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Feb 24, 2015

Hand me a tee shirt and a great pairs of jeans, okay and maybe a pair of heels, and I am one happy girl. Denim is one of my true weaknesses. I will spend a pretty penny on a pair of jeans that I really love. It may all stem from my days of growing up on a ranch and breaking in a new pair of Wranglers every few months. Yes, that was the denim brand of choice for showing horses. But they were a raw denim and they lasted for-ev-er! It didn't matter how many times you had been thrown from a horse, they never tore. So now a days I am always on the hunt for the latest and greatest denim. Truth be told I will buy denim anywhere if I like the fit. But splurging on classic pairs is more of an investment because they will last. 

Here are some of the denim trends that I am so giddy over. Never mind the fact that I have yet to give birth, but that time will come and I will be so excited to get back into some or old. 

Distressed denim is not going anywhere, so whether you take scissors to an old pair of skinnys, or you buy some, you can't go wrong. The more rips the better! 

Patchwork denim is also on the rise. So many brand are bringing out patchwork jeans, dresses, shirts, you name it put a patch on it. 

Relaxed jeans are probably the number one addition I want to make to my closet. Even though Chris won't be thrilled about "the saggy butt" look, I love them. A relaxed cropped jean with a pair of pumps, or pointed toe flats!! Sign me up!

Fitted Boyfriend jeans are the update on the boyfriend trend. Still a relaxed fit through the thigh, but skinny towards the bottom. They will give your leg a leaner look, which for me is great because I am no where near tall. 

Skinny jeans will always be a staple. They are one jean that I would recommend making that investment in because they will always be a great pair no matter what season. Sandals and heels in the summer, and over the knee boots in the winter. These AG Jeans are my very fav, can't wait to be able to wear them again!

Flares!! I mean did they ever go out of style? In my mind, no. They are every short girls dream come true. But for my vertically blessed people, they throw your legs into super model territory. I have a stockier build, so flares streamline my leg, and when thrown on with a chunky clog (also a huge favorite for spring) I look like I actually have legs on me!

Denim skirts. Love them or hate them you will see them around soon. I obviously happen to love them. A pencil skirt is kind of like a flare for my lower to the ground folks. The higher fitted waist gives the appearance of a longer leg. And if you are holding onto some mid-section pregnancy weight like I will be, the higher waist and longer hemline will just elongate everything. 

Do you have a favorite denim? I am on the hunt to add to my collection!

Below I linked to all my favs for every price point:


  1. I share your love! I'm a jeans every day kind of girl, there's nothing better than a pair that fits you just right and makes you look like a million bucks!

  2. I love my skinny jeans! They are definitely my favorite.

  3. Skinnies and distressed are my jam. BUT I've been really into the boyfriend look. I'm just scared to buy them in fear of hating them. The struggle is real.

  4. you forgot the mom jeans. a classic.



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