyway we can chalk this up to hormones?" Call it what you want to call it, but letting go is no easy task. 

I have to say I am so happy that Ace is going back to the same school as last year, with the same teacher, and many of the same kids in his class. It was like a little reunion in the morning. They were all so excited to check out where their cubbies were, see each others new backpacks, it was all so cute! I obviously had a harder time letting go as Ace turned to me and said "okay mom you can go get a coffee now". Just kick me out of your life why don't cha! But I did go grab a coffee, while contemplating a quick drive by back to the school, you know just to poke my head in (psycho, such a psycho I know) but I didn't! I went home to tend to thing one and thing two, who took full advantage of rummaging through all the toys that Ace tells them are NOT for babies. And since mom was in such an emotional state, we consumed chocolate chip cookies for breakfast! Don't mind me, just creating emotional eaters over here. 

We anxiously awaited the pick up time and wouldn't you know we were ten minutes early. I have no life people! I walked in, signed him out and saw his smiling little face. He showed me where his mailbox was, and the art project they did that day, and then he said "mom I really missed you, were you okay without me?" ehh...I think I will make it. 

And so it begins........

Currently Craving

Aug 20, 2014

one piperlime mesh sweatshirt {$54} || two j crew say yes sweatshirt {$65} || three gap oversize sweater {$49} || four nasty gal cutout boots {$88} || five gap leather satchel {$80 on sale!} || six nasty gal cutout flats {$58} || seven gap track pant {$45} || eight make up for ever cream blush {$26} || 

I think I can almost declare fall to be right around the corner here in the far North. I know you people in the lower 48 are like what the what? But we have seen rainy, chilly, start to bundle up kind of days. Which means I can start dressing all fall like right about now! And let me tell you I am all about it, these are some of the things I am currently craving. Sweatshirts! Of all kinds. Large cozy oversized sweaters. Leather accents for everything, pants, shoes, bags. And then probably my favorite pick for fall, the track pant! Pretty much like a sweatpant that the fashion world has deemed appropriate for out of house use, mic check one two one two...hell yes! And now that the chill is coming in I want smooth creamy textures on my face, this cream blush is a must for the colder months. Last but not least rich colors on my lips to add a little sparkle to the more muted tones that I am gravitating towards.

So give it to me...what are you craving for fall? 
You know without wishing away the rest of your summer? 

got my wingman back!

Aug 19, 2014

And two weeks later here I am! Chris just got back from Japan yesterday and I don't think there is a soul in this house that is not still smiling about it. For many different reason this two week trip, which I know by military standards is like so totally not long at all.....but this one felt like a good two months apart. The weather here was less than stellar for the most part so there were many days spent inside which is code for chaos. There were some days I thought, I am not going to make it to tomorrow, these kids, they are slowing trying to make me rip my hair out. The days just felt long. This might be because I don't sleep when Chris is gone because there is for sure someone just waiting to break into this palace of legos! 

You know what else doesn't help? When your co-parent is sending you amazing pictures of all the ridiculously good looking sushi he is consuming day after day. Or the glorious pictures of Mt. Fuji that he is about to summit. I sent him back a picture of the downstairs bathroom that had a volcanic eruption in it after Avalon flushed an entire pack of baby wipes one.by.one down the pipe. When I tell you an explosion that is exactly what I mean. I was cleaning bodily fluids off the walls. I will spare sharing the picture with you. Tensions were just at an all time high in this house, from everyone. 
So never have I been more excited to chase my children around baggage claim waiting for him to appear. Then all of a sudden I hear his voice singing Drunk In Love, in his best Beyonce impression to date and I responded with handing him a child or two. I've said it before and I will say it a thousand more times, life is just more fun when he is around. He is the cool, calm, and collected one. When he walked into the house that looked like a tornado ran through it, he just laughed. Don't get me wrong I cleaned the house, but when flights are delayed baskets of toys get dumped. 
He came bearing gifts for the masses, but the best part of Chris going away is the stories he comes back with. The hundreds of pictures we sat looking through last night. And the fact that I volunteered him for the bedtime routine as I fell asleep on the couch before he got back down. 

