My favorite maternity outfits

Mar 24, 2015

top row: outfit 1 // outfit 2 // outfit 3
middle row: outfit 1 // outfit 2 // outfit 3
bottom: outfit 1 // outfit 2 // outfit 3

Absolutely no secret that this pregnancy went by too fast for my liking. I have to admit I am still a little sad about it. I happen to be one of the crazy ones that really does enjoy being pregnant. Obviously the reward in the end outweighs anything, but I quite like that round belly (except trying to get out of bed to pee six times in the middle of the night)! As with most things in life I look at them as a challenge. Dressing a pregnant belly in the Alaskan cold, while trying to maintain some sort of style is rough. But I had fun with it. 

So I thought why not look back at some of my favorite outfits? I loved finding inspiration from other moms to be whether it was on pinterest, instagram, blogs, or magazines. Personally, I feel no need to cover the bump up in over sized tees or sweats. Form fitting clothing happens to be your friend in those nine months. Embrace that beautiful belly because you just might find yourself missing it, you know after the initial labor and delivery sting wears off.


  1. You look so cute...and I can't even tell you're pregnant in most of the pics! I'm struggling with the "my regular clothes are too small/maternity clothes are too big" phase right now.

  2. You had the best maternity style! :) I loved seeing what you were wearing.

  3. I agree-rock that belly! The bigger the better! You did a fantastic job being a stylish mama the entire time! And yeah... Too fast. Sniff.

  4. Love that pink sweater! I do kinda miss pregnancy.. But only a little. LOL You rocked it though!



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