My Baby Must-Haves

Jan 29, 2015

So sometimes you wake up and see an alert on your phone that you are 32 weeks pregnant! Yes, that is how I keep track of this pregnancy, by iPhone app. Sorry baby number four, your three siblings keep me quite busy. If it weren't for that app I probably would go into labor and think, how could it be? Aren't I only 30 weeks. But, only a little more to go so I figured why not share the things I have come to really love over the last five years of having babies in the house. 

Now I know all moms have their own "swear by" items that they stick too. I happen to really enjoy seeing what products other moms have come to covet. These are some of my 'have this in the house when I bring this baby home, or so help me OB put the baby back' items. Was that sentence dramatic enough for you? Oscar noms have gone out, I just wanted to throw my hat in the stay at home mom drama category. 

Maxi Cosi Carseat- Now, this car seat has yet to be used with an infant. But after many friends recommendations, and countless hours on the computer reading reviews we bought this one for baby girl. When it arrived I was so excited to open it and feel the soft cushion. The head support is so unique, and if little one can't get comfortable in here, then there is no chance. 

Halo Bassinet / Co-sleeper- We are a co-sleeping kind of familia. Truth be told, Avalon still sleeps with us most nights. Ace and Pierce stayed in bed with us well into bringing a newborn home. We always did a bassinet in the bedroom to have a place for baby. But this thing!! Just go watch the video. Kind of amazing for those middle of the night feedings, not to mention it can be raised to the height of my bed, which is usually a problem with other bassinets or co-sleepers. 

Medela Manual Pump- This might sound crazy to some, but I love this little pump over my Medela Freestyle. I know, I know, how is that possible? But I don't pump all that much. I usually wait to start pumping till my milk regulates itself a little bit, so I don't get too engorged. Then I will pump here and there to get a good freezer supply going. This little pump is great for taking with me in the car, or on a hike, to go shopping with. Or just to get that first initial burst of milk out of the way as to not drown baby. I just love this, and you can't beat the price. 

Mustela Newborn Set- I got this set as a baby shower gift when I was pregnant with Ace, and have used the products ever since. Now I just treat myself to a newborn set for each new baby. The foaming wash is the best! And the only thing I have ever used that gets rid of the dreaded cradle cap right away. Highly recommend. 

JJ Cole Bundle Me- If you live in a cold weather place, this is a lifesaver! It's like a little acrtic jacket for your car seat. No need to try and keep blankets on, that baby will eventually kick off. Just zip them up in this, and they stay toasty and warm!

Aden + Anais Swaddle Blankets- Aren't these every moms favorite? I'm like a broken record over here. But I too love them. I happen to really enjoy the bamboo blankets, which I didn't discover until having Avalon. So I plan on picking up another pack of those before the next little diva arrives. 

Kickee Pants Romper- Now these rompers will change your life, simply because you will spend your time trying to figure out how you too can wear one. They are made with the same bamboo material as the swaddle blankets. The softest thing ev-er! My mom bought me a couple of these when I had Pierce and I have been hooked ever since. Don't let the price scare you away, Amazon tends to sell them for less, and they LAST! Wash after spit up wash and they do not lose that luscious feel. 

Carter's Onesie- Is the onesie brand a heated topic? Should I steer clear? Well I laugh in the fear of danger...hahaha! But Carter's for the win, forever and ever! With Ace I think I bought every onesie brand out there. I mean, new baby, I had to try them all. Carter's became my favorite, and the ones that I continually stock up on with each baby. 

Gap Newborn Hats- Simply put...these don't shrink in the wash! They are basic, and simple, and do the head warming job. 

Bath Tower / Diaper Station- You probably saw this on here and thought, what is that thing? Well that is a bathroom tower. We happen to use them as diaper stations around the house. A box of wipes fits perfectly on the top shelf, any size diapers in the middle, and ointments or extra burp clothes at the bottom. We have three of these spread out a round the house, and love them. They are discreet, and look nothing like a diaper station, yet keep everything you need right there. Not to mention they are great to have in the bathroom for all your postpartum care needs if you know what I mean.  

