Winter Skin with Mustela + a Giveaway!!!

Feb 19, 2015

I have talked about my skin care routine so many times, and I'm pretty sure my obsession with moisturizing has been well documented on this here blog. But that obsession doesn't end with extends to each and every one of my children, and occasionally Chris. The kiddos are pretty well trained in the area of mom lathering them up at any given moment. They have realized that there is no need to fight the "goopy stuff" as they call it. And in the winter it is even more of a priority for me to keep their dry skin at bay. Insert Mustela products. I mentioned in my baby must haves post how much I love their newborn gift set, but all of their products are amazing and staples in this kiddo crazed house of mine. 
I was recently introduced to their Dermo-Pediatrics products and I really can't put into words how amazing they are. Pierce is my only kid with really dry skin, and at times he will get a break out of dry patches leading his pediatrician to throw out the word eczema a time or two. We have always treated his dry skin with an over the counter intense moisturizing lotion. Each and every one we have tried has helped, but never really cleared up the dry area completely. The driest areas are on his inner thighs and the back of his legs, where his pants are constantly rubbing while he is playing. By the end of the night his dry spots will be red and tender. I started using the Stelatopia lotion on him morning and night and keeping breathable cotton pants on him. In just a week we saw a dramatic difference in his dry spots. Not to mention he has a thumb sucking habit so his thumb is dry as well. Putting lotion on there has helped and bonus, he refuses to put his thumb in his mouth once the lotion comes in contact. Score!! 
The other children are not to be forgotten, Ace loves the Hydra Stick since he can easily put it on his face by himself before he heads outside. He says it reminds him of "an armpit stick for his face" so he's got that goin for him! Avalon still has that soft baby skin that needs protection, so all of these products have been great for her as well. Not to mention they all smell so fresh and so clean clean. All of these products will be added to our Mustela line up, and I couldn't be happier. 

So.....drum roll please! Mustela has been ridiculously generous and offered to giveaway the Stelotopia Cream Cleanser, and Cream Moisturizer, and the Hyrda-Stick, to one lucky lucky reader (a $48 value)! Say what?? No really, I hope luck is on your side because these are unbelievable, you can trust me, I am a stay at home mom after all. So do your thing on the rafflecopter below!

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  1. I almost choked on my coffee "armpit stick for his face"... hahaha your kids are the best.

  2. I've never heard of Mustela before, but my hands and legs get super dry in the winter, so the lotion sounds like a great place to start. Thanks for the giveaway!

  3. Your kids just say the darndest things. And wow I mean priceless bonus about the thumb sucker!! I'll enter. Even though I never win. Because we have itchy skin in this here house.

  4. Oooo! The hydra-stick looks cool! My girls would totally say the same thing..

  5. The hydra stick looks great as it would be easier to put on squirmy babies! I've heard wonders about their baby shampoo as it does wonders for cradle cap.

    1. Yes! I can 100% attest to the foaming shampoo working magic on cradle cap!



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