the dark side

Mar 8, 2015

jacket: zara // top: nordstrom maternity // jeans: gap maternity (sold out, similar)
shoes: zara (similar) sunglasses: ray-ban

Spring forward people!!!! Speaking of spring (even though we have a couple more months of winter nonsense up here) spring always brings about that need for change. Whether it is spring cleaning, packing up your winter wardrobes and stuffing them in a deep dark closet, only to revive your colorful treasures. Spring for some people also means changing their hair color, adding highlights, lightening that ombre, maybe going blonde a la Kim Kardashian, even though I think Jared Leto pulls off that bleach look much better. For me it means going dark. I wanted a real change before baby gets here. I started dying my naturally blondish hair dark brown/ soft black when I was pretty young. Maybe 14. See I come from a family full of dark haired Italians, and I came out with blonde hair and blue eyes (dads genes). So to fit in with the crew I always went dark. The upkeep was crazy after I had so many kids so I decided to lighten it. But I never really felt like....yesss...I love it. So a week or so ago I told Chris I am going back to the dark side. He laughed of course. It was a little bit of an adjustment at first because I have also never been so pale in my life. This whole no sun thing in Alaska is a real killer for a fresh glow. I do happen to feel more like me, dark side and all. 

Shall we move on to a more fun topic? Yes? Military jackets! Ha, you thought it was going to be something actually fun. Spring trends really get me goin! Military inspired anything is not going away for spring. Military band jackets happen to be on the rise, and I knew I had to have one. This one from Zara is perfection to me. Understated, while still classic and on trend. I linked to some of the other ones I had my eye on as well. What do you think? 


  1. Love the hair. Love the coat. Don't love the whole no sunshine business.

  2. That jacket is amazing, I love it!

  3. I want a Mil Jacket sooo bad. Love yours!

  4. oh gosh you and that bump are adorable!



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