The Non-Diaper Bag, Diaper Bag

Feb 12, 2015

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To diaper bag or not to diaper bag...that is the question! I remember when I found out I was pregnant with Ace, the diaper bag was something I knew I wanted to pick out myself. Family and friends would always tell me about "the cutest diaper bag" they saw, and I was always very underwhelmed. Don't get me wrong, there are some cute ones out there, and I feel like now even a short five years later they have come a long way. But I wanted something that would be able to transition from a true blue mom bag, to a staple piece in my wardrobe considering I would be carrying it around for a while. So with Ace I got a really cute tote found a diaper bag insert. The more kids I had the bigger the tote became. Now I am about one step away from a rolling backpack. But, I love that you can find an amazing bag, something that you know you will want to carry, and you will feel confident and stylish with. All while carrying a few handfuls of crumbs at the bottom....maybe a dirty diaper from an emergency blow out...a couple trains and cars...and possibly a lip gloss or two for yourself. 

Above are some of my favorite totes right now. Throw that insert in there and they are mom friendly. But should you be lucky enough to escape the death grip of your children for an overnight trip with your husband, rip that insert out and you have a cute overnight bag! 

What is your diaper bag situation? Do you have a favorite? I am all ears...or well eyes. 

And as if my weekend couldn't get any better since Chris has a four day, there are so many President's Day sales going on! 

Gap: Up to 50% off use code WINTER.
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And to all those who celebrate Valentine's Day (we do not) I wrote a little post about the true meaning of the day right here. Complete with historical facts and everything....well...sort of .


  1. Fancy!! I grabbed a $20 bag at Babies R Us when I was pregnant with Veronica. Now with Juli I've been using this backpack thing that I got for free from the hospital when I delivered V.

  2. I used to want a cute diaper bag. And then I wanted a diaper bag with a cross body handle thing. And nooww I have the largest most obnoxious thing. I could put the baby IN the bag. Ah well.

  3. I have a black and brown tote with an organizer. I love it. I have a Coach diaper bag and Petunia Pickle Bottom that I used when they were newborn-6 months but once they get older I prefer more of a purse.But my tote is some no brand off Amazon for like $18.

  4. Nick got me a Kate Spade diaper bag, and I LOVED it. I used it for EVERYTHING!!!!!!!!

    1. Can't go wrong with Kate Spade!!! :)



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