Burt's Bee Multipurpose Cream- I tried so many diaper rash ointments out there with Avalon, and nothing worked. Everything seemed to irritate her skin more. I researched other creams that I could use and found this one. Winner! I still use it with her, and for countless other things. Dry skin patches, rashes, boo boo's. It's great. 

Moby Wrap- I really like a wrap in the initial baby wearing stages. I usually transition to a carrier once baby can hold their head up. But for the wearing around the house, or a walk around the block I like the wrap. This is the only one I have tried, but I am open to suggestions if you guys have others that you like. 

We are also in the market for a new video monitor if any of you moms would like to share how you stalk your little one day and night. 

And of course feel free to share some of your must haves, or if you have done a post like this link me to it!!

Healthy Eats

Jan 27, 2015

Oh the insanity that healthy eating can be. Don't get me wrong, it is great and I encourage people to jump on the train. But when you are pregnant some times you just need a milkshake or three! Chris and I have gone almost a month now without any "cheat" type meals or treats. This is HUGE in this family. Usually I am looking forward to, or more like salivating for the weekend. I have a major junk food addiction. Thankfully for my propensity to be 400 pounds, Chris does not have this same addiction. He is a healthy eater through and through. He does like himself some pie or cheesecake which is fantastic and makes me realize he may be human after all. But I have, reluctantly at times, changed my carb filled Italian ways and switched to a more clean eating routine. I can say that I notice differences when I go weeks without cheating and then have a medium pizza to myself. It takes me about a week to recover, but that doesn't stop me. I cheat much more than Chris on the average, and I most certainly won't be kicking the coffee creamer habit anytime soon. Although I try and get a decaf americano when I go through the Starbucks line, it doesn't always work though. Most of the time I share more of our decadent meals, you know with the sauces and the sugars and the fun stuff. But during the week we don't eat like that. We cut out all sugar, dairy (for Chris), carbs, and generally anything processed. 

Now, I know little to nothing about all this clean eating business. I just know what I can and can't cook with. Chris has read all the books and can ramble off the benefits and blah blah blah....just hand me a donut please! Eating this way and cooking this way can be daunting! There are only so many ways you can get creative with eggs. So I enjoy looking at meals other people have made and get recipes to try, or find inspiration.  I thought I would share some of what goes on our dinner table at night. Many if not all of these are whole30 or paleo compliant if you are trying those out!
bison burgers with a fried egg and avacado // salad with homemade dressing

crab cakes made with almond flour topped with homemade mayo aioli // green beans

spice rubbed grilled salmon topped with lime avocado salsa // roasted herb potatoes

snow sweater

Jan 25, 2015

sweater: oasap c/o // tee: target maternity // leggings: zella
scarf: zara (similar here and here) // boots: hunter // clutch: zara (old similar)
sunglasses: ray-ban // lipstick: clinique black honey

We got snow!! The weather called for three days of non-stop snow, but of course they can't predict the weather up here in the far north, so we only got a day and a half and about six inches. But I shall not complain because it was just enough to get the kids out and playing in it for the whole day on Saturday. Then the temps dropped to the negatives, and the fun was short lived. But in honor of the snow I decided to pull out the most comfortable, warm sweater ev-er! It is warm enough to double as a full blown jacket, maybe not for winter sports, but definitely for some shopping! I love the contrasting elbow patches, and the overall grandpa feel of it. I will for sure be packing this in my hospital bag, because I can't think of anything else I'd want to snuggle my newborn in :)

I hope you all had a great weekend!! 

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toddler talks | at least they're honest

Jan 21, 2015

Oh yes, get excited it is time for another round of things my children have said!!! Chris has pointed out that I really need to buy a video camera, since I am missing the real moments of their childhood. But I think the real solution would be to install hidden cameras in the house, never mind that is just incriminating. Anyway, here we go!
After my phone made a noise from the kitchen:
Ace- MOOOOOOM dad just sent you a touch message. 
Me- _________!!!!!

