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Feb 17, 2015

So over the weekend I settled...compromised...maybe even sacrificed. We bought a new dining room table. See here is the thing, we have needed a bigger one for quite some time, but the one I had and maybe still have my heart set on is at Pottery Barn. To ship that table to Alaska would be almost as much as the damn table....for shipping!!!! So the last two years I have just put it out of sight out of mind. Once I get my heart set on something I really have a hard time changing it. But our current table seats four. We are a family of five soon to be six, so it has been a game of musical chairs. Completely impractical! Chris has said so many times, just get a table up here and when we move we will figure out the one you want. I kept refusing because why would I need two dining room tables? My mom likes to shoot out comments when she comes to visit like "you know they make tables that seat six or more..." yes I know! So with baby coming in about 5 or 6 weeks (craziness!!!) I figured now is the time. I just have to find a table. 

A couple weeks ago I took the kids with me to scout out a few furniture stores (options are limited up here). Furniture shopping with three kids is just stupid! Every time I walked in somewhere the sales associates were like, I am not helping that crazy lady. I don't blame them. So this time Chris said, how about I drive you to each place, you jump out look at the tables and tell me whether or not I need to unload the animals. He knows me all too well, I am the fastest shopper ever. No loitering, I am in and out. I can see what I like from a mile away. So the first four stores were a no go. We grabbed some lunch for the kids and headed to the last store, I had pretty much lost hope and was trying to prepare Chris for the "maybe we should just eat on the floor" speech. But sure enough the last store had not one but TWO options that I liked. I took some pictures and sent them to Chris, he said just buy whatever you want Pierce and Avalon are asleep. And I did! 

The table will be delivered this week, and I have spent the better part of the last two days pinning images on how I want to decorate this baby. It may seem so inconsequential, but this is huge for me. My house does not reflect my design aesthetic what so ever. We have furniture that we bought on a whim when we were 19. Some furniture is stored in the basement because it doesn't fit. The only rooms I have actually put any thought and effort into are the bedrooms. Other than that.....nothing. So I am starting here, with the table. 
I love this farmhouse table look. Simple and chic!

I know realistically the more simple and minimal the table is, the less temptation there will be for the quick handed bandits that are my children.

Candles are my jam! If there is one thing I have an abundance of around the house it is candles. So I am leaning very much towards lots of candle holders.
Can't go wrong with a little floral and candle mixture as well. Fake flowers of course because Pierce has a thing for murdering fresh flowers. 

So that is what is swirling around in my head. I wish so badly that we had a HomeGoods, or TJ Maxx up here so I could find some reasonably priced decor. But Target will always be a lifesaver, and we have a Pier 1 so that is where I am headed the next time I can sneak out of the house...alone!

How do you decorate with little kids in the house? Where is your favorite place to find decor? 


  1. How about Wayfair.com? I think..? The commercials always say they have free shipping.. I don't decorate.. But my favorite place would be Target. So many pretty things. I like to go in there and imagine that I have children who don't destroy everything.

  2. Yay congrats!! You're going to be able to stretch out now at dinner! Except now I would be panicked about the kids drawing or eating the table. I just put whatever I can easily grab off the table as the centerpiece. One handed. How exiting for you!!!

  3. I love that table! Mine has a whole lotta nothing on it most of the time. It gets used as a school & office space and so any decor seems to always be sat off to the side

    1. I can totally relate. I end up moving any and all decor before every meal, and sometimes it doesn't get moved back for a long time. But I am hoping with this table I can at least do some candles and the kids will give me a break....ya right! Ha!

  4. Yay for a new table!!! :) That is always a nice feeling.

  5. I want a long farmhouse table with a bench on one side and chairs on the other and the ends. Kind of like that one but longer and a little darker. My best friend's dad is an amazing wood worker and he'll be making it. Our house doesn't reflect our style, except for the girls rooms. BUT with young kids plus moving every few years I don't see the point in buying expensive furniture that I want. When we buy a home though, I will be. Grey couch and farm house table will be my starting points.

  6. Decorate your table with four kids under 5...good-luck with that! I say decorate with legos and puzzles.

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