Now if you'll excuse me I have some chocolate to eat for breakfast, and just to keep it healthy I'll wash it down with some tea!

words with kids

Aug 17, 2014

Shall I torture you with another round of conversations with my children? Why not right? I mean I know one person that thoroughly enjoys them....I'm looking at you mom!
Getting ready to go in the backyard:
Me- Hold on let me find my shoes.
Ace- Seriously? I don't have time for this. 

Getting the mail with Ace:
Me- So what did we get?
Ace- Bills bills bills ugh Mom you need to pay your bills!

Ace- Mom I am going to dump out all my legos okay?
Me- Umm....I'd rather you not.
Ace- Just don't get mad, just don't even think about it. 

Somehow Pierce missed the toilet completely for a number two! (don't ask me how)
Ace- opens the door MAYDAY MAYDAY NUGGET ON THE FLOOR!!!!!

Pierce- sniffling
Me- Pierce do you need a tissue?
Pierce- Nope I good dust booders.
Me- Let me get you a tissue.
Pierce- No mom I have a finger. 
Me- ________

Pierce- Mom I dust touched my butt.
Ace- PIERCE DAT IS SO IMAPPOPIATE!!! (inappropriate)

Avalon all day long....
Avalon- lapop lapop lapop lapop lapop! (lollipop)

Ace- So mom you have a tattoo on you foot right?
Me- Uhhhh....
Ace- I gunna get a tattoo. I gunna get a tattoo of a hot dog!
Me- walks out of room trying not to laugh, or cry. 

Side note: many of these I got on video and they are way funnier to listen to, but my children are rarely clothed in the house so posting them would be mildly inappropriate! But you bet your bottom dollar I will bust out a montage of them come the dating years! 

Happy Monday! 

Denim Squared

Aug 13, 2014

chambray shirt: j crew factory// jeans: ag jeans
 leopard booties: kate spade (old) but you can find them here on sale. Also really want these!
sunglasses: rayban// watch: michael kors

I love a simple outfit with one stand out piece. I just look for reasons to bust out these Kate Spade booties, and a denim on denim outfit is the perfect excuse. I know some people aren't fans of the denim head to toe, but I think if you do it right by mixing a lighter and a darker wash they can really compliment each other. It is simple yet put together, and doesn't scream "cowboy up". Trust me I grew up on a horse ranch denim on denim on denim was a-okay. 

What are your feelings on denim times two? 

testing my diy boundaries

Aug 11, 2014

Every time we move I fall into the routine of just putting rooms together the way they have always been. Maybe switching up the furniture, or adding some new candles or baskets, but generally keeping everything the same. I kind of hate it to be honest, growing up I was notorious for rearranging my room just about every weekend. Which brings me to the present and a couple places that need some extra love are my closet, and bathroom. I can't decide if I have too much stuff.....or just need more room? I am going with the latter. Chris refused to give up his closet to me (selfish) so I looked to pinterest to solve a few space issues. 

First up, my hats. Before, they were piled on a shelf taking up much needed space for folded sweaters. I found this picture on pinterest and thought, ding ding ding! 
Avalon gives her seal of approval! Can I tell you that I love it? Because I do. It adds a little character to an empty corner in the master, now I just want to find an antique dress form to stand next to it all. 

On to the next! My master bathroom is teeny tiny. It should not even be considered a master bath. Chris uses the guest bathroom in the basement next to his man cave since he rivals me in the product department. Even with him out of the bathroom, there still is not enough space. Before I did this most of my products were under the sink, which has a child lock on it, and was annoying to open and close when getting ready. Go ahead call me lazy, but every second is valuable when getting ready with three kids who could very well kill each other in sheer distress that mom is not giving in to every request at that moment. Back to pinterest where I found this gem. More counter space, be mine!
I rummaged through the boxes of stuff still being ignored in our basement and found a couple baskets that were the perfect size to hang in my bathroom. A nail or two here and there and BOOM. I have more space, and more importantly all my products used on a regular basis are in plain sight. 

