low key birthday celebration

Jan 11, 2015

Ace has fully embraced being a five year old, he is taking it all very seriously. He told me just yesterday that he would "watch the kids for me" while I put laundry away. I mean talk about overnight maturity! In the same day he also hit his brother and threw a walkie talkie down the stairs in anger, so work in five year old progress. But, we did have a very low key birthday celebration. I now see that Chris and I (okay more me) feel zero pinterest pressure when it comes to birthdays. Do you think my kids will be pissed when they look back on this? But a few store bought decorations, a pre-made cake, a pinata, some presents, and you have yourself a birthday in this house. 

For the family out there reading this, here is a little iPhone/ camera run down:

Avalon was more excited than anyone about all the birthday-ness. Maybe she thought it was a second Christmas or something? Except Santa brought her nothing and Ace screamed at her for opening his presents. But all was forgiven thanks to the allure of new toys. 
The day was spent playing and trying to remember how to share with one another. Chris said no less than ten times that this would be the last birthday we present the kids with toys, clothing from here on out. No one fights over a new pair of socks!

Later in the afternoon we moved onto the pinata phase of the celebration. Pinata's have become sort or a staple in this house, we even did one for Chris's birthday. I am not sure if that says we have anger issues more than fiesta fiesta, but we like a good pinata filled with candy and toy dinosaurs. Oh, and maybe the downfall of store bought decorations is that if the store does not have the theme your child wants.....you don't get it. So we went from Batman to Dinosaurs in about five quick minutes. 
Another reason I think we are reluctant to jump on the all out party bandwagon is, my children can't manage to stay fully clothed for more than 30 minutes if they are indoors. So maybe we will just keep the family birthday party traditions up and let everyone strip at their leisure. 

Ace has asked that we take him to Chuck E. Cheese with a few friends, so that will be happening next weekend. I volunteered Chris to be the parental force on that excursion. He has experience with wrangling unruly men boys, not to mention combat experience. That right there says he is up for the task. I am sure Avalon and I can find us a mall or two to hide out in. 

I hope your weekend was great, and let's hope this week is better now that the over Christmas break dust has settled. 


  1. Happy birthday to Ace!! He got some great gifts!! An indoor pinata sounds like a scary blast!

  2. What a sweet celebration!! Happy 5th birthday ace!!!

  3. AW! Sometimes its hard to remember to share. I have to bear it in mind, and im 28! ;)

  4. hey i'm not family and i read that recap so yeah. love the pinata shots and wow those are some seriously awesome toys. the boy survives having a birthday so close to christmas and he is (relatively) normal? good news for dominic for sure. you have a naked house. i dig it. i'm just thrilled that two out of the three kids I have don't know how to remove their clothing. yet.

  5. Avalon's dress is adorable. Love the real kid party! And sharing sucks sometimes, I get it.

  6. Looks like a great celebration to me! :)



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