Romantic Curls Tutorial

Feb 9, 2015

With Valentine's Day rapidly approaching, I thought I would share a date night look with you. I won't be partaking in a night out, but this is still one of my favorite ways to glam it up. This is also the way I did my hair for our Christmas pictures, and since I got a lot of questions on my hair, I thought now would be the perfect time to share!
I have found that this works best on one day old hair. Add some dry shampoo, grab some texturizing spray and a one inch curling iron, and let's do this. 

-Start out by spraying some texturizing spray at your roots and throughout your hair. Not too much, and then brush it out. 

-Grab your curling iron and you want to keep the clip open and wrap small one inch sections of your hair around the iron. You want to wrap your hair away from your face. Keeping the clip open will give you a more relaxed curl, which is exactly what you want. 

-Keep bringing sections down and curling your life away! There is no need to spray them with hair spray, and don't separate them just yet. Just curl and let them hang out. 
-Once you get to the top section, you want to create a deep side part. Keep curling your hair with the part in place so that you curl the sections around your face the right way. Each side should be curled away from your face. 

-When your done you should have a head full of relaxed curls. 

-Next grab a teasing comb, or regular fine tooth comb. Grab the top sections of your hair and tease like you are in the Miss America Pageant!
-You should look something like this! Complete with that face and everything. 

-Now you have reached the pivotal moment in this whole process! Are you taking notes? You want to use a soft bristle brush to brush your curls out. This gives them that romantic wave look, and gets the curls going all in the same direction. Once you have brushed them out, grab your hairspray and create a helmut on your head. Okay, not really, but lightly spray your curls. 
Now run back to the bathroom, throw on a little dark eyeshadow and some red lipstick
and you are ready for date night!

I linked all the items I used below:



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