While in the car:
Ace- are we almost there?
Me- not yet
Ace- ugh! I getting car sick!!
Me- you are? are you going to throw up?
Ace- NO! I getting car cough. cough cough cough 

Avalon and Pierce throwing tantrums in the kitchen:
Ace- this house is just insane, I can't take it. walks out of the kitchen shaking his head
As I am cleaning the dishes:
Me- Ace don't you want to go watch the movie with the kids?
Ace- Mom! I am not a kid I am five year old I am a grown up I will stay with you.
Me- Do you want to clean some dishes?
Ace- Nah only mommy's do that. I gunna go watch a movie. 

As I am struggling to get dressed, Ace walks in:
Ace- Mom those don't look like they fit you. 
Me- Ya Ace thank you.
Ace- Maybe you should buy bigger pants.
Me- Yes Ace thank you.
Ace- Do you want me to call dad and he can buy you big pants so we can go?
At random:
Pierce- mom my nose is coming out.
Me- your nose is running?
Pierce- no it's coming out!!!
Me- do you need a tissue?
Pierce- no I wipe it on my shirt. 

Getting dressed:
Pierce- mom can I wear deez pants? (picks up a pair of 5T pants)
Me- they may not fit, but you can try. 
Pierce- puts on the pants. mom can I have a seat belt?
Me- a seat belt?
Pierce- ya for my pants they too big.
Me- oh you mean a belt.
Pierce- NO dat not what I said, I need a seat belt. 
Me- okay. 
Going up the stairs to get ready for bed:
Pierce- mom tan you move you body I twying to get froo.
Me- where would you like me to go?
Pierce- I dunno but you body is too big.
Me- Pierce we are all going up the stairs just come on.
Pierce- mom I twying to get passed you big butt! 
Me- _______!!!!!!

At the table:
Pierce- takes off his shirt. mom look at my booby buttons!
Me- your what!!??
Pierce- pointing to his nipples. my booby buttons!!!
Everyone- hysterically laughing

Happy Thursday!!!

Currently Craving

Jan 20, 2015

jacket// purse// shoes (on sale)

clutch (on sale)// flats// heels 

It is still January, but I can't help but dream of spring. Winter florals and pastels are some of my favorite things to see against a snow covered background. The soft colors and prints just work so well in the never ending cold. Not to mention you just look a little cheerier wearing any of these items. I am always on the hunt for standout pieces in my closet. You don't need a handful of floral prints, but a blazer, or even a pair of heels thrown on with some jeans....amazing! Pastels can we worn all year around so I definitely have my eye on a couple things for after baby, or that lavender jacket might be calling my name sooner than her due date! 

How do you feel about winter florals and pastels? 

I can still tie my boots, let's hike!

Jan 19, 2015

Yesterday started off as every morning does, coffee, three restaurant style orders from three bite size human beings, some fighting, some toy throwing, some cartoons because we are weak parents who just want to finish a cold cup of joe in peace. The usual. Then the kids started in with their, "where are we going today?" "we should go hiking". They clearly have no concept of weather conditions. Chris's eyes lit up, then he said "I don't know if mommy wants to hike, you know she's pregnant and stuff". Oh ya, just blame it on the beach ball in the room. Thanks. But I said, "as long as I can see my feet and put on my own boots we will go hiking". Famous pregnant last words. 
We decided on what is normally a pretty easy hike at the Eagle River Nature Center, but this time to our ignorant surprise the trails and everything else for that matter were covered in ice! As we were getting started a lovely couple took a good hard look at all of us, and then at me, and said "well it's pretty icy out there like really icy". Maybe they were trying to tell this pregnant lady that it may not be a good idea? Maybe? Possibly? Nah...didn't think so. 

