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Apr 29, 2015

Books!! I have to tell you, I get more excited about new kids books than the kids do! Why? Because we could read the same books over and over, to the point where I know all the words and forget to turn the page, but there I am just rambling on. It actually drives Avalon crazy! She gets SO mad if I don't turn the page and she can't see llama in it's red pajamas. And seeing as how I can never find time to read a book I might actually enjoy, and possibly at my reading level, kids book are where my entertainment lies. 

Ace's favorite books are always about Alaska! He loves to jump up on his bed and look at the map on his wall to show us that he too very well lives in Alaska! So, My Wilderness is his book of choice for night time reading. Avalon on the other hand just wants a pig. Pig everything. Pig tails, pink piggie socks, anything pink she refers to as a pig, it's all so cute. So this version of the Three Little Pigs is more than perfect for her. She also loves the Wiggle Waggle book, because she can count to three like a boss. No really a boss...if she wants the boys to do something and they don't do it right away, hands on hips and "unn....toooo....freeee!!!!" Like I said....cute. 

Pierce would love nothing more than to watch his iPad all the live long days. You can say, "Pierce what book do you want to read?" "No books, I want my iPad." Then we will engage in a little back and forth before he picks up one of the "Larry" books. Larry Gets Lost Under the Sea is the newest to the collection, which is welcome because Larry Gets Lost in San Fran was wearing on me. 

I am always telling our families, more books, less toys! I'll be damned the day the kids fight over just who had that book first! It has yet to happen, they all have different interests and the bigger the collection of books the better! 

Huge thank you to Sasquatch Books for keeping our collection growing, and they are kind enough to share the cheddar! So jump on the raffelcopter and do your thing! I can guarantee your little ones will love these books, and you can think of me whenever you read the Alaska ones. Is that creepy? That's creepy....go win some books!

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twofer tuesday: the denim jacket

Apr 28, 2015

Today, I am teaming up with my friend Britt from The Fisk Files to bring you our takes on the all time spring favorite....the denim jacket! Since we both have four kids (she just announced yesterday they are expecting number five!!!! ahhh so excited!!) we thought we would show how to style a jacket from our day time toddler craziness to a rare...rare...rare night out. 
denim jacket: zara (love this one) // tee: american apparel // jeans: target 
shoes: converse // sunglasses: ray-ban 

I think most people shy away from doing a denim jacket, with an actual pair of denim. I however love the look of mixing different denim washes in one outfit. It really gives it such a causal, relaxed vibe. Perfect for rock collecting with my buddy! Any kind of day time look for me has to be simple and movement friendly. Running up the steps at the playground, or rescuing someone from the depths of the big slide are grounds for wearing workout clothes, but in the event of wanting to look "put together" an outfit like this is a go-to!
leather pants: forever 21 // heels: zara (similar here and here) // clutch: kate spade // lipstick: dior 575

From day to night! Let's just say...in a dream world....Chris and I snuck out for a date night, this is totally a look I would throw on and race out of the house in before the death grip of my children could get to me. So simple to transition from earlier in the day, throw on some leather pants that just scream take me downtown baby! A killer heel, and a bright lipstick is all you need. It still keeps everything casual, but adds just enough glam to feel, dare I say pre-children? It's true. 

So, what is your take on the denim classic? 

Also be sure to head over to Britt's neck of the woods to see how she styled hers!

venturing out

Apr 27, 2015

Last week I went grocery shopping. That statement alone is shocking. I don't normally do the grocery shopping in this house, it is one form of shopping that I absolutely hate! Chris has told me on many occasions that I'm not very good at it either. How can one be good at grocery shopping? Well, for me I don't look at prices, no per serving, per ounce, whatever business. I just try and go as fast as humanly possible to get the things I know off hand, no list. See....poor shopping etiquette. Although I will go to Costco any day of the week because that is kind of like a grown up playground. 

