Forget the baby...Think about mom

Mar 18, 2015

So, many would have you to believe that this joyous time of welcoming a new baby is just that, all about the baby! And that is great and wonderful and all but how can you forget the vessel that brought that baby into the world? I mean a baby gets a baby shower, birth announcements, a whole wardrobe dedicated to newborn! I don't see any moms handing out announcements saying "congrats I just pushed a lemon through a garden hose!". So the next time you have a friend that is about to give birth, plan on bringing her something she might really enjoy. Let's break this down....

Coffee! You can never go wrong with a Starbucks gift card. Any mom would thank her lucky stars for the opportunity to hit up the drive thru in her spit up filled sweats for a sweet beverage. Shall we talk boobs? Whether you decide to breastfeed or not, that milk is coming in, and it hurts. Overnight your boobs take on a whole new watermelon life, and with that comes all the nipple soreness in the world. Help a sister out and get her some gel pads, and some nipple cream! And if you are feeling super nice, which I hope you are, pick her up a new nursing tank. I am sure she hasn't changed the one she has on for a day or two.

You can never go wrong with food! If you live close enough to your friend, bring her a meal or two. Especially if she has more kiddos at home (cough cough like me) to feed. At this point she is probably throwing chicken nuggets to them from her perch on the couch. Wine! Nine months without it makes for a cranky mama. Now it is safe for her to indulge in her elected five ounces of alcohol, so find out her favorite and bring her a bottle. The Caramel Jar. Enough said really. These are the best caramels I have ever been blessed to try. Send her some. Make sure she hides them from all other humans, and pulls them out at 2 am when it is just her and baby and the sound of milk being gulped.

Finally, her house probably smells like a combination of dirty diapers, desitin, laundry soap, and take out. A nice candle or diffuser is the perfect way to help freshen that up. Honestly, she will love it. And while you are in such a giving mood, homegirl needs some help in the beauty department. She can't remember the last time she showered....let alone washed her hair so get her a can of dry shampoo. To go along with it maybe a nice lip gloss that she can lather on and feel less like a troll under a bridge and more like sleeping beauty!

This is all just coming from a stay at home that has done this maybe once or twice. What are some things you wish showed up on your sleep deprived doorstep?


  1. You are awesome!!! Definitely a super mom in my book. :)

  2. Such a phenomenal gift! Wine is always a favorite of mine naturally. And anything to help ease boob pain? 👌

  3. Someone to come and do all the laundry and cleaning. That's it!

  4. Why have I never heard of ged pads?! My favorite gift has always been food!



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