Goin' Solo

Apr 13, 2015

Last week I made the decision to go solo. Well actually the decision was made for me, but honestly I thought my mom, Chris and I had a good thing going. But like all great groups...we parted ways. I'd like to think about it along the lines of how Beyonce branched out from Destiny's Child. I mean I am no Beyonce, but I have higher hopes, and bigger dreams for myself. More chaos! More tantrums! More butt wiping! And I want it all.to.my.self. So you see, I had to let these other two go. They were just bringing me down. Surely you understand. 

When Odette surprised us a little earlier than expected I would be a fool to tell you I wasn't a little bit nervous about how I was going to do it all. My mom has always been able to come a little before the birth of a baby to help me get everything set up, meals in the freezer, and house cleaned. This time that didn't happen. But, much to my surprise we were okay. Chris got some time off and he picked up some all of the slack with the older kiddos. I got to concentrate on my sore nipples and rapid fire diaper changes. Just when his days at home were numbered my mom so wonderfully put her life on hold and spent two weeks in crazy town. Truth be told she was losing her mind on those last few days. Bless her heart...there aren't too many people who are mentally or physically prepared to handle my house for a prolonged period of time. She has since resumed her slower paced life in Las Vegas and I am sure she is not counting down the days to her next visit...but we are. 
So last week I was completely on my own. Why do I say completely? I mean surely I still have a husband. But I did not see said husband conscious all week long. He had insane hours and the only time I caught a glimpse of him was when I woke up to feed Odette in the middle of the night. But much to my life's motto...sink or swim baby! Monday we were back to a normal schedule. Preschool mornings are a strict time schedule in this house. Or I pretend that they are. I try and over prepare the night before, laying everyone's clothes out. Getting up much earlier than the kids to prepare their breakfast, fill juice cups, check the weather to make sure I don't send Ace to school without the proper attire (can't be that mom...even though I have been), oh and drink all the coffee. Most mornings run smoothly, everyone sticks to my crazy down to the minute time schedule, my "eat your breakfast or you will go hungry" threats, and my "please put your shoes on, put your shoes on, PUT YOUR SHOES ON" requests. But throw a newborn in the mix and things get loco real fast. 

I still woke up early to "get ready" which only included brushing my teeth and throwing my hair on top of my head because Odette was like, mom you are all kinds of funny if you think I'm just going to let this all happen. I threw on whatever clothes I felt were clean and headed down stairs. Started my coffee...key word started because it was never finished. Then Odette wanted to eat...and eat...and eat. I was getting panicky, I needed to get Ace up. But oh crap his breakfast! And oh wait, my coffee. No no Ace first coffee second. I woke him up, told him to get dressed, he did. He said "mom where is my breakfast?" oh ya, food, you need to eat. But oh wait I have to get Pierce up. Did the baby just poop? I hear "mom can I have something to drink"? Yes! Want my coffee because clearly I am not drinking it? I get Pierce up, change the baby's diaper, pour some juice, look at the time and realize we need to be loaded and on the road in 20 minutes. Wait! Where is Avalon? I run and get her up, change her diaper. Odette spits up all over herself. Now two kids are screaming for food. But shit, I need to warm up my car. I run outside barefoot because finding shoes might waste another minute. Start the car, run back in, change Odette, get Avalon something to drink, we are down to 10 minutes until takeoff. Ace asks if it is show and tell...why yes, it"s Monday, go find a toy to bring. Pierce and Avalon are still in pajamas. I sit down to top off the baby, then Avalon asks for food. What! I haven't fed any of you yet! Great! I burp Odette while simultaneously trying to help the older kids get shoes on. I grab a handful of granola bars, and some cuties to peel and throw at them while we drive. Let's load up! I underestimated how long it would take to buckle four kids into car seats. Six minutes....it took six minutes!!! 

We drive off...on this drive it starts to rain a little. That rain turned into freezing rain and then a little snow mixture. I looked behind me because surely I remembered to put Ace's snow pants and boots in the car. Nope, nada, nothing! I kept that bit of information to myself as not to induce a rage filled tantrum out of Ace. We get to school and Ace says "mom where are my friends' cars?". Just dig my hole deeper why dontcha? We run in and I quietly ask his teacher if they will be going outside today because I forgot everything. She assured me they were doing a project inside. THANK GOODNESS! I got back into the car with the other three and just took a second to harness my chi. Back home we go until pick up time. 

But oh wait. My coffee!! 

-the week in fact got much better, and by Friday we arrived at preschool drop off with three minutes to spare. In other words...bad ass!


  1. You are a rockstar!!!!! :) Those kiddos sure are lucky to have you.

  2. I feel like the older ones just wait silently until they see us assume nursing position and then all our debts are called in. Been there. Done that. I am just thankful we taught Letty how to buckle herself in shortly after Dom's arrival. It's the little things.

    Oh and this was hysterical.

  3. This gave me a much needed laugh this morning! Glad your week got a little easier!! Lots more good luck to you! ;)

  4. I don't know how you do it! It takes us an insane amount of time to buckle.. Adri refuses to just sit and stay!

  5. You're obviously awesome and I'm still laughing at this story! You're a better much more on time mama than I and I've only got 1!!!

  6. Haha...I still throw on whatever cloths I THINK are clean, and I only have one kiddo! You're a superstar!! Love it!

    Thanks for linking up with the Saturday Spotlight!



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