So getting back on topic here, I went to the store....with all four kids! This is the first time it has happened since having Odette. Also to be noted this was Odette's first time out in a public place, other than hiking and car rides to and from preschool. Yep, I'm that crazy lady that hoards her baby's inside for as long as possible. I didn't take Ace out until he was three months old!! First kid....we've all seen the commercials. But, Chris was in the field for a couple days last week and we were running low on bananas and granola bars (two things that will start riots if not found in the kitchen). I decided to put on my big girl pants and just do this. I mean I have taken three kids just about everywhere with me, I managed to take them places all nine months of being pregnant, surely I was just being a wuss. It wasn't a matter of if I could to it, but how? Logistically speaking. Ace walk, Pierce walk, Avalon  usually in the cart, and uhhh...the baby? 
So, I thought we will go early in the morning, like early, to where the store will be empty. I can get in and get out without having to stop Pierce from being the stores welcoming committee. Also less people means I can keep track of my gang on foot. See...planning goes into these things now. We loaded up at 8 am, Odette screamed the whole way and then fell asleep. My idea of putting her in the carrier was a bust, no way was I going to wake her up from her slumber. So car seat it was. Avalon didn't want to walk, so I had to carry her in one arm and the car seat on the other. I then told the boys in a very no joke way, "hold hands, do not let go of each other and stay right by me or you will get squished like a bug by a car" death threat parenting is the only way to cross the street. We make it in the store, Avalon goes in the front of the cart, Odette in the bigger part, Ace is right next to me, and Pierce....where is Pierce? Oh yes, he is helping himself to the apples. Guess we will just buy those too. The store was in fact very empty. We were movin...speed walking at its finest. Grabbed the bananas (Pierce's apples), oh but they wanted strawberries, and someone said "mom don't you need avocados?", walking walking walking. Pierce is doing this run ten steps, then walk backwards thing, Ace keeps telling him how annoying he is, Pierce screams at Ace, Avalon tells them to shhhh, baby starts making noises, I start sweating. Can we please just make it to the other side of the store because I think we might need eggs too? Ace asks if we can grab some apple juice, sure why not? Pierce turns the aisle into his personal pool and starts diving on the floor. I bribe him with some chocolate if he will just ride on the side of the cart....he took the bait for all of 3 minutes. We grab eggs, and some mini bagels because Ace thought those were just "cute". A nice lady in the aisle says "wow quite the handful you have", wow never heard that one before. To the check out or bust we go people. 
One checkout lane open and the lady says "so which one of you is Pierce?" I looked confused, Pierce said "I am", she replied "well I heard your mom say your name quite a few times". Oh great! I am unloading things, didn't we only come for bananas? Oh shit the granola bars!! Surely we can make it without them right? The nice man bagging our groceries says, "are they all yours?" yes sir, yes they are. He said "you don't even look like you could be out of high school" why thank you....I think? 

Last challenge, get everyone back into the car. We take a couple steps out of those automatic doors and Pierce darts into the street, I yell, Ace yells "you're gunna die!!!" Pierce laughs. A nice passerby er says "boys will be boys". Here we are at the car, but where are my keys? Downside to having a duffel bag size purse is the mysterious depths that your keys can fall to. Odette is now screaming, I am kneeling down taking everything but the seams apart from my bag, Pierce is collecting rocks into his pockets, and Ace is showing his new found five year old attitude saying "you lost them? how can you lose them? This is taking forever. Can I have a granola bar?" WE DON'T HAVE GRANOLA BARS! Oh wait my keys are in my pocket. Load kids, race home, unload groceries. While unloading I notice we bought fruit loops, pop tarts, and a lunchable. Who the hell bought this stuff? Me. I did. Neither one of the boys is admitting to putting it in the cart, but they were excited to eat it. 

I gave them some advice, next time you want to get a lunchable....please grab three. The fighting that happened over just one was enough to make me not go to the store ever again. 

I am just sticking with Target!