My diy abilities are quite limited to one paint color, and or a nail and hammer combo. Oh and tape, I know how to use tape also! Buuuut that is where my crafty fingers yell, hold up wait a minute let me put some etsy in it! Because those who can't do....buy. Right? 

exciting from beginning to end

Aug 7, 2014

The other day we got the rare opportunity as a military familia to watch one aspect of Chris's job, jumping out of airplanes. Except this time it was more fun than anything (that's what Chris said) he would be jumping out of a helicopter into a lake, more of a freestyle jump, without 90lbs of gear propelling him to the ground. When he mentioned that families were invited to watch, the boys were out of their minds excited! The days leading up were filled with questions:
Is dad gunna get hurt?
Are there sharks in the water?
What if a fish bites him?
Can dad swim?
Can I jump out of the hopicopter with him? hell to the no
The morning of Chris called me to say "they are moving faster than anticipated you guys need to leave now if you want to watch me jump in an hour". Let me break this down for you. The drive to this lake was an hour and thirty five minutes from my house. Not one child was dressed, and I had not showered, but I'll be damned if we missed this. I grabbed some clothes off the clean piles (one day I'll fold it) and just threw the kids in the car. Ran back in the house to grab a few makeup essentials, you know to do at the red lights. Off we went. 
We were making great time, I used the various nascar maneuvers taught to be by my stepdad to cover some ground. Then, THEN I was faced with a decision, a fork in the road, literally. The choice to go to big lake north, or big lake south. Chris never specified which area they were jumping at so I took north. Wrong move. All of a sudden I see a helicopter with little tiny men jumping out. I let out a real big expletive and realized that, that helicopter was most definitely SOUTH. 
We finally found the parking lot and I raced to get the kids dressed and out to the lake front. I thought for sure we missed Chris jumping, how could we not? But as I looked around I didn't see him. I gained hope. Then I saw one of his friends that frequents my coffee machine on any given weekday, and he told me we "have awhile". Thanks for crying wolf Chris, I about dropped a lung trying to get here. 
We found a nice spot, with a great view to watch the jumps, and the boats take off to pick up the jumpers. Somehow out of the sea of camo bags, the boys found Chris's, don't ask me how. And they took great pride in dragging that bag to our sitting area. We waited, and waited, and finally the helicopter carrying Chris came flying over head. The boys jumped up, and kept jumping until he splashed into the lake. 
The boats raced off to go pick up the guys out of the water, and it took all of me, and a few unsolicited babysitters to restrain the boys from jumping into the lake to greet Chris. It was all so nerve wrecking, and exciting. And I got a parking ticket that I am refusing to pay. But we made it, and Chris is kind of like a superhero now. And mom is kind of like a crazy person. 

Matching Separates

Aug 5, 2014

top: topshop (sold out)// skirt: topshop (on sale now)// sandals: birkenstock
bracelets: j crew and j crew factory // sunglasses: ray-ban

Happy Wednesday!! The week is almost over...not that my weekends are a huge deviation from my weekdays, but at least I get to say its the freakin weekend! 

Anyway, I bought this set awhile ago and am now just pulling it out of my closet. I love the matching separates trend, I hope it sticks around forever forever ever! This would be so easy to dress up for a date night (not in my future but maybe yours) or keep it causal with a pair of birks and some messy hair! 

Here are some of the other matching sets I am dying to add to my closet!

Back to school....Back to school

Aug 3, 2014

Back to school shopping already? We had Ace's preschool orientation over the weekend, and he starts school is just two short weeks! I realized that I needed to do some major school shopping. He will only have about a month or so before he is covered from head to toe in snow apparel, so I am taking advantage of creating outfits for him. Pierce will be going to school as well this year, but we aren't starting him until we get this potty training thing at 100%, so he may never go to school. And little miss Avalon will not be attending any kind of out of casa experience, but I couldn't help but shop for her as well. Hi, my name is Kelsey and I have a problem. 
outfit 1: jacket //striped tee// pants// shoes
outfit 2: jacket// tee// jeans // camo shoes
outfit 3: sweater// tee// jeans //boots

outfit 2: sweater dress// boots
outfit 4: trench coat// sweater// jeans

Everything is from Gap, Old Navy, and The Children's Place. If ordering online (like I did) you can find some killer deals, and coupon codes right now. 

Gap- 35% off regular price items. Use code BTSAVE
Old Navy- 30% off regular price items. Use code CHOOSE30
The Children's Place- 20% off. Use code TAKETWENTY3. Also free shipping on orders over $60. 

Have you done any back to school shopping yet? When do your kiddos start school? 


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