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Mar 23, 2015

Happy Monday friends!! So as I am adjusting to life with four littles, and also trying to soak up some high fives with Christopher while passing each other in the hallway before he heads back to work, I called upon some of my blogging friends, turned true life friends (via text message, that's real right?) to share some of their experiences in this game we all play...parenting. Starting us off is the ever so witty and beautiful Laurie. And she also welcomed a baby not too long ago, and he has the most luscious cheeks I have ever seen. Take it away mama.....

Hi there Pardon My French readers! My name is Laurie and I blog over at andiamo, where you'll find an awful lot of sarcasm and an occasional recipe or diy, but mostly just tales of our lives as a young family of five. With wine.

I'm still wrapping my head around the whole party of five business, as our youngest was born just last December. But a party of five we are. 

Kelsey asked me to guest post and I was instantly excited. I really like Kelsey. As I'm sure you all do too you lucky readers you. As she's preparing to be a party of SIX I thought I would share a little about my experiences along this journey from just a couple to a *gulp* full fledged family. 

In my experience going from zero babies to one baby was the biggest mind eff (pardon my french). It was also the time I went from working full time in a professional environment to not working full time. I was sore, tired, emotional, and actually sort of bored. Babies sleep a lot at the beginning, except at night when sleep would be welcomed. Letty has been an emotional and mental challenge from the two years prior to conception to current day. From infertility to the strong-willed four year old she is today, nothing with her has been easy. God love her.

Bringing home David was like a walk in the park in comparison. He was a week late and I had plenty of time to prepare and clean and organize. When I walked into the house with him I felt fresh and prepared. I knew what to expect and I was ready for the sleepless nights and was very conscious that I should enjoy every second of newborn time.

This last and final time, coming home with Dominic, was slightly harder than with the second but not nearly as hard as with the first. Being born closest to my favorite time of year that also happens to be the busiest can tend to make things a tiny bit more stressful. I was just as prepared on the home front as with David, but there was just sooo much going on with the holidays. And it was just so damn cold. Neither of which could be helped unless I would pull a Grinch and miss Christmas (not gonna happen).

Everyone's experiences are different of course and there are a myriad of reasons why that may be, but being as prepared and as organized as possible helps with any transition. Here is what I found helps to make a smooth transition home after bebe:

- having child care for any other siblings provided for during your hospital stay. Kind of "duh" right? But this can be worrisome, especially for someone who doesn't have family near by. Who will drive and pick up child from school? Who will take them in to the hospital to be with you and new baby? Getting this figured out well in advance can just take one more thing off your already full plate.
- meals prepared and frozen (in my case my husband would do this as I do not and can not cook). There can be a lot of waiting in the end and while yes, napping would be preferred, if you are like me and unable to do so meal planning is a good option. See also...
- I don't think my house has ever been cleaner than what it was in the days prior to the birth of either of my sons. I did it all, vacuuming practically every day in case today was the day. Then when you come home you are coming home to a clean house.
- any and all laundry done. I would do a load (albeit small) a day just so it wouldn't have accumulated into an overwhelming load by the time I returned from the hospital.
- obviously pack your hospital bag.
- older siblings prepared. I made sure to explain why I may not be there in the morning, where I would be, who would be taking care of them and how long I would be gone. Having them know what to expect and what will go down helps the transition. 
- dvr stocked up. Hate to tell you this but you will be awake a lot. You will be forced to sit in a chair and feed your baby often and at all times of day and night. If you value your sanity have a bunch of movies or shows recorded. I loathe trying to find something to watch in the wee hours of the morning whilst trying to keep my eyelids off the floor. This can also be handy when you are trying to nurse and an older child needs to be distracted/contained. 

You've heard the old adage time and time again. The days go by slow but the years go by fast. Before you know it these newborn days will be but a memory. Try to relish in it and live in the moment. Take pictures. Write down anything and everything. Record videos. Remember it all. Before long you'll be chasing down a two year old boy attempting to wrestle him into a clean diaper and retain all your teeth at the same time. It truly is a miraculous time.

Which is why I envy Kelsey right now, experiencing such a marvelous thing! A phase that I'm already out of and I can't believe it! Best of luck to you and your family of six Kelsey! Let us all know how that transition to four goes. ;)

Almost all photos by Wishbone Photography.  I think you can tell which one is not.



  1. Thanks for having me today!!! You deserve every high five you can get and more!

  2. Totally agree with what she said! I'm already missing the newborn stage, especially knowing that Juli is our last.

  3. Love this! Those kiddos are so adorable. Obviously. Fyi : I totally stumbled across it in the strangest way. haha



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