Odette's Birth Story

Mar 27, 2015

I am actually pretty excited to get this typed out, seeing as how it's the first one I have done. If you have been following along during this pregnancy you know that it went by super fast for me. Well, labor and delivery were no different. Let's start at the beginning....

I started have really intense braxton hicks at around 34 weeks. Judging from my past pregnancies I knew these were really doing something. Sure enough when I went in for my 37 (just shy of 38) week appointment I asked my doctor to just do a quick check because I felt like I was already walking around dilated. Sure enough he said, "oh ya you're at a good 3 cm and about 60 % effaced". I was a little shocked because with the other kids that was usually my 38 week appointment result. But I called my mom right away, since she was our designated childcare for delivery day. She had bought her ticket from Vegas for the next Friday, which was ten days away. I told her that based on that appointment I didn't think I would even make it through the weekend. She began to panic, but despite our best efforts there were no plane tickets to get her here any sooner. 

I woke up Thursday morning with my belly lower than I could imagine. I remember thinking, she is coming soon. I could barely walk around, let alone bend. My stomach was just hanging so far down. I wanted to just take it easy and hopefully make it to the weekend when Chris would be off. Even though one does not have any control over these things, it was worth a try. Thursday night after Chris got home I said, "we should really put the car seat in the car now". Friday morning I got up and was having a couple contractions every hour. Every time I would feel one coming I would just change positions hoping to see that it was another braxton hicks and not true labor. This went on all day. I would walk around until the contraction died down, or if I was standing I would just sit right away. They all eventually tapered off, and completely stopped by the time I went to bed. But I just knew it wasn't going to be much longer. 
Saturday morning I woke up and half my stomach was showing out the bottom of my shirt. She had dropped even lower! I told Chris I could just feel the pressure from her head and we had better start making arraignments for the kids. (We have never left them with anyone besides my mom). He was in disbelief seeing as how I was giving the boys haircuts and bathing all the kids. I was slowly putting the rest of the things into my hospital bag, just waiting for that first real contraction. At 2:00 pm I headed downstairs and made some lunch. Afterwards I told Chris I was going to run upstairs and put everyone's clean sheets on their beds. He thought nothing of it. After I made everyone's beds I went into my room and just sat on mine. One by one the kids came up, then finally Chris. The kids were jumping on the bed and all of a sudden I had a contraction. I looked at Chris and said, this is it. He gave me a confused look and said "what is it? did you have a contraction?" I said "yes, I am going to go blow dry my hair, you might want to get dressed". He didn't. They all lingered on the bed while I got ready. After that first contraction I had another one ten minutes later. Then another and another while I was doing my hair. I told Chris to get the kids dressed and give Riley and his wife the heads up. When I got down stairs my contractions were about seven minutes apart. Chris was running around like a chicken with his head cut off, getting dressed, starting the car, panicking in general. I got all the kids dressed and we loaded them in the car one by one. I knew I was in labor but I didn't want to be away from the kids in the event that they didn't admit me right away. That was a stupid plan. 

Pierce and Avalon fell asleep in the car so I asked Chris just to drop me off at the front and I will text him if they are going to admit me or not so he didn't have to unload the kids if it wasn't necessary. I walked to the labor and delivery triage and told the lady I was pretty sure I was in labor. She asked how far apart my contractions were and I told her about 5-6 minutes. She said, "you don't look like you're in pain, should I get you a wheelchair?" I said no, that I could make it to a room. Little did I know she was going to take 12 minutes to get me checked in. I had three contractions standing at the desk before she said "well follow me...let's get your weight". Finally in a room she said a nurse would be in to check me in a minute. Eight very slow minutes later a nurse walked in. I said "can you just check me real quick before any monitors, my husband is waiting in the car and I am pretty sure we are well passed 5 cm." She didn't believe me. The next thing out of her mouth was "oh wow that is your baby's head, yes you are at 7.5 cm". I freaked and called Chris and told him to get Riley to the house, drop the kids off and get back to the hospital as fast as humanly possible. 
Things moved super quick after that. Based off my passed three deliveries we were going to have a baby in about an hour or two. People were just moving so quickly all around me. I have been GBS positive with all my pregnancies so they were trying to get me the antibiotics as soon as possible. I knew I wasn't going to get the full doses, but poke and prod me all you want. Nurses were flying around the room getting things ready, asking me questions, and all I could think about was whether or not Chris would make it back in time. 

