lipstick trends seen at the oscars

Mar 1, 2015

I am sure like many people, I watched the Oscars for the red carpet arrivals. I love seeing those dresses float down the carpet, and of course I am looking at the hair and makeup. This year I was particularly looking at what lipsticks ladies were sporting. Surprisingly, many of the celebrities were wearing drugstore brands! Most likely because they are some way or another affiliated with the brand, but still, I am all about a great lipstick at an affordable price. So I decided to round up some of my favorites and hunt them down to try. I did add in a nude and a red as seen on the red carpet, and did my best to find a match. I just couldn't leave out two of my favorite colors to wear. So if you happened to see a lipstick you liked, read on a find out what it was....or you could cut your losses, I'll never know! 

I ended up really liking the LOreal Infallible in Timeless Rose. It was such a soft pink on the red carpet and it really does add a subtle touch of glam to any outfit. I also love the way the Revlon HD lipstick feels, I love an orange coral, and I was so happy to see that Emma Stone was wearing this one. I am hooked. The Revlon Super Lustrous red is amazing! Might just be my new favorite red. It glides on and feels like butter...butter I tell ya! 

So that is my round up. I had so much fun hunting these bad boys down, despite the fact that Chris and the kids were wondering just what in the world mom could be doing in the makeup isles of different stores for so long. I told them....research! 

Did you have a fav from the red carpet? 


  1. Replies
    1. Yes! The red!! I am loving it too.

  2. I love that I have you to take care of this kind of thing for me.

  3. The top 3 are my faves! Nudes are my go-to. I have been trying to branch out more and try darker/brighter stuff though and I like it. The dark berry colors are awesome right now!



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