Post Baby Pampering

Apr 20, 2015

A couple weeks ago while my mom was still here visiting I took advantage of her semi-professional child watching skills, and my newborns display of nocturnal sleep habits, and ran off to indulge in some much needed self-pampering. Anchorage, or even Alaska as a whole is known for many things, indulgent personal services isn't one of them, or so I thought. Then I was introduced to ACENT. By the looks of it Alaska Center for Ear Nose and Throat couldn't possibly help me out in a much needed day of relaxation, but that is where one would be mistaken. If you take a further look you find that they also offer med spa services! Winner!! They happen to be the first and longest standing med spa in Alaska, so you know I had to check them out! I set up an appointment for the signature facial, because after nine months of pregnancy insomnia this mama falls just shy of needing reconstructive surgery to lift the bags under my eyes. 
So I filled Odette to the brim, left my mom an emergency bottle in case she needed it, kissed the other kids goodbye to which Pierce said "have fun getting a new face mom" and I hopped in my sports car minivan and sped to their offices. To my surprise when you pull up to the building they offer valet parking, for a second I thought I was in Vegas! I informed the valet guy that he could help himself to the handfuls of goldfish on the floor if he got hungry. Clearly I wasn't prepared for this level of convenience.
 Once at ACENT I was quickly whisked away by a lovely blonde named Audra, but from here on out we can just refer to her as the skin magician. We proceeded to talk about my skin and what I felt like I needed out of a facial, and skin care. This was nice because I think we all have one idea of how to really care for our skin, but these things should truly be left to the professionals. After our nice little chat we went to another room where all my deep dark skin skeletons would be brought to light with the Visia Machine. What is such a machine you ask? Well it takes pictures of the under layers of your skin to see what damage, if any, is lurking there. Lets just say I did myself no favors growing up in the triple digit summers of Las Vegas with very minimal sunscreen. Can you say brown spots? After the machine prints out its percentages of problem areas, it is easier for the facial to be tailored to exactly what your skin needs. Audra was very thorough in letting me know what these numbers meant, and what I should be looking out for in the future. Not to mention the types of products I should be using on my skin, as opposed to my need to try every beauty product ever made. 
On to the grand finale, the facial. Facials happen to be my very favorite spa treatment. I mean is there anything more relaxing than a dark room, steam on your face, oils and creams that smell good enough to transport you somewhere with sand and a small umbrella in your drink. That is what I am talking about. I mean if I am going to be anxious about leaving my newborn it very well should be while laying in a quiet dark room! Did I say quiet? Because it was silent, I didn't even know rooms existed like that anymore. 

After it was all said and done, I couldn't help but think about how I could persuade her into starting over. But alas all good things must come to an end. And it was amazing! More than amazing. From start to finish I was beyond impressed with every aspect of the med spa. Not to mention they also offer complimentary makeup application after your spa or laser treatments. They use, and also sell Jane Iredale products which also happen to be a favorite of mine, so you know I loved that! 

Normally it takes moms, myself included a while to be able to feel like themselves again. To feel relaxed and possibly a little less guilty for taking time to themselves. But I say rip the band-aid off. Getting a treatment like this and a couple hours to myself was such a gift. For all my fellow Alaska dwelling ladies, I highly recommend looking into a treatment or two at ACENT. It is such a family friendly environment, with people who are willing to work around your schedule in order to provide you with the best service possible. The team of doctors and nurses really do put the needs and wants of the patient first, not to mention just walking into the office feels so comforting and inviting. Do yourselves a favor and check out the array of services they provide, surely you will be able to find something to indulge in. Not to mention this would be the perfect hint to your husbands for Mother's Day! They also offer gift cards!! (Chris if you're reading this, I wouldn't mind getting a little microdermabration. Just saying, no pressure...okay a little bit of pressure).

A huge thank you to everyone over at ACENT for inviting me to a little post baby pampering at its finest. I could not be happier with the entire experience! 

photos by ash adams

the classics

Apr 16, 2015

shirt: j crew // jeans: zara (similar) // flats: zara (more here and here) // watch: michael kors
bracelets: here // sunglasses: ray-ban // lipstick: bite in poppy 

If there is one outfit you can never go wrong with, it's a classic white button up! You pair it with anything and you will look put together. No one would ever guess that you just threw down a WWE smack down worthy performance to get your three year old into his car seat. No one! Then while you are sticking with the classics throw on some jeans, aviators, and a red lip, and you are good-to-go.

Lately I have been craving bright whites, it could be the fact that we are on the verge of summer. Alaska changes from "spring" which really just means no snow, to full on lush summer in a matter of days it feels like. So I am stocking up on classic white pieces, even though it is not the most kid friendly color to be wearing. I have a few tide pens stashed in the swagger wagon just in case I need to bust out my stain removing skills on the go! I have a feeling this white top and jeans uniform will carry me through the next few months! Keepin it classy...or classic!