The on-call doctor came in and said, "I don't hear any screaming, there is no way she is 7.5 cm". He did a check and we were now at 8. I called Chris to see where he was. He was headed back to me. I was so overwhelmed with how the kids were doing, I had no idea they were preparing the room for delivery. All of a sudden Chris comes flying in the room, and we all started to laugh. Another nurse came in to tell us it was in fact pi day and that after delivery I could indeed have my very own pie! I mean, if that doesn't make you want to push a baby out I don't know what will. About 15 minutes went by and I told one of the nurses I was starting to feel a little bit of pressure, but nothing like the urge to push. She said let me grab the doctor and he can check you. He came in and said, "yep your at about 9.5, so let's break your water and have a baby". Chris said "WHAT!! already?". They broke my water and suited up. The doctor told me I had a little bit of cervix still on the babies head so he wanted me to do a very small push so he could remove it. Doing a "small" push during a contraction is not exactly an easy thing. After that the room got completely silent. We were all just waiting for that next contraction. As soon as I felt it coming on I looked at Chris, and then at the doctor, and still the room was so calm. I began to push and I heard "okay, head is out" I opened my eyes and there she was. I finished the push and she was out. I looked at her on my chest and just could not believe we did it again. She was perfect. Her eyes were immediately open and we just stared at each other. Chris cut the cord and I saw a piece of pie out of the corner of my eye, it was glorious. The doctor said "congratulations for being the only person to make no noise during delivery". I heard nothing in the moment. My head was filled with so many thoughts, that screaming wasn't one of them. I was more so thinking, the quicker I get her out the quicker I get to see my kids. The whole day had gone by in a flash that I was sad I didn't get to soak more of it in. We went from 0-60 in a matter of minutes. From start to finish it was four hours. 
As the room began to empty, this tiny baby was still on my chest, so quiet. We weren't remotely prepared to have a baby that day, but for some reason she knew it was the perfect day to make her arrival. We stayed in the room and breastfed for about an hour before we moved into the mother and baby room. I couldn't help but be so concerned about the kids, I told Chris that I wanted him to get back to them before they fell asleep. The last thing I wanted was for them to fall asleep without seeing one of us. I showered right away while Chris and Odette spent some time together. I didn't want Chris to leave, but I was also slightly excited to have this new baby all to myself. Chris left and got home in time to send me a couple pictures of the kids before they passed out.

I spent the whole night staring at this baby as she slept. I fell asleep for 30 minutes before I started to see the sunrise. I called Chris and told him to just wake the kids up and come see me, oh and grab Starbucks on the way. The party arrived at the room and I looked around just counting these little babies. 1,2,3,4, all mine! It was amazing. As the doctors came in I told them I just wanted to go home with my family. A couple hours later they agreed to send us packing. Car seat still not installed, Chris and the kids sped home ever so safely, grabbed the car seat and came right back. Never did I think I would convince the doctors to let us go in under 18 hours considering I didn't get the full dose of antibiotics before delivery, but luck was on our side!
One by one we loaded the kids back into the car....except this time we left with four!


  1. Such a perfect story for a perfect little lady! And I can't get over your sense of calm and your SILENCE. Rock star. And wow 18 hours? I begged and begged and nope. They dug in their heels. Lucky you!!

  2. You are one amazing Mama!! :) I love the birth story!

  3. Wow. Just wow. What a great story, and what a cute family of six! :)

  4. That was the calmest birth story I have ever read, im sure it didn't feel like it at the time :)
    Donna, NY

    1. It really was a pretty calm thing, the only time I started to get nervous was when Chris left to take the kids home. I was just trying to hold my breath that he made it back in time. And he did! With 15 minutes to spare ;)

  5. You are a baby making pro! Way to go mama!

  6. Wow!!! Congratulations! What a beautiful little family. :-)

  7. There is nothing I love more than a good birth story! And, my goodness Kelsey, you are one amazing momma! And, a strong one at that ;)

  8. What an easy sounding birth! I can only hope mine is as sweet.

  9. Beautiful birth story! Your kids look absolutely precious and congratulations on your newest addition :) Stopping by from Mommy Moments!
    Amy @ http://www.livinglifetruth.com/

  10. Beautiful birth story! Thank you for linking up at Mommy Moments last week! This post was the top viewed link and will be featured in the link up tomorrow. Congrats mama!

  11. What a great birth story! You have beautiful kids!



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