But in the name of safety I strapped on my yaktrax, also know as the Alaskan winter footwear accessory. Spikes for your feet, kind of like studded tires for your car. And then I tip toed ever so carefully, as I watched in horror as Chris and the boys purposefully were sliding around sometimes even diving onto the ice like penguins. I kept yelling "I am not taking anyone to the ER for stupidity!!".  
The boys didn't let the 19 degree temp interrupt their play time. I do love that this is what my children's playground looks like. No parks, no jungle gym equipment, no helicopter parents, just a bunch of trees and their imaginations. 

cinnamon vanilla rainbow pancakes

Jan 18, 2015

Sometimes I like to take my kids by surprise on a Saturday morning and steal the role of the fun parent. Yesterday was that morning. Pancakes are by far their favorite breakfast treat, but add some food coloring and it takes breakfast to a whole new level. I posted this picture to my instagram yesterday and thought why not share it here also...with a recipe attached!
1 cup all-purpose flour
2 teaspoons baking powder
2 tablespoons sugar
2 teaspoons cinnamon
1/4 teaspoon salt
1 cup milk (I use coconut milk, but you can use regular, or even almond)
2 tablespoons vegetable oil
1 egg
2 1/2 teaspoons vanilla extract
food coloring

-Mix together flour, baking powder, sugar, cinnamon, and salt in a small bowl. In a larger bowl combine milk, vegetable oil, egg, and vanilla extract. Add the flour mixture to your wet ingredients and whisk until very few lumps. 

-Grab as many smaller bowls as you need depending on how many colors you want to make. Divide your batter among the bowls, and add food coloring. 

-Heat a skillet over medium heat, throw a little butter in there, once melted start making those pancakes. I make small ones for the kids so they can fit more colors on their plates. 

There you have breakfast food!

It should also be noted that if you have pancake mix in your pantry you can always just add some cinnamon and vanilla to that if you don't want to go the full homemade route. I am all about simple. 


a friday few

Jan 15, 2015

My brain is kind of all over the place, I don't know whether to blame cabin fever or pregnancy, or a mixture of the two. For the most part we have been trying to get out of the house as much as possible. The weather and conditions outside just plain suck, and the kids are getting real sick of turf time, so any creative mamas have any activities they would like to share to keep my children from killing each other? I'll let you ponder that....let's move on.
- So today I will be taking my pretty new minivan in for an estimate on my bumper. Why? Why Kelsey would you be doing that? Didn't you just get that car a few months ago? Yes I did. And some asshole (pardon my french) backed into me and cracked my bumper. It happened while I was in Target shopping, did they stay to tell me they did it? No. Did they leave a note saying I'm an asshole and I backed into you? No. They just took off and left me with a cracked bumper. Pissed! It isn't horrible, thank goodness, so I am hoping it will be a somewhat quick fix. And to the person who did it, I hope you don't believe in karma. 

- I am kind of over this winter. Well not kind of, I am. This winter we have had what feels like no snow. Usually when I look outside my window there are mounds of snow covering my front yard, back yard, everywhere. Well, this winter there is ice with very little snow. You can't do anything it in. There isn't enough to ski, sled, build a snowman, let your kids just go out in it and get tired. We have had to drive an hour away to get to the deep stuff, and I am just over being in the car. 

- After New Years Chris and I went back into our clean eating routine. Chris is consistent with it, and has been for so long. He normally only cheats on weekends, except this time we haven't been cheating. Don't get me wrong it feels good. We both have more energy when we aren't eating carbs and sugar. But sometimes I think I am hallucinating and I see a piece of cheese on my plate, or possibly a milkshake. It's a trip! I do cheat with my coffee though...creamer will be the death of me. Other than that I have been more consistent, I even got rid of my junk food stash in the laundry room. I am hoping to talk Chris into a cheat meal in the near future. I'd go at it alone, but I refuse to admit defeat. I did have a dream about pizza the other was ahhh-mazing!

Shall we move on to exciting things on the internet?

