Winter Layers

Feb 1, 2015

coat: asos (old, similar) // blazer: vintage (similar) // sweater: forever 21 (ordered one size up)
jeans: gap maternity (non-maternity version)// shoes: converse// sunglasses: ray-ban

What up February!!! Can we skip all this crazy cold temp nonsense and get around to some 20 degrees please? Every morning when I wake up I dread looking at my phone to see how cold it is outside. Most of the time it just says 0.....and I want to pull the covers over my head. The glass isn't all empty I guess, we are gaining a couple minutes of sunlight everyday, which makes me and my seasonal depression/cabin fever extremely happy! I am still on the "not much maternity" clothes buying streak. We are rounding the homestretch so I see no point in buying pregnant clothing, even though they maaaay just fit a little better. But I have come this far, I am committed! This is by far the biggest my stomach has ever been (fourth babies will do that to you). I find myself seeing clothes in my closet that I KNOW fit me well into the last couple weeks of pregnancy with Avalon, and are just not cutting it this time around. Fret not my friends, the belly and I shall persevere! 

As one does in winter, you must layer! I love a blazer layered under a coat for that little unexpected hint of structure. Especially when the star of the show is this leopard print number! Pair it with a pair of crisp white chucks, and you have a match made in mom outfit heaven! 

I hope you all had a fun weekend, I heard there was a football game on. But I know nothing of that sort of thing. 

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  1. I don't even know who played in the game. So let's talk about that for bad.

    Zero degrees. I don't even know what that feels like. Yikes!

  2. LOVE that coat!
    You actually LONG for 20 degree weather?! YIKES! It must be FREEZING there! hahahah

  3. I love this outfit, it looks cozy!

  4. I've been eyeballing black skinnies for awhile now. Really making me want to buy some!



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