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Jan 21, 2015

Oh yes, get excited it is time for another round of things my children have said!!! Chris has pointed out that I really need to buy a video camera, since I am missing the real moments of their childhood. But I think the real solution would be to install hidden cameras in the house, never mind that is just incriminating. Anyway, here we go!
After my phone made a noise from the kitchen:
Ace- MOOOOOOM dad just sent you a touch message. 
Me- _________!!!!!

While in the car:
Ace- are we almost there?
Me- not yet
Ace- ugh! I getting car sick!!
Me- you are? are you going to throw up?
Ace- NO! I getting car cough. cough cough cough 

Avalon and Pierce throwing tantrums in the kitchen:
Ace- this house is just insane, I can't take it. walks out of the kitchen shaking his head
As I am cleaning the dishes:
Me- Ace don't you want to go watch the movie with the kids?
Ace- Mom! I am not a kid I am five year old I am a grown up I will stay with you.
Me- Do you want to clean some dishes?
Ace- Nah only mommy's do that. I gunna go watch a movie. 

As I am struggling to get dressed, Ace walks in:
Ace- Mom those don't look like they fit you. 
Me- Ya Ace thank you.
Ace- Maybe you should buy bigger pants.
Me- Yes Ace thank you.
Ace- Do you want me to call dad and he can buy you big pants so we can go?
At random:
Pierce- mom my nose is coming out.
Me- your nose is running?
Pierce- no it's coming out!!!
Me- do you need a tissue?
Pierce- no I wipe it on my shirt. 

Getting dressed:
Pierce- mom can I wear deez pants? (picks up a pair of 5T pants)
Me- they may not fit, but you can try. 
Pierce- puts on the pants. mom can I have a seat belt?
Me- a seat belt?
Pierce- ya for my pants they too big.
Me- oh you mean a belt.
Pierce- NO dat not what I said, I need a seat belt. 
Me- okay. 
Going up the stairs to get ready for bed:
Pierce- mom tan you move you body I twying to get froo.
Me- where would you like me to go?
Pierce- I dunno but you body is too big.
Me- Pierce we are all going up the stairs just come on.
Pierce- mom I twying to get passed you big butt! 
Me- _______!!!!!!

At the table:
Pierce- takes off his shirt. mom look at my booby buttons!
Me- your what!!??
Pierce- pointing to his nipples. my booby buttons!!!
Everyone- hysterically laughing

Happy Thursday!!!


  1. I love your boys! They are so funny! Pierce reminds me a lot of Adri.

  2. Oh your children. They could be comedians. Even if you had a video camera you would probably miss these gems.

  3. Kids are hilarious! I love it.

  4. hahahahaha so funny! I loved the you need bigger pants one. Something Emma would say.

  5. Hahaha!! I love this! I have alwaya said I want to write down conversations like this because they are priceless!!! I can't wait to hear some good ones like this from Palmer!



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