- Have you ever wondered what teenagers think about social media? I have, simply because I have five younger siblings all in the teen years!!!! To them I am an old crusty mom who can't possibly know what is in with the cool kids. Which is probably true, I mean I can talk spiderman, batman, cars, mickey mouse club house, ninja turtles alllll day. But connecting with them is a whole different thing, I found this article interesting.

- What have we here? Vogue has declared the Ugg boot to be back in style. Are you excited? I have to be honest I haven't owned a pair of Uggs since high school. And why someone in high school in Las Vegas was wearing Ugg boots I have no idea. It was all of Chris would say "you definitely had that boot foot smell". But, I guess they are making a come back. If I were going to jump on the bandwagon I'd go for these.

- I can't stop looking at Courtney's blog, not only do I know her personally, but she is a woman of many talents. One being able to create adorable little boys, five to be exact and that includes one year old twins!!! How she even brushes her teeth let alone do photography shoots and run an etsy shop.....I have NO idea.

-And for the online shopping addict, I am pretty sure my baby needs this romper. Forever 21 is doing an extra 30% off sale items (don't think I haven't hit that up). And these shoes are making me wish for spring!

Here's to the weekend friends!!!

my maternity wardrobe philosophy

Jan 13, 2015

When it comes to dressing an ever growing baby bump it can be challenging. And just like every pregnancy is different, every woman's body is different. So what has worked for me over my four pregnancies may not work for someone else. Throughout all my pregnancies maternity clothes were never something I wanted to shop for. I mean, I have a very strong shopping addiction, but maternity wear just didn't tickle my fancy. So from pregnancy one with Ace I kept my maternity purchases to a minimum. Always just buying the basics, and filling in the holes with other things. Here is pretty much the method to my madness. 

The Basics- depending on where you live or what your comfortable with these will be different, but for me I have been able to get away with a couple maternity tanks or tees from Target as my base. These are great not only to lengthen an already existing top, but as a layering piece, or by themselves. Then the leggings, the most comfortable part of dressing a bump. I have never bought designated maternity leggings, I just stick to my favorites, and when the time comes I will buy one size up. That way after delivery I can feel somewhat human in "regular" clothes. Last for basics is denim, I have one pair of maternity jeans that will carry me through the last ten weeks of this pregnancy. Also if you live in a cold weather place like me maternity tights will expand your wardrobe by incorporating dresses or skirts! 

Over-sized Sweaters and Dresses- These are also things I rely heavily on. When going out throwing on a sweater is just so simple. Instead of having to buy maternity sweaters that may have the ruching on the sides, or just extra fabric that won't be flattering post baby, I choose to buy regular sweaters and size up. A slouchy sweater will always be in style, so after baby I will have the perfectly relaxed fit sweater to pair with boyfriend jeans or skinnys. Dresses, I have found that Old Navy dresses run a little big so getting my normal size in a sweater dress that already has some give works just fine. 

Flannels and Button-ups- So many options when it comes to these, in the early pregnancy stages you can get away with buttoning a shirt, and as your belly grows these tops can turn into a layering piece. By wearing your maternity tank, throwing on a flannel un-buttoned, and maybe a blazer over that, you have a cute daytime outfit. If you're feeling brave, throw on some jeans a kitten heel for a nighttime look. And when in doubt go to your husbands closet and steal one of his dress shirts, cuff the sleeves maybe even throw on a skinny belt and an outfit you shall have!

The Add-Ons- These are pretty much any staple pieces in your closet. Jackets, blazers, vests, cardigans, etc. Things that you previously owned. For me I have a hard time not shopping (clearly) but when pregnant I know that buying a regular top, or pants that I really want just isn't practical. Mainly because it will be a different season by the time I fit into it. So to fill that void I will stick to add-on pieces that I like. If I see a blazer I love, I have no problem getting it, just throw it over my maternity tank. Same goes for faux fur vests, and cardigans. These are pieces that you know you will wear after these nine months. 

