Guest Post: Britt from The Fisk Files

Mar 26, 2015

I really cannot put into words how happy I am to have Britt from The Fisk Files posting here today! If you aren't reading her blog and marveling at her photography, then I'm not really sure what you're doing on the internet. Britt is one of the first bloggers I connected with when I started blogging, and I just absolutely love her writing and following along with her beautiful family. I could go on and on, trust me. But I am typing with one hand while breastfeeding, and my fingers are cramping, so I will let her do her thing...

I am so happy to be sharing on Kelsey's little place in the www today!  Kelsey's one of those blog friends who I feel like I know and have known...and who I'd love to hang out with someday.  I think we can all agree, it would be great to grab a cup of coffee with her, go on a bit of a shopping spree or even join her in some of those amazing Alaskan vintage stores she's posted about before.  Until then, I'll just happily sit behind a computer screen and pretend :)  

Honestly,  when Kelsey announced that she was expecting number four, I was elated!  To say I love babies is an understatement.  I have four and would love more, so we'll see what God has in store.  
On that note, though, not everyone is on the same page about family size...and that might have been the hardest transition when we went from three to four.

See, we live out on a ranch, and life is fairly simple.  Fairly is the key word.  I don't have a ton of clothing stores or coffee shops nearby, nor can I find many babysitters to help out if I need to run errands during the day.  BUT, I'd be lying if I said I don't get a pedicure every now and then, enjoy online shopping a bit more than I should, and get caught up in the less-than-simple ways of life more often than not.

It's just that we live outside of town and our life isn't glamorous in the typical sense of the word. We drive two hours one way to get to our main doctors, and that's where Target is, too :)  So, while driving that far to get anywhere can be a pain, it's also nice.  Instead of Target, we see this...

I'm not tempted to leave the house much.  And, personality-wise, I'm not sad about that very often. All of that to say, sometimes I think my transition from 3 to 4 kids (or even from 2-3) can be a bit easier than most.  I have nowhere to be or many distractions calling my name. 

Sure, there are more people needing me.  There are more interruptions.  There is more noise, chaos, fighting, crying, etc.  There are probably more times I just want to scream (and sometimes do!) and pull my hair out.

But, four children have also brought me more joy.  A lot more joy.

What if we would have stopped at Carter?  We wouldn't have Peter and his determination.

We wouldn't be entertained by funny John Paul all day long.

And we wouldn't know the sweetness of having a girl.

Which brings me to the most difficult transition...that of knowing other people didn't necessarily share our joy.  People were ecstatic when we announced I was pregnant with my first.  Joy accompanied Peter's announcement too.  But, when John Paul came 2.5 years after Carter, we didn't receive quite the same reaction...

"Do you know what causes that?"

"Do you have a TV?"

"When will you stop?"

"Don't you know they cost money?"

I'm sure some of the comments were meant to just be funny.  And, I know some people genuinely want to know if we would like more.  Others really don't know how I "do it all." 
But, I'd like to go run errands in town without wide eyes upon me.  I'd like to not feel embarrassed or worried when announcing another pregnancy.  I would like to not feel like the weird one simply because we are open to more life.
I know part of this is my own insecurity.  My pride gets in the way of many things.  But deep down, as we make our decision to let God bless us with the children he sees fit, I would just like others to know that we welcome each one with indescribable joy.  They are not a burden to us.  Our hearts overflow with love for each tiny life placed in our hands.  
And, I wish each and every person, before making a comment could taste just a tiny bit of that joy. Then, I think they would be a bit more supportive, too.

If we're ever blessed with more,  I will be more ready for misunderstanding and for words quickly said but not often thought through.  I will let it go...knowing that the decision to bring one more miracle into the world is not ours alone, and that child undoubtedly has a purpose in our life...even if it means driving a giant van!
Will we transition from 4 to 5?  Who knows!  But, if so, I'll be ready :)


  1. Such a gorgeous surroundings to raise a family! I personally didn't get any odd comments when we announced our third! I think I would be angry! To say the least. None. Of. Their. Business. Haha

  2. Britt never disappoints - I love her heart~ This is perfectly beautiful!


    1. I could not agree more, she is simply amazing :)

  3. I LOVE big families and always squeal a little when someone announces their third/fourth/fifth/[...] pregnancy. I have only my toddler son now but when people hear me say "maybe 4 or 5," I am ALWAYS chided with : "You'll think differently after the second." Tad annoying, especially because I have no comeback line. But in the meantime, I love and support anyone's decisions to have a big family! I think it's fantastic!

    1. Big families are so fun, even just a week with four has been amazing (a little crazy) but amazing!

  4. This was so lovely Britt! You are making me crave living in wide open spaces and with more joy, thank you!

  5. Beautiful post, Britt! It is so sad to me how people react to big(ger) families. Sadly, I'll never forget the comments we heard when announcing #5... Broke my heart and am glad our children were out of ear shot and honestly too young to understand. Each child is a gift. Each life a miracle. God calls us all to a different journey, to a different size of family, to a different way of living. But it's glorious to serve and honor Him through it all! I'd always dreamed of having seven...but am so, so grateful for our five! :)

    1. I couldn't agree more Nicole, every child is such a blessing. I never understood why others had such strong opinions on big families! But I love that you have amazing!

  6. So nice to have found a new blog to read. Thanks for the intro, britt! And what a great way of addressing the quandary of the larger family. With you, sister!

  7. So, so good, Britt. I hate for you that people make you feel that way. If they knew what a wonderful mama you are to those kids, they'd hope you have 100!

  8. I never realized people felt this way until we announced baby #3 a few months ago. Two babies=everyone's excited. More than two babies=you're crazy.
    I know you're a wonderful mother. Can't wait to rejoice with you when more babies are approaching! And thank you for writing this!!! I only wish we could see each other more often.

  9. Thank you all SO much for the beautiful comments! We are definitely in this together and what a joy it is to know we're surrounded by such wonderful women :)



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