Here are some other white pieces I am loving:

Baby's First Month Favorites

Apr 15, 2015

With each baby you have the opportunity to try some new products. Chris and I have found ourselves saying "man they didn't make that when Ace was born" as if Ace was born 20 years ago or something. He wasn't...just a mere five. Still, baby gear seems to change every year, but there are some tried and true favorites that I have passed along from baby to baby. I am sure all moms have those items that they think are the latest and greatest so I am here to share my very one sided opinion on the things we, (I say we as if Odette has voiced her opinion or something) have been liking these past few weeks. 

one: halo co-sleeper. This one is totally new to us and we love it! If you haven't heard of it, I highly suggest watching the video on this bad boy. It has all the bells and whistles for those super crazy co-sleeping parents like myself. All my babes have co-slept. I will admit that more often than not I am holding Odette while she sleeps. I am not a sound sleeper so I have zero fear of dropping her or rolling over on to her. But when I do put her down, it is in here. The side rail bends down so it is so easy to just turn and grab her to feed her in the middle of the night. Also the light feature on this is quite useful. With most bassinets and co-sleepers they are just not tall enough for our bed. But this one adjusts to great heights my friends! It can stretch way above my bed if needed. So this I highly recommend. 

two: burts bees clothing. Also a new product in this house! I am loving everything about the Burts Bee's baby clothes. I found them online at Target (sadly not sold in stores) and have since ordered directly from the Burts Bee's website. They are so soft, and wash great!! 

three: carters long sleeve onsies. I have preached my love for all Carter's onesies, but Odette has been living in the long sleeves since the temps are still chilly here. I love how these fit, and they are longer than they are wide which is great! And buying the packs of these makes it easier for me to justify tossing the ones that get stained so frequently. 

four: mini boden leggings. Mini Boden is by far my favorite kids brand. A little on the pricier side but well worth the money. I love their baby leggings, they come in all kinds of cute prints. 

five: mustela no-rinse cleansing fluid. This is the holy grail of baby products! I first started using this with Ace, and I think I have a problem, like I am a serious addict. This can be used for so many things, to clean the diaper area, a quick rinse with a wash cloth in between baths, or just an everyday refresher. I use this morning and night on Odette, I wash her little hands, and clean her diaper area with a warm wash cloth and a couple squirts of this fluid. It smells heavenly! Can they make this in an adult size?

six: burts bees multipurpose ointment. I have mentioned this before on the blog somewhere, but this is the only diaper ointment that seems to work on my kids' sensitive skin. I first started using it with Avalon because she had a reaction to every other cream. Odette seems to be no different, her skin gets dry easily and is very sensitive. This has a wonderful smell, and really seems to work immediately. 

seven: maxi cosi car seat. This was a new purchase. Odette hates it, but I love it. It's so light weight, and the padding in this thing is like a couch cushion! I don't know how Odette doesn't just bask in it's coziness. But in time I thing she will like it as much as I do. 

eight: trumpette socks. Love love love these socks! Again, kind of a splurge for socks but I'm all about the fit and cuteness. I started buying these with Ace and have continued to add to the collection ever since. The designs are the cutest, and they come in packs so I feel like money well spent. Not to mention, I am not one for shoes on feet that don't need them, so these are just as adorable. 

nine: play mat. We have bought one of these play mats for each baby, and the older kids still love theirs. It's just nice to have a soft padded place to lay baby down while you get a thing or two done. Odette hangs out on hers while I take a shower. Plus they have so many other animals to choose from, I just liked the giraffe this time around. 

ten: floor bouncer. This one we are reusing from Avalon, but we have had the same type of bouncer for each baby. They are great to lay them in for their naps, and are easy to move around from room to room if need be. All my kids have been obsessed!

eleven: mamaroo rockaroo. The creme de la creme of baby gear right? But it really is such a neat swing, if you want to call it that. We used to have a traditional swing that we got when Ace was born and every child hated it! So after the third attempt with Avalon we got rid of it. I'm so happy this is it's replacement. The rocking motion is great, and the different speeds are quite helpful. Plus being able to plug in my phone and play some soft noise for Odette is nice. Singing its wonderful rocking praises!

What are some items that help you out with a new baby? Please...share with the class!

One Month Baby!

Apr 14, 2015

Let's just go ahead and take a second for everyone to think of all the cliche "time" phrases that we can...................