Creativity is key, I rather enjoy the challenge of turning an outfit I have in my head and making it bump friendly. I know this may not work for everyone, and it is much easier to just get some maternity wear and call it a day. But if you are like me and want to keep it to a minimum, while also not feeling restricted to 'pregnancy clothes only' some of these may work for you. 

What are some of your maternity favs? Or what did you like to wear during your pregnancy?

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Everything I linked to I either own or have an identical version of, so tried and true logic over here!

keeping it simple

Jan 12, 2015

dress: old navy (non-maternity)// blazer: vintage tadashi (similar)// tights: wolford
boots: stuart weitzman (similar here for under $75)// bag: michael kors

With about ten weeks left in this pregnancy (possibly less since all my baby's were born at 39 weeks) I am trying to keep things simple when it comes to dressing. This doesn't always work for me since I crave a little snazzy weekend outfit, but the bump dictates all from here on out. The temps have really warmed up here in Alaska, we are talking in the 30's so I can easily get away with tights and a dress. Old Navy sweater dresses are some of my favorites, the fabric is very forgiving, and the length is just right (even over a protruding belly) and you can't beat the prices. The one I am wearing is currently on sale online for 18!!! 

Now, here's to hoping I can get little girl's wardrobe situation organized before she arrives. 

new year, new happenings

So here we are, at a blogging crossroads maybe? But after much thought and interest shown I decided to add some sponsored spots on my sidebar. I'll have to be honest that I wasn't really sure I would ever get to the point where I wanted to open this space up for advertisement, but I enjoy supporting other blogs and I think it is a great gateway to opening up new relationships with bloggers. So with that in mind I am going to give this a try. I hope the people that have emailed with interest benefit from it, and I hope my loyal readers (I'm lookin at you mama) don't think any different. 

If you are interested you can head to the Sponsor Page up top and enter PARDONME for 50% off any ad. 

And I have now successfully sold myself on the internet....Happy Monday!

low key birthday celebration

Jan 11, 2015

Ace has fully embraced being a five year old, he is taking it all very seriously. He told me just yesterday that he would "watch the kids for me" while I put laundry away. I mean talk about overnight maturity! In the same day he also hit his brother and threw a walkie talkie down the stairs in anger, so work in five year old progress. But, we did have a very low key birthday celebration. I now see that Chris and I (okay more me) feel zero pinterest pressure when it comes to birthdays. Do you think my kids will be pissed when they look back on this? But a few store bought decorations, a pre-made cake, a pinata, some presents, and you have yourself a birthday in this house. 

For the family out there reading this, here is a little iPhone/ camera run down:

Avalon was more excited than anyone about all the birthday-ness. Maybe she thought it was a second Christmas or something? Except Santa brought her nothing and Ace screamed at her for opening his presents. But all was forgiven thanks to the allure of new toys. 
The day was spent playing and trying to remember how to share with one another. Chris said no less than ten times that this would be the last birthday we present the kids with toys, clothing from here on out. No one fights over a new pair of socks!

Happy Birthday Ace!

Jan 9, 2015

Tomorrow you will be one year older! I really am having a hard time believing you are going to be five. I mean five, F-I-V-E. Five just seems so much older than four, like we are entering a whole new stage of boyhood. But, just like every year with you, you will make it exciting. Just like it is all new for you, it is all new for me too. Five years ago you introduced me to this whole mommy role and I will forever be in your debt for it. Everyday you challenge me with your inquisitive mind, you keep us all laughing with humor well beyond your years, and everyday you teach me more and more about unconditional love. You really have grown into your name, Ace, the best, the master, the expert, the champion. You are all of these things and with a side of teenage attitude thrown in there for good measure. I can't wait to see what year five brings about because you pretty much dominated being a four year old. And in your words, "I love you to the moon and back bebe"!!!!!! Happy Birthday Ace!

