50 Shades

Feb 19, 2015

sweater: forever 21 (wearing a medium) // jeans: zara non-maternity (similar) // beanie: target
shoes: see by chloe (cream sold out, navy here, and brown here) // clutch: zara 
necklace: banana republic

Okay maybe not 50 shades, but five shades of tan. I love the variations of neutrals in an outfit. Whether that is mixing shades of grey and black, or tans and creams. It all just works so well! And this sweater and jeans is on heavy repeat. These jeans were pre-pregnancy boyfriend jeans, that have now morphed into a skinny jean. But the fact that they still fit boggles my mind, so I continue to wear them for the sheer fact that they possess some kind of maternity magic. 

And do I really need to go into it with these boots!!! Why yes, yes I do. I love them. I love that they are so comfortable and so chic. Even at 35 weeks pregnant I was able to keep them on the whole day, with zero soreness to speak of. This pregnancy has flown by so fast that I haven't really stopped to think about what week I am in until someone mentions it to me. Or my doctors office calls me to remind me that I cannot, don't even think about it Kelsey, you are notorious for changing your appointments, but we need to do one last ultrasound. I hear ya loud and clear! Worst pregnant lady award goes to me! Seriously the whole office laughs at me when I say things like, "listen can't I just call you when I'm in labor? These appointments all the time are no bueno with three kids." But only a few more to go until we meet this little girl. It's bittersweet, I love being pregnant and I will surely miss this belly. But we are so excited. Like so excited!! And I might be a little happy to have the majority of my closet back. 

Happy Friday Friends!!!

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  1. Weeeee just look at her poking out!! So so soon. I'm excited for you. And I hear you. All those appointments. It's like. Yes I've been here before Blah blah I wanna go home.

  2. I am obsessed with those boots! And ahhhhhhhh! SOOO SOON!

  3. Replies
    1. Thank you!! They are a definite favorite :)

  4. I'm obsessed with those boots.



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