Okay! Great! Here is all I could think of, how the hell has it been a month already? I was standing in the kitchen with Christopher yesterday holding Odette and I said "can you believe she will be a month old tomorrow? I feel robbed, I hate it!!!!" And I do. This last month was the best. It was insane at times, but I have never seen our family come so close together. Chris and I are always holding Odette like the scene from The Lion King, you know the one, like she is a gift every time she enters the room and all should hail baby. It's pretty funny to watch...but it is so true! She has stolen all of our attention, good and bad. Well, there is no bad attention with a baby, but the other kids might have a different opinions that.

Let's talk about her though! She is an awesome baby. Chris has said from day one you had a pretty easy pregnancy (he was in Japan for a month of my morning sickness so I forgive his selective memory), a stupidly easy delivery, and now she is such a good baby, your luck is running out. And I can't help but think he's right!! She really is super chill (for now). She sleeps all.the.time. Yes, this is a newborn thing, but in my experience I have never had a baby quite like this. From day one of bringing her home she has slept 2-3 hours and then will nurse for a solid 45 minutes. Yes, time consuming but the silver lining is that she will sleep for another two hours. So if I can get the big kids to not kill each other in that feeding frenzy, then I have a solid chunk of time to devote to them after she is done. Now night time is slightly different. She still sleeps a good amount of time, but she does like to party hard for a solid hour from 3-4am. None of which bothers me, I am not a person who needs a lot of sleep to function. I'm a horrible sleeper and always have been, so if I can get a solid four hours in I will be okay. It might be taking years off my life, but my dad always said you can sleep when you're dead. Is that a little too morbid for a one month baby update post? Probably, moving on.  
Let's see, let's see. She loves tummy time, which all of my kids have. She has rolled over twice already, but we are just calling it a fluke because I mean she is just now a month old. She is strong and can hold her head up, but actual rolling? I refuse to let my mind except that! But if you ask Chris, he will say she is the hulk and he will whip out his phone with video to prove it. Again...in my book...no. She loves the bath, same as her siblings did as well. Once I get her in some warm water she closes her eyes as if she is at the spa. She is completely relaxed until I pull her out. She HATES her car seat!! Now this is a new one for me because all the other kids loved being in the car. And not so lucky for Odette, we are busier than ever and my chauffeur service is booked full every week. She hates life in the car, and it usually takes her a little bit to settle down. I feel awful, the kids are all stressed that the baby is crying. It is going to take some getting used to. Practice makes perfect right? Right, sorry Odette.

We won't have another check up until two months because she was a little porker at her two week appointment. She weighed 8 lbs 5 oz and was 21 inches long. So quite the little growth spurt from her birth weight of 6 lbs 15 oz and 20 inches long. Clearly I have no idea where she is right now, but we are in size one diapers and moved into 0-3 month clothing. Onward and upward!!

I think that is about it. I am just soaking in all this newborn-ness. We love her we love her we love her!! 

The End. 

Goin' Solo

Apr 13, 2015

Last week I made the decision to go solo. Well actually the decision was made for me, but honestly I thought my mom, Chris and I had a good thing going. But like all great groups...we parted ways. I'd like to think about it along the lines of how Beyonce branched out from Destiny's Child. I mean I am no Beyonce, but I have higher hopes, and bigger dreams for myself. More chaos! More tantrums! More butt wiping! And I want it all.to.my.self. So you see, I had to let these other two go. They were just bringing me down. Surely you understand. 

When Odette surprised us a little earlier than expected I would be a fool to tell you I wasn't a little bit nervous about how I was going to do it all. My mom has always been able to come a little before the birth of a baby to help me get everything set up, meals in the freezer, and house cleaned. This time that didn't happen. But, much to my surprise we were okay. Chris got some time off and he picked up some all of the slack with the older kiddos. I got to concentrate on my sore nipples and rapid fire diaper changes. Just when his days at home were numbered my mom so wonderfully put her life on hold and spent two weeks in crazy town. Truth be told she was losing her mind on those last few days. Bless her heart...there aren't too many people who are mentally or physically prepared to handle my house for a prolonged period of time. She has since resumed her slower paced life in Las Vegas and I am sure she is not counting down the days to her next visit...but we are. 
So last week I was completely on my own. Why do I say completely? I mean surely I still have a husband. But I did not see said husband conscious all week long. He had insane hours and the only time I caught a glimpse of him was when I woke up to feed Odette in the middle of the night. But much to my life's motto...sink or swim baby! Monday we were back to a normal schedule. Preschool mornings are a strict time schedule in this house. Or I pretend that they are. I try and over prepare the night before, laying everyone's clothes out. Getting up much earlier than the kids to prepare their breakfast, fill juice cups, check the weather to make sure I don't send Ace to school without the proper attire (can't be that mom...even though I have been), oh and drink all the coffee. Most mornings run smoothly, everyone sticks to my crazy down to the minute time schedule, my "eat your breakfast or you will go hungry" threats, and my "please put your shoes on, put your shoes on, PUT YOUR SHOES ON" requests. But throw a newborn in the mix and things get loco real fast. 