the return to crazy town

Jan 7, 2015

When this week started I said to myself, "if I can just make it to Wednesday". Way to start off a week right? Glass half full...but really it's almost empty lets be honest. Coming off of 17 days of Chris being home, and 2 weeks of Ace off school was sure to be an adjustment. During the break it was a free for all, kids want to stay up till 10 and watch movies? Go for it. Why not add a few cookies in there at 9:15 in the name of fun? Sure. Sleeping in for them was everyday. I say them because my pregnancy insomnia cackles at a loud pitch when I lay in my bed at night. But all good things must come to an end right? (Look there I go again with my negative sayings, shame on me). Monday was inevitable and I thought nooo way will it be so bad. laughter constantly hearing laugher (I should get these voices in my head checked out). 

Monday morning Chris's alarm went off at 4 am and I rolled over and said, for the love of God turn it off! He did but he didn't get up. He waited awhile before sitting up and saying "kill me" and I could relate. But I chose to get up not long after him and just get the day started. I made my cup of decaf, laid out the kids clothes, filled juice cups, cut up fruit and divided it in their strict color coordinating bowls, then I got myself ready. I went in to wake Ace up at 7 to which he said "no school today". I assisted him up and out of bed, carried him down the stairs where he requested to lay on the couch for five minutes. As he was delaying the start to his day I checked the weather, -4! Awesome. I got Ace dressed and sitting at the table with his head resting nicely next to his bowl of fruit. Then I proceeded to wake Pierce up. (I stagger their wake up times as to lessen the blow of morning crankiness). Pierce was a little more willing to get up but wanted nothing to do with getting dressed. I went out to start my car since my automatic start said "hell no lady its too cold". My doors were frozen shut, which makes for a fun little ice chiseling session. Ran back in, woke Avalon up, loaded everyone in the car with fruit bowls in hand and off we went. Once at our preschool destination Ace decided that he couldn't bare to walk in because the ground was too cold. I had to use some death threat parenting to get my point across that mom is very much pregnant and cannot carry him across the ice filled parking lot. You can imagine how well that went over. I said this on my instagram, but it is worth repeating. The people that truly see you at your best and worst, and I don't just mean outfit choices, are the people at preschool drop off. Oh the stories they must tell that start with "Oh this one crazy mom......". 

Tuesday was hilarious from start to finish. I had an OB appointment in the early AM, why I did that to myself on this week of all weeks I haven't the slightest idea. But the morning started off much like Monday. We got to the doctor a surprising 10 minutes early! Which you know is a curse because there is no way you will get in on time, so waiting is your only option. The four of us take up more than half of the waiting room chairs, which I find hilarious. After 15 minutes of waiting, one book thrown across the room, one child running down the hall in protest that they could not in fact pull the leaves off the fake tree, and some (half a bottle) of water spilled on the floor, they called my glorious name back. My midwife said "did you get to the lab to get your glucose test done?" to which I looked like a deer in head lights and said "no no forgot that important step". She assured me that they could do it at the office and send it out if I had time to WAIT. Oh sure....I got nothin but time let me tell you. The kids had already had enough, but seeing as how my OB wasn't thrilled that I missed my window of glucose opportunity, I am his favorite patient, really I am. I figured I would down that sugary drink and go get the ammo I needed to get through this.....donuts. For the kids not me. Off we went to get some childhood bribery and report back for the blood sucking taking. The kids ate their donuts happily and even offered one to the nurse, sweet little things. Blood was taken, results have been recorded, all is well. 

The rest of this week will be in preparation for Ace's birthday this weekend. Please ask me if I have anything prepared. Nope, nothing. We have toys, lots of huge toys that I am having nightmares about adding to the overrun collection in this house. Ace has requested Batman decorations, a pinata, and cupcakes. All will be fulfilled. In the meantime I am going to try and control my raging hormones that keep telling me to cry at my baby turning five, yet laugh because I am currently with child, then yell because my children won't stop fighting. 

