Baby's First Month Favorites

Apr 15, 2015

With each baby you have the opportunity to try some new products. Chris and I have found ourselves saying "man they didn't make that when Ace was born" as if Ace was born 20 years ago or something. He wasn't...just a mere five. Still, baby gear seems to change every year, but there are some tried and true favorites that I have passed along from baby to baby. I am sure all moms have those items that they think are the latest and greatest so I am here to share my very one sided opinion on the things we, (I say we as if Odette has voiced her opinion or something) have been liking these past few weeks. 

one: halo co-sleeper. This one is totally new to us and we love it! If you haven't heard of it, I highly suggest watching the video on this bad boy. It has all the bells and whistles for those super crazy co-sleeping parents like myself. All my babes have co-slept. I will admit that more often than not I am holding Odette while she sleeps. I am not a sound sleeper so I have zero fear of dropping her or rolling over on to her. But when I do put her down, it is in here. The side rail bends down so it is so easy to just turn and grab her to feed her in the middle of the night. Also the light feature on this is quite useful. With most bassinets and co-sleepers they are just not tall enough for our bed. But this one adjusts to great heights my friends! It can stretch way above my bed if needed. So this I highly recommend. 

two: burts bees clothing. Also a new product in this house! I am loving everything about the Burts Bee's baby clothes. I found them online at Target (sadly not sold in stores) and have since ordered directly from the Burts Bee's website. They are so soft, and wash great!! 

three: carters long sleeve onsies. I have preached my love for all Carter's onesies, but Odette has been living in the long sleeves since the temps are still chilly here. I love how these fit, and they are longer than they are wide which is great! And buying the packs of these makes it easier for me to justify tossing the ones that get stained so frequently. 

four: mini boden leggings. Mini Boden is by far my favorite kids brand. A little on the pricier side but well worth the money. I love their baby leggings, they come in all kinds of cute prints. 

five: mustela no-rinse cleansing fluid. This is the holy grail of baby products! I first started using this with Ace, and I think I have a problem, like I am a serious addict. This can be used for so many things, to clean the diaper area, a quick rinse with a wash cloth in between baths, or just an everyday refresher. I use this morning and night on Odette, I wash her little hands, and clean her diaper area with a warm wash cloth and a couple squirts of this fluid. It smells heavenly! Can they make this in an adult size?

six: burts bees multipurpose ointment. I have mentioned this before on the blog somewhere, but this is the only diaper ointment that seems to work on my kids' sensitive skin. I first started using it with Avalon because she had a reaction to every other cream. Odette seems to be no different, her skin gets dry easily and is very sensitive. This has a wonderful smell, and really seems to work immediately. 

seven: maxi cosi car seat. This was a new purchase. Odette hates it, but I love it. It's so light weight, and the padding in this thing is like a couch cushion! I don't know how Odette doesn't just bask in it's coziness. But in time I thing she will like it as much as I do. 

eight: trumpette socks. Love love love these socks! Again, kind of a splurge for socks but I'm all about the fit and cuteness. I started buying these with Ace and have continued to add to the collection ever since. The designs are the cutest, and they come in packs so I feel like money well spent. Not to mention, I am not one for shoes on feet that don't need them, so these are just as adorable. 

nine: play mat. We have bought one of these play mats for each baby, and the older kids still love theirs. It's just nice to have a soft padded place to lay baby down while you get a thing or two done. Odette hangs out on hers while I take a shower. Plus they have so many other animals to choose from, I just liked the giraffe this time around. 

ten: floor bouncer. This one we are reusing from Avalon, but we have had the same type of bouncer for each baby. They are great to lay them in for their naps, and are easy to move around from room to room if need be. All my kids have been obsessed!

eleven: mamaroo rockaroo. The creme de la creme of baby gear right? But it really is such a neat swing, if you want to call it that. We used to have a traditional swing that we got when Ace was born and every child hated it! So after the third attempt with Avalon we got rid of it. I'm so happy this is it's replacement. The rocking motion is great, and the different speeds are quite helpful. Plus being able to plug in my phone and play some soft noise for Odette is nice. Singing its wonderful rocking praises!

What are some items that help you out with a new baby? Please...share with the class!


  1. I just love that play mat, my nephew still has his and I find myself laying on it when I'm visiting haha.

  2. Such a great list! I agree about the shoes! I'm shocked whenever we get shoes for babies. I think I've put them on a babe once and it was over Easter. But yes to those socks! And long onesies! And there's a lot here I haven't heard of either. If I wasn't done....

  3. I love Burts Bees clothes, too. Would you believe they sell them at CVS? So random:)



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