from the mouths of babes

Apr 8, 2015

Here we have the progression of an all children's picture, followed by the words that come of out their mouths. What better combination? I will say these gems have been recorded over the last month, so it is a mixture of many different scenarios. Enjoy!
Random day, normal afternoon:
Ace- hey mom can I get this game on my iPad?
Me- Ace that game is in Spanish.
Ace- ya that's okay.
Me- but you don't speak Spanish.
Ace- yes I do, hola mama!!

As I was having some sharp pains in the kitchen (while still pregnant)
Ace- are you having a heart attack?
Me- no just some baby pains.
Ace- I think you are having a heart attack.
Me- Ace I am not having a heart attack!!!
Ace- well obviously you are!
Around 4:30pm:
Ace- mom I am SO hungry.
Me- You just had a bowl of strawberries.
Ace- I know but I am starving!
Me- Okay well you can wait just a little bit for me to make dinner.
Ace- WHAT!! throws himself on the ground I am going to die!! Why are you trying to kill me?? Ahhhhh I am so hungry!!!!
Me- walks away....

After playing:
Me- If you guys are done with the string maze, can you please take it down?
Ace- take it down? you mean like take the tape off?
Pierce- huh??
Me- Yes, just pull it down.
Ace- MOM! you can't ask kids to clean up that's bad parenting.
While sitting on the couch:
Pierce- here mom let me brush you hair.
Me- why thank you Pierce.
Pierce- brush brush brush....tangle tangle tangle. There now you look like a man.
Me- Great!

Pierce blaring music from his iPad-
Pierce- oh ya, I'm a rock star, oh ya, shake your booty, oh ya.
Everyone laughs.
Me- Pierce where did you get this little personality?
Pierce- oh I bought it from the store.
After bringing home Odette:
Ace- Oh mom she is so cute. I like this baby. Can we keep her for like a day?

A couple days after having Odette:
Pierce- So mama when does that baby come out?? pointing to my stomach

While I am sitting on the couch feeding Odette:

That's all folks!

Sale Spotlight: Shopbop

Apr 7, 2015

Good things come to those who wait, right? Right! Whenever Shopbop has a Friends and Family sale I literally squeal with delight. Shopbop is one of my very favorite places to shop online, not to mention they have the fastest shipping this side of.....the tundra? But no really, they offer free 3-day shipping on all orders. Winner winner chicken dinner my friends. So I highly suggest hoping over there and capitalizing on 25% off your entire order, now through the 9th. There are so many new pieces for spring, but also some amazing items on sale. Now is the time to snatch up that great pair of denim, or that summer dress you have been coveting. May the shopping odds be ever in your favor!!

Here are some of my picks:

taking stock

Apr 6, 2015

picture from our walk this weekend

Making : Well, technically I am not making them, but I am having prints made for a project Ace has to do for preschool. 

Cooking : Chicken Picatta for dinner tonight! Recipe here

Drinking : Water! Tons and tons of water. Breastfeeding turns me into a camel. I just can't get enough water. 

Reading: Kids books. I would love to read one of the many collecting dust in my pile. But we got some new children's books, so that means we are on repeat reading mode.

Wanting: Denim dresses...I'll take this one, or this one, and maybe this one.

Playing: With all the toys that my mother bought the kids during her stay. I am toy-ed out! No more toys. 

Listening: To Odette's sleeping baby noises. I'd love to know what she is dreaming about...seems like a good one!

Sewing: Not a thing. But I did fold laundry today, that has to count for something. Right?

Wishing: I had an extra set of arms. It never fails that when I am holding the baby, or breastfeeding, someone needs something. Or wants to be held as well. I would love to just do it all.    