Is it Friday yet? 

recent beauty buys

Jan 6, 2015

Lately when buying beauty products I have been on the hunt for very specific things. Which is somewhat different from my normal "oooh maybe I'll give that a try". Most of these products I researched and read tons of reviews before purchasing, simply because my bathroom is over run with beauty products!

Sachajuan Hair Oil- My hair is out of control frizzy and brittle due to this winter. I had tried leave in conditioners but they just weigh down my hair. I was looking for an oil that was moistuirzing and would also add a little shine to my dull head of winter hair. This oil is truly amazing! I use about a nickle size amount on damp hair, focusing on my ends, and you can feel an instant difference. I have been using it for about three weeks now and am really loving my hair. 

Aesop Hydrating Facial Cream- Just like my hair, my skin as a whole is just dry. My face was taking an extra beating since we tend to spend a lot of time outside. No matter how much of this oil I was putting on (which I still love and use) I would wake up and my skin would feel tight. I have super OCD about soft skin, so you can imagine my need for moisture. I researched tons of facial creams, from super high end to drug store buys and settled on this one. So happy I did! I have been using this for almost a month now and my skin is nice and smooth. It also has a very natural refreshing scent to it as well. Chris keeps smelling my face which is both a good sign and incredibly weird! But this is a very thick cream, so for intense moisture. But I haven't seen any side effects and it works well under my make up as well! Highly recommend. 

Tarte Brow Gel- This product was more of a quick alternative to my normal brow routine. Since my eyebrows are very light and my hair is darker I usually have to use something on them so I don't look like Powder (have you seen that movie?). Anyway, this is a super quick and easy brow gel. The brush is so tiny so it really gets the color in there, and it is easy to manipulate them how you want them. I love my Anastasia brow gel, but for a quick alternative this is great! 

MAC Lipstick in Snob- This is actually and oldie but a goodie that I haven't purchased in years. I love a subtle pink lip, and this lipstick is perfect for that. It looks gorgeous in the winter when your skin is a little paler. Also if you are hesitant to try out a baby pink lipstick I would say this is the perfect place to start. Not to mention MAC lipsticks are a great purchase no matter what the color. 

bareMinerals Mascara- I have seen this mascara ev-ery-where lately so I thought I would give it a try. And to my surprise I really like it. The wand is very different from my normal Loreal mascara, but it is great at lengthening and separating. It is also easy to build upon, since I am one who likes a thicker lash. I will totally repurchase this!

YSL Concealer- I have actually had this one for a couple months now, but it is worth mentioning. This product has a cult following and I can absolutely see why. This concealer is no joke! It glides on beautifully, and it is so amazing for highlighting as well. I got it in a shade lighter than I normally would simply for a multi-use product. Not only to conceal under my eyes but to highlight above my cheekbones, and also right above my top lip to give it a fuller look. Singing it's praises over here, worth every penny!

denim days

Jan 5, 2015

hat: nordstrom// sweater: forever 21 (ordered one size up)// vest: old navy (old, loving this one)
 jeans: ag jeans (non-maternity)// shoes: forever 21 (old similar here)// watch: michael kors
bracelet: j crew// lipstick: bite in scarlet

Well hello third trimester!! Kind of still in shock that this pregnancy is going by so fast, until I catch a glimpse of myself in the mirror and then I am like, WHOA! I really am 28 weeks pregnant. And for the record when it comes to fourth babies, 28 weeks is the new 38! For the most part I do not feel that pregnant, which is a blessing. I am sure the third trimester energy sucking will begin soon and I will think....when will this end? But for now all is well in pregnancy land.

Now in clothing land, creativity is key! I am really stretching the life of my regular pants, I am sure they curse me when I even look at them in my closet. And who says a denim vest has to be restricted to summer time? I love it paired with a sweater for a cozy winter look! And this fedora with it's chain detail? For-getta-bout-it. 

I hope everyone's return to normalcy this week is going well, ours was off to a rocky start! 


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