Ice cube Iced Coffee

Mar 20, 2015

Slowly but surely I am reintroducing caffeine back into my daily life. It's more like survival at this point. With Ace I made the switch the next day and I was jittery and bouncing off walls. So after nine months of little to no caffeine, I am back on the wagon. One of my favorite ways to take my coffee is iced, and the weather gods in Alaska have granted sunshine and minimal warmth, so iced coffee just feels appropriate. 

All moms can attest to the fact that hot coffee will eventually be gulped down cold at some point. So I am cutting out the middle man and going straight for the chill. Iced coffee cubes!! Super fast and easy. Just get some ice trays, make your favorite coffee, fill the trays and freeze them. Then when you need an afternoon pick me up, pop some cubes out...add some milk (you can warm it a little if you need that coffee to melt pronto!), and a little creamer if you are feeling frisky and BAM! Caffeine intake replenished! 

I hope everyone's week was fantastic! I know we had a great one being home as a family of 6!!! 

Have a great weekend :)


  1. That really is wise to just skip to the cold part. Why bother kidding ourselves?

  2. Those ice cubes sound pretty amazing!



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