Enjoying: The idea of spring around here. Last week we had some pretty amazing days as far as weather goes. High 40's. Kids outside playing, iced coffee's. My Vegas living self would stay inside under a heating blanket if I heard anything close to 40 degrees. But up here....seize the moment.

Liking: Fresh flowers in the house. The market downtown has the most beautiful tulips right now, and I can't help but want them in every color in every room of the house. But...Pierce likes to murder pretty flowers, and that is like flushing money down the toilet. So I'm settling for flowers  in the kitchen. 

Wondering:  How I am going to take a shower. I usually shower at night, but lately I have been passing out the second Odette takes her last gulp of milk. I am not sure I trust any child around the baby without my hawk eyes on them, so maybe just an extra spray of dry shampoo...and a couple more swipes of deodorant? Is that totally gross? I am pulling the new baby card here.

Hoping: To show this week who the boss is. This is my first entire week solo, that includes preschool days, and all our normal activities.

Marveling: At Odette's eating habits. The girl can e-a-t. She is quite the sleeper as well, but if she happens to get one eye open she better see me assuming my position on the couch. 

Needing: To cross so many things off my to-do list. I feel like I took such a break while Chris was off and my mom was here (and rightfully so) that things are just piling on top of one another.

Smelling: The candle that I picked up at Target, I can't find it online but it is called "Blonde Woods & Musk" and it is kind of amazing. Not really spring like...but I'm diggin' it. 

Wearing: Jeans and a light sweater. I feel like that is my easy combo these days. I am loving anything and everything denim. 

Thinking: About how my mom almost burnt down my house when she set my toaster on fire. I see the reminder of the whole event with my burnt cabinet in the kitchen. It was actually all very funny looking back now. I can tell you that my mother and I are not the kind of people you want around when there is fire, zero logical thinking going on.

Feeling:  Incredibly blessed. 

Bookmarking: These wedges, completely impractical...but so are a lot of other things that I buy. Also wanting to try this lipstick. Loving this romper for Odette, and matching dress for Avalon (is it bad to want them to match sometimes?). 

That's all I got! Happy Monday friends, I hope everyone's Easter was amazing. 

The Mommy Mail Helper

Apr 3, 2015

Never did I think I would ever get to the point in my life that I was just "too busy". I mean who is too busy to lick some envelopes and slap on a stamp? This lady, that's who. I think I have learned my lesson when it comes to sending out late Christmas cards, and I desperately wanted to get Odette's birth announcements sent out before her first birthday. That is why I became insanely happy when I was introduced to Postable. What is Postable you ask? Pretty much the most time saving mail service ever invented. You can customize just about any kind of card under the sun, but the best part is, they print and mail the cards for you!! Yes, you read that right. You will not have to find time in between filling juice cups, changing diapers, making food, and picking up legos. It only took me a couple minutes to customize my card, and update my address book. Then you just send them off! 

I will admit that I was a little apprehensive about it all. Will they look good? Will they look exactly like the preview? Is this all too informal for my family and friends? I would have to say no. They looked so great, and the feedback from the recipients has been wonderful. Even Chris said, "they look good, so professional" that mans seal of approval is like gold! 

I for one will definitely be using Postable again come the holidays! Our family and friends won't know what hit them when they open their mailbox before Christmas and there is a card from me in there. Blowing minds over here.

So, go check them out! They have beautiful cards for every occasion, and it really couldn't be easier. 

-a huge thank you to Postable for sponsoring this post. a review was not asked for, but I truly recommend this company and as usual all opinions are my all mine. 

Spring Trends: This over That

Apr 2, 2015

So now that the closet has been cleaned out, it's time to switch out some items. All of my staple pieces that carried me through the winter can take a much needed break as I incorporate some fresher pieces for spring. I try to pick items that I know I will get a lot of use out of. Pieces that are on trend, but that will also be able to be worn season after season. 
Suede and fringe are huge for this spring, and what better way than to have both in a jacket? I can tell you that my Hunter boots will be missed, but I am so excited to slip on a pair of mules. I once thought the mule slide was only for my mom....but this mama is loving it! Denim jackets will always be a spring invitation, once they come out I just want someone to invite me to a bbq. Did anyone hear that? You can invite me to a bbq...where I intend on eating all your food, and wearing a denim jacket! 

