from the mouths of babes

Apr 8, 2015

Here we have the progression of an all children's picture, followed by the words that come of out their mouths. What better combination? I will say these gems have been recorded over the last month, so it is a mixture of many different scenarios. Enjoy!
Random day, normal afternoon:
Ace- hey mom can I get this game on my iPad?
Me- Ace that game is in Spanish.
Ace- ya that's okay.
Me- but you don't speak Spanish.
Ace- yes I do, hola mama!!

As I was having some sharp pains in the kitchen (while still pregnant)
Ace- are you having a heart attack?
Me- no just some baby pains.
Ace- I think you are having a heart attack.
Me- Ace I am not having a heart attack!!!
Ace- well obviously you are!
Around 4:30pm:
Ace- mom I am SO hungry.
Me- You just had a bowl of strawberries.
Ace- I know but I am starving!
Me- Okay well you can wait just a little bit for me to make dinner.
Ace- WHAT!! throws himself on the ground I am going to die!! Why are you trying to kill me?? Ahhhhh I am so hungry!!!!
Me- walks away....

After playing:
Me- If you guys are done with the string maze, can you please take it down?
Ace- take it down? you mean like take the tape off?
Pierce- huh??
Me- Yes, just pull it down.
Ace- MOM! you can't ask kids to clean up that's bad parenting.
While sitting on the couch:
Pierce- here mom let me brush you hair.
Me- why thank you Pierce.
Pierce- brush brush brush....tangle tangle tangle. There now you look like a man.
Me- Great!

Pierce blaring music from his iPad-
Pierce- oh ya, I'm a rock star, oh ya, shake your booty, oh ya.
Everyone laughs.
Me- Pierce where did you get this little personality?
Pierce- oh I bought it from the store.
After bringing home Odette:
Ace- Oh mom she is so cute. I like this baby. Can we keep her for like a day?

A couple days after having Odette:
Pierce- So mama when does that baby come out?? pointing to my stomach

While I am sitting on the couch feeding Odette:

That's all folks!


  1. Oh my gosh the booby buttons cracks me up!!!! HAHA!

  2. hilarious!! Thanks for this cute read!! xx

  3. Lol booby buttons! Excellent new name for them!

  4. They crack me up. Thanks for the laughs. Love you all Aunt Kim

  5. This is lovely. I laughed a lot :)



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