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Mar 10, 2015

Where are all my winter people at?? It seems like we changed those clocks an hour and all of a sudden I was seeing people posting pictures of sandals, bare ankles, and pale arms! Not up here my friends! Over the weekend we had some pretty great temps, wind and rain, but warmer temps. Then this week we have highs in the teens and lows in the negatives. Safe to say there are no spring time vibes radiating from this house. So we are still in hibernation mode. Which is why I was so happy when a cute little box showed up on our doorstep with the words "The Doodle Post" on the outside. What is the doodle post you ask? Well sip that coffee and I'll tell ya. 
The Doodle Post is a monthly subscription art box. There really are so many different subscription boxes you can sign up for out there, but this one I felt was really geared towards a child's independence. Ace is a hands on, mom hands off kind of kid. He is obsessed with art, loves his art classes, and keeps notebooks of all his creative ideas. So I knew he would love this one. I saved the box for a day where he wouldn't be interrupted by his younger, slightly less cooperative relatives. 

So the other day while Avalon was napping and Pierce was laying down watching a movie with a slight fever, I thought it was the perfect opportunity to spend some one on one time with Ace. The box comes with all the art supplies you need in order to create the craft. Ace opened it up and organized his things. He asked me to read him the directions, and then promptly told me "I could go clean or something". Thank you son. 
But he really did need no assistance, which I thought was awesome! Many of the craft boxes advertised for a certain age group, still require adult supervision. Not that I didn't want to help, but it was so fun to watch from the 
He would call me over every once in a while to see if I liked his color choices, or if I could get him some clean water. No dirty water dipping for this kid!
He was easily moving from step to step. It made me think about all the things he does at school, or art class that I normally miss because I am with the other kids. I loved seeing this creative side of him, choosing which colors to paint with, which flowers he choose to match. Excuse my sappy mom rant, but it really got to me. Pregnancy hormones?
The finished product was so cute! And he was so proud!! He wanted to hang it up right away, only to tell me that he would like to give it to his teacher. I mean, I can't argue with the gift of giving. Even though he is on spring break he is doing a few themed craft days at school. I know his teacher will absolutely love it!

Well, now you know how much I love The Doodle Post, why not get a box or three for your kids!! The Doodle Post is offering Pardon My French readers 15% off a box subscription! I promise you, you will love this just as much as your kids. Think of all the laundry you can put away while they are crafting! Independently!! Not to mention a percentage of the profits made on each box goes to support kids art programs. A great company with a great take away. 

Head over to The Doodle Post and use code: 15off4fun 

Happy Crafting!!


  1. What a smart idea, and it is so cute!

  2. I love this! I might have to buy a few for Ev to stash away for when I get separate with a newborn and toddler at home. And I love that he wanted to give it away! ;)

  3. Anything that can entertain kids is the best thing in the world if you ask me!

  4. What a cute idea! Something like this would be perfect for summer when the girls are out of school and driving me crazy 5 days a week! The prices aren't bad either..!

  5. This is such a neat idea! I'm passing it along to my sister. :)



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