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Jan 22, 2015

I will have to be honest that I was never into nail care until I moved to Alaska. The occasional manicure in the lower 48 seemed to keep my nails in pretty good shape. But when I moved to a place with an actual winter, and below freezing temps, I learned a thing or two about "winter skin". While I would much prefer to get a manicure at my leisure my children think that idea is laughable. So, at home nail care is my best option if I want my hands to look more human and less crocodile. When Julep contacted me to share my tips on "winterizing" my nails I thought, hey now this is something I can actually do. I know the suspense is killing you so....lets get to it.
Step one: Filing and a Sugar Scrub. I do not really engage in the soaking ritual, and usually all these steps do not happen in one full day unless I have the husband on hand. But, I start with filing my nails, followed by a nice nail and hand scrub to get rid of any dry skin. I make a homemade sugar scrub with coconut oil and brown sugar. Try not to eat it...although very tempting. I do about equal tablespoons of each. This is also amazing on your feet as well!
Step two: Moisturize. I am all about the moisture! These are my favorite products when it comes to keeping my hands and cuticles soft. Barr Co. hand cream, and Barr Co. hand salve. I use both of these on a regular basis, especially after a long day of dish washing. The salve is wonderful on your cuticles, and mixed with the hand cream delivers that extra bit of moisture.

Step three: Prep your nails. I have been obsessed with this Julep Oxygen Smoothing Base Coat. It helps your nails to breathe and retain moisture, while allowing you to still paint them. I have been using it for about six months, maybe longer, and have noticed a total difference in my nails when I remove my nail polish. My nails look and even feel like they were never painted. They are not dry at all. Not to mention it helps give longevity to my nail polish.
Step four: Paint! I am really into pale tones and nudes right now, and this color is becoming a habit. It is Julep Lorenzana, and such a pretty lilac grey.

Here are some of Juleps trending color picks for winter! Can I get a little bit of that Shari in my life? 
Also be sure to check out Julep's new colors right here!

And if you are looking for more nail care tips, Julep is sharing some of their best kept nail secrets.

Thank you to Julep for inspiring this post, and don't be shy, share some of your nail care tips! 


  1. Those are such pretty shades! Now if only there was some secret for nail chipping I would be set.

  2. I love the colors, I will paint my toes but have a hard time with my fingernails for some reason it bugs me having them painted. Weird I know.

  3. Oooooh, love that color you chose! And I'm wondering if I've been thinking this whole time that those Julep nail polishes were lip glosses...when I saw your first pic I was like "She's making a lip gloss concoction to winterize her nails???" WOW, I'm behind in life. I want to try the coconut oil and brown sugar scrub, that sounds amazing!



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