my maternity wardrobe philosophy

Jan 13, 2015

When it comes to dressing an ever growing baby bump it can be challenging. And just like every pregnancy is different, every woman's body is different. So what has worked for me over my four pregnancies may not work for someone else. Throughout all my pregnancies maternity clothes were never something I wanted to shop for. I mean, I have a very strong shopping addiction, but maternity wear just didn't tickle my fancy. So from pregnancy one with Ace I kept my maternity purchases to a minimum. Always just buying the basics, and filling in the holes with other things. Here is pretty much the method to my madness. 

The Basics- depending on where you live or what your comfortable with these will be different, but for me I have been able to get away with a couple maternity tanks or tees from Target as my base. These are great not only to lengthen an already existing top, but as a layering piece, or by themselves. Then the leggings, the most comfortable part of dressing a bump. I have never bought designated maternity leggings, I just stick to my favorites, and when the time comes I will buy one size up. That way after delivery I can feel somewhat human in "regular" clothes. Last for basics is denim, I have one pair of maternity jeans that will carry me through the last ten weeks of this pregnancy. Also if you live in a cold weather place like me maternity tights will expand your wardrobe by incorporating dresses or skirts! 

Over-sized Sweaters and Dresses- These are also things I rely heavily on. When going out throwing on a sweater is just so simple. Instead of having to buy maternity sweaters that may have the ruching on the sides, or just extra fabric that won't be flattering post baby, I choose to buy regular sweaters and size up. A slouchy sweater will always be in style, so after baby I will have the perfectly relaxed fit sweater to pair with boyfriend jeans or skinnys. Dresses, I have found that Old Navy dresses run a little big so getting my normal size in a sweater dress that already has some give works just fine. 

Flannels and Button-ups- So many options when it comes to these, in the early pregnancy stages you can get away with buttoning a shirt, and as your belly grows these tops can turn into a layering piece. By wearing your maternity tank, throwing on a flannel un-buttoned, and maybe a blazer over that, you have a cute daytime outfit. If you're feeling brave, throw on some jeans a kitten heel for a nighttime look. And when in doubt go to your husbands closet and steal one of his dress shirts, cuff the sleeves maybe even throw on a skinny belt and an outfit you shall have!

The Add-Ons- These are pretty much any staple pieces in your closet. Jackets, blazers, vests, cardigans, etc. Things that you previously owned. For me I have a hard time not shopping (clearly) but when pregnant I know that buying a regular top, or pants that I really want just isn't practical. Mainly because it will be a different season by the time I fit into it. So to fill that void I will stick to add-on pieces that I like. If I see a blazer I love, I have no problem getting it, just throw it over my maternity tank. Same goes for faux fur vests, and cardigans. These are pieces that you know you will wear after these nine months. 

Creativity is key, I rather enjoy the challenge of turning an outfit I have in my head and making it bump friendly. I know this may not work for everyone, and it is much easier to just get some maternity wear and call it a day. But if you are like me and want to keep it to a minimum, while also not feeling restricted to 'pregnancy clothes only' some of these may work for you. 

What are some of your maternity favs? Or what did you like to wear during your pregnancy?

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  1. I found satisfaction in wearing non-maternity items. I didn't pack on a ton of weight so even my leggings were just my regular leggings. And yes to long maternity tanks. Those things can transition afterwards real nice.

  2. I love your maternity style!

  3. I pretty much lived in maternity leggings and tank tops with a sweter then as it got hotter and I got bigger I bought one pair of maternity jean shorts and two pairs of regular yoga shorts and lived in them with tanks. I miss being pregnant and dressing the bump!

  4. This is more or less exactly what I did. I tried to buy non-maternity things, so that I could also wear them after the babe was born.

  5. Love this :) And, while I didn't comment the other day, I've been meaning to tell you that I'm so excited that you're offering advertising - go you!

  6. Totally agree with this philosophy! I lived in oversized sweaters this pregnancy. Everything I bought should work with leggings in the future. You're looking great!!



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