I can still tie my boots, let's hike!

Jan 19, 2015

Yesterday started off as every morning does, coffee, three restaurant style orders from three bite size human beings, some fighting, some toy throwing, some cartoons because we are weak parents who just want to finish a cold cup of joe in peace. The usual. Then the kids started in with their, "where are we going today?" "we should go hiking". They clearly have no concept of weather conditions. Chris's eyes lit up, then he said "I don't know if mommy wants to hike, you know she's pregnant and stuff". Oh ya, just blame it on the beach ball in the room. Thanks. But I said, "as long as I can see my feet and put on my own boots we will go hiking". Famous pregnant last words. 
We decided on what is normally a pretty easy hike at the Eagle River Nature Center, but this time to our ignorant surprise the trails and everything else for that matter were covered in ice! As we were getting started a lovely couple took a good hard look at all of us, and then at me, and said "well it's pretty icy out there like really icy". Maybe they were trying to tell this pregnant lady that it may not be a good idea? Maybe? Possibly? Nah...didn't think so. 

But in the name of safety I strapped on my yaktrax, also know as the Alaskan winter footwear accessory. Spikes for your feet, kind of like studded tires for your car. And then I tip toed ever so carefully, as I watched in horror as Chris and the boys purposefully were sliding around sometimes even diving onto the ice like penguins. I kept yelling "I am not taking anyone to the ER for stupidity!!".  
The boys didn't let the 19 degree temp interrupt their play time. I do love that this is what my children's playground looks like. No parks, no jungle gym equipment, no helicopter parents, just a bunch of trees and their imaginations. 

We did eventually unleash the princess beast from her chariot, but her voyage was short lived. You're probably thinking, those horrible parents taking a picture of that little girl who slipped on ice. You would be wrong. She was throwing a fit because we would not remove her hat and gloves. So ice tantrum it is my tiny love! 
More playing, parents freezing. Mom had coffee and now has to pee. Oh wait now we are having braxton hicks, this hike is no longer fun can we go home? Mom has to pee, did I already say that?
And what would a hike be without a little more toddler drama? Pierce my flight risk child somehow managed to scale an icy hill in a matter of seconds as we were strapping Avalon back in the stroller. Chris took off after him slipping and sliding, while Pierce managed to stay on his feet darting towards the river. Let me set the scene:

Me: screaming!!!
Pierce: laughing
Chris: running
Me: screaming
Chris: diving to grab Pierce
Pierce: screaming
Me: laughing

end scene
All that was enough drama for this mama, so we every so slowly crept back to the car for some packed lunches and some heaters on our toes. 
The view of course was worth it. Or at least that is what I have to tell myself.....

(sorry for the picture overload. these moments must be documented as we only have weeks left until baby number four puts the safety reins on this family)


  1. Never apologize I love it! The view is stunning! And I sort of echo Avalon's sentiments. I too would prefer no hay or gloves. Or cold for that matter.

  2. I love all of your pictures! What fun adventures y'all have! And I love that nothing keeps y'all down. Cold weather, ice, preggo belly - that's nothing for you guys!

  3. Picture overloads are my favorite kind of overload! You are brave, I know I always say that but for real. You are my idol! haha

  4. These pictures are awesome, it looks like a lot of fun!

  5. Beautiful views on your hike! You and your family are so brave to face the 19 degree weather, and the occasional toddler drama! I wish I could have your stamina and grace when I was pregnant. I remember being extremely uncomofortable, and just wanting to lay in bed all day. Your hike definitely makes me rethink my actions for next time. Thank you for sharing!

    1. Oh trust me, it takes my family some major bribery, mainly Starbucks to get me going. I have horrible lower back pain this time around, but getting out and moving seems to help (or so I tell myself) so I try and keep doing the outdoor thing. :)

  6. Wow it's really a challenging adventure. It was amazing with that 19 degrees weather and you bring your kids together. So cool.



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