Healthy Eats

Jan 27, 2015

Oh the insanity that healthy eating can be. Don't get me wrong, it is great and I encourage people to jump on the train. But when you are pregnant some times you just need a milkshake or three! Chris and I have gone almost a month now without any "cheat" type meals or treats. This is HUGE in this family. Usually I am looking forward to, or more like salivating for the weekend. I have a major junk food addiction. Thankfully for my propensity to be 400 pounds, Chris does not have this same addiction. He is a healthy eater through and through. He does like himself some pie or cheesecake which is fantastic and makes me realize he may be human after all. But I have, reluctantly at times, changed my carb filled Italian ways and switched to a more clean eating routine. I can say that I notice differences when I go weeks without cheating and then have a medium pizza to myself. It takes me about a week to recover, but that doesn't stop me. I cheat much more than Chris on the average, and I most certainly won't be kicking the coffee creamer habit anytime soon. Although I try and get a decaf americano when I go through the Starbucks line, it doesn't always work though. Most of the time I share more of our decadent meals, you know with the sauces and the sugars and the fun stuff. But during the week we don't eat like that. We cut out all sugar, dairy (for Chris), carbs, and generally anything processed. 

Now, I know little to nothing about all this clean eating business. I just know what I can and can't cook with. Chris has read all the books and can ramble off the benefits and blah blah blah....just hand me a donut please! Eating this way and cooking this way can be daunting! There are only so many ways you can get creative with eggs. So I enjoy looking at meals other people have made and get recipes to try, or find inspiration.  I thought I would share some of what goes on our dinner table at night. Many if not all of these are whole30 or paleo compliant if you are trying those out!
bison burgers with a fried egg and avacado // salad with homemade dressing

crab cakes made with almond flour topped with homemade mayo aioli // green beans

spice rubbed grilled salmon topped with lime avocado salsa // roasted herb potatoes

lean beef burgers with apple chutney // potato salad with homemade mayo 

shrimp and avocado tacos with homemade tartar sauce // sweet potato and pepper hash 

baked cod with olive and caper tapenade // roasted asparagus // salad with homemade caesar dressing

chicken piccata made with coconut flour // roasted beets and cauliflower 

a little dessert? strawberries and blueberries with coconut milk and banana puree

So there it is, a sampling of what I am cookin up at night. If you want me to share any of these recipes, or if you like this kind of post, let me know! I will gladly share any and all recipes, and I have more in my arsenal of healthy eats. I think we are rounding the corner to detoxing from the holidays and I can just smell a pepperoni pizza in my very near future! No really I could probably smell the cheese and grease a mile away! Or do I want a huge bowl of gnocchi with sausage and meatballs? Or or or maybe a burrito with massive amounts of sour cream and cheese!! What was this post even about? Oh ya....healthy eating. Let me know your thoughts! 


  1. Being on vacation really puts a kink in healthy eating...I'm ready to get back into my routine.

  2. It all looks so much better than our healthy meals. haha
    Basically meat and veggies, every single night.

  3. These meals look like serious business! And quite the big deal to prepare! Go you!

    If only I ate veggies. ;)

  4. Recipes, please! And - do your kids eat everything you make? Or do you make other food for them? I have three boys 5 and under, and while I grow a lot of my own food (I live in Australia! Lots of sun!) and generally cook similar to you, I often have to add in some pasta or rice or other carb to get my kids to dig in. Any tips?! Do you feel like you spend your whole day making food and cleaning up? I do sometimes! :)

    1. I will post recipes next week since there have been some requests for specifics. For the most part yes my kids eat like this. I mean we still give them their fair share of snacks, goldfish, granola bars, etc. We also give them dairy. We don't really limit them in anyway, just always offer them fruits and veggies first. And then for dinner they have to eat what we eat. If I know they won't like it I always have pasta and chicken on hand for them. Sunday's are usually my days spent prepping for the week. I make all dressings and dips, and cook a bunch of chicken for lunches. But YES, I feel like all I do everyday is get ready for the next meal. It's insanity!!



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