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Jan 15, 2015

My brain is kind of all over the place, I don't know whether to blame cabin fever or pregnancy, or a mixture of the two. For the most part we have been trying to get out of the house as much as possible. The weather and conditions outside just plain suck, and the kids are getting real sick of turf time, so any creative mamas have any activities they would like to share to keep my children from killing each other? I'll let you ponder that....let's move on.
- So today I will be taking my pretty new minivan in for an estimate on my bumper. Why? Why Kelsey would you be doing that? Didn't you just get that car a few months ago? Yes I did. And some asshole (pardon my french) backed into me and cracked my bumper. It happened while I was in Target shopping, did they stay to tell me they did it? No. Did they leave a note saying I'm an asshole and I backed into you? No. They just took off and left me with a cracked bumper. Pissed! It isn't horrible, thank goodness, so I am hoping it will be a somewhat quick fix. And to the person who did it, I hope you don't believe in karma. 

- I am kind of over this winter. Well not kind of, I am. This winter we have had what feels like no snow. Usually when I look outside my window there are mounds of snow covering my front yard, back yard, everywhere. Well, this winter there is ice with very little snow. You can't do anything it in. There isn't enough to ski, sled, build a snowman, let your kids just go out in it and get tired. We have had to drive an hour away to get to the deep stuff, and I am just over being in the car. 

- After New Years Chris and I went back into our clean eating routine. Chris is consistent with it, and has been for so long. He normally only cheats on weekends, except this time we haven't been cheating. Don't get me wrong it feels good. We both have more energy when we aren't eating carbs and sugar. But sometimes I think I am hallucinating and I see a piece of cheese on my plate, or possibly a milkshake. It's a trip! I do cheat with my coffee though...creamer will be the death of me. Other than that I have been more consistent, I even got rid of my junk food stash in the laundry room. I am hoping to talk Chris into a cheat meal in the near future. I'd go at it alone, but I refuse to admit defeat. I did have a dream about pizza the other night....it was ahhh-mazing!

Shall we move on to exciting things on the internet?

- Have you ever wondered what teenagers think about social media? I have, simply because I have five younger siblings all in the teen years!!!! To them I am an old crusty mom who can't possibly know what is in with the cool kids. Which is probably true, I mean I can talk spiderman, batman, cars, mickey mouse club house, ninja turtles alllll day. But connecting with them is a whole different thing, I found this article interesting.

- What have we here? Vogue has declared the Ugg boot to be back in style. Are you excited? I have to be honest I haven't owned a pair of Uggs since high school. And why someone in high school in Las Vegas was wearing Ugg boots I have no idea. It was all of warm....as Chris would say "you definitely had that boot foot smell". But, I guess they are making a come back. If I were going to jump on the bandwagon I'd go for these.

- I can't stop looking at Courtney's blog, not only do I know her personally, but she is a woman of many talents. One being able to create adorable little boys, five to be exact and that includes one year old twins!!! How she even brushes her teeth let alone do photography shoots and run an etsy shop.....I have NO idea.

-And for the online shopping addict, I am pretty sure my baby needs this romper. Forever 21 is doing an extra 30% off sale items (don't think I haven't hit that up). And these shoes are making me wish for spring!

Here's to the weekend friends!!!


  1. Love this post! Maybe the weekend will bring you a cheat meal AND some good snow. Occupy and tire those kids out all while stuffing one's face with glorious cheese!

  2. We're all a little stir crazy too! The time between Christmas & Spring seems to last forevvver!!

    1. Yes, the winter excitement has died down immensely!!

  3. I still have the classic UGGs that I got when I was 16, I wear them outside when we play in the backyard and I know it'll be muddy and when I drop off Em in the morning and it's freezing. I also have the tall brown ones that I wear when I need to layer for things like bon fires and such. I never wear them seriously, like they are stylish though. hahah They are so warm!



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