Bye bye beanie! My ears no longer need your warmth. I happen to love a fedora in all forms, short brim, wide brim, floppy, bring it! I will tell you that I am sad to see my over the knee boots going into hibernation, but the bootie is a cute and mom friendly way to rock a boot in the spring. Last but not least on my closet switch-a-roo is the vest. Say see ya to the faux fur and puffer vest, and hello longline lover! I am really into this trend because it is so easy to throw on a t-shirt and jeans with a long vest as a topper and look totally put together. On lookers at Target will think I take pride in my appearance. Little will they know that in order to do one thing I must sacrifice another, if I got dressed my hair is most definitely not washed! 

Nevertheless, with an organized closet I somehow feel like my life is a little less chaotic. Please don't try and tell me different, let me live in this fantasy! 

Tell me, do you spring clean your closet?

Below are all my favorites:

Spring Closet Clean Out

Apr 1, 2015

I tend to shop....a lot. Sometimes I just shop to shop, sometimes I am on a mission to find a specific piece, but more often than not my closet is a disaster! There are just too many things in there and then I lose track of what I have worn, what is new and what's not, and I even forget the pieces that I have and end up buying a similar one. It's a real problem people! So I make it a point to clean out my closet regularly, but twice a year, usually spring and fall I do a huge re-do. My style is always evolving so my closet seems to morph into many different things, but once it gets too crazy I get completely overwhelmed by opening the door. Plus, I figure after having a baby there is no better time than to really get organized. Here is how I approach cleaning out my closet:
Get rid of anything that doesn't make you feel good- This could be things that don't fit, yes I just had a baby, and no not everything fits yet, but I know what fit me before my pregnancy and what didn't. Get rid of items that don't make you feel confident when you put them on. No sense in keeping anything that you really just don't feel like you look good in. 

Get rid of things you haven't worn within a year- This one is huge for me! I tend to look at pieces in my closet that I bought when I worked at Anthropologie, or even Marciano, and think....this is such a great dress I know I will wear it. A year later it is still in my closet with the tags on. These are pieces that need to go! If you haven't worn it within a year, you probably won't be wearing it. *Side note: since the military dictates much of my closet based on where they put us geographically, I do keep things that can move with me. Jackets, boots, sweaters, and select dresses because I may not be able to wear them in Alaska but I could in Georgia. Still, I try to keep these things to a minimum. 

Keep things you love right now- I often ask myself while going through hangers, "would I go out and buy this right now?" if the answer is no, then it gets tossed in the pile. If I really don't like it now why would I like it next spring? It is just taking up space...say bye bye bye!

No guilt trips- If there is one thing Chris and my family know not to buy me, it's clothing. Unless you have specifically seen it on a wishlist or bookmarked on my computer, don't even try. Ha! I am picky. With that being said, don't keep items just because someone bought them for you. Or they remind you of that one time at that one place with that one person, yet you have never worn it again! Toss it...make room for something else!

Don't keep clothes you wouldn't wear out of the house- I am not talking about your college sweatpants here, although I would keep those at a bare minimum. I am talking about things in your closet that again don't fit, might be stained, might be broken yet you have not taken the time to get them fixed. Things that you swore you would get tailored yet are still in the original condition. These can all go. If you wouldn't leave your house in it, don't leave it in your closet. 

For me, I try to keep my "work out" clothes, and sweats to a slim few, that way I am less tempted to run around in those. One thing I struggled with when I first became a stay at home mom was my sense of sparkle. I put less effort into my appearance because I thought, who cares, no one sees me anyway. But I wasn't happy that way. I didn't want my husband to always come home to a woman who looked like a troll under a bridge. Does it happen? Yes! But, I feel better during the day when I get dressed, swipe on some lipstick, and if children permit maybe even shower!

So, now you have this huge pile of stuff. What to do? If they are pieces with tags on them, or even gently used items, sell them! Find your local consignment store, open a different instagram account, list them on Poshmark, you got options my friends. 

Donate, or swap items. I am always dropping off stuff at Goodwill, or Salvation Army. My stuff, the kids stuff, toys, you name it. Donate it. And once you have gone through the pile and there are items that didn't make it into a new pile, trash it! Don't hesitate...just throw it out. 

April closet clean outs, bring new items in May! That's how the saying goes right? 


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