One Month Baby!

Apr 14, 2015

Let's just go ahead and take a second for everyone to think of all the cliche "time" phrases that we can...................

Okay! Great! Here is all I could think of, how the hell has it been a month already? I was standing in the kitchen with Christopher yesterday holding Odette and I said "can you believe she will be a month old tomorrow? I feel robbed, I hate it!!!!" And I do. This last month was the best. It was insane at times, but I have never seen our family come so close together. Chris and I are always holding Odette like the scene from The Lion King, you know the one, like she is a gift every time she enters the room and all should hail baby. It's pretty funny to watch...but it is so true! She has stolen all of our attention, good and bad. Well, there is no bad attention with a baby, but the other kids might have a different opinions that.

Let's talk about her though! She is an awesome baby. Chris has said from day one you had a pretty easy pregnancy (he was in Japan for a month of my morning sickness so I forgive his selective memory), a stupidly easy delivery, and now she is such a good baby, your luck is running out. And I can't help but think he's right!! She really is super chill (for now). She sleeps all.the.time. Yes, this is a newborn thing, but in my experience I have never had a baby quite like this. From day one of bringing her home she has slept 2-3 hours and then will nurse for a solid 45 minutes. Yes, time consuming but the silver lining is that she will sleep for another two hours. So if I can get the big kids to not kill each other in that feeding frenzy, then I have a solid chunk of time to devote to them after she is done. Now night time is slightly different. She still sleeps a good amount of time, but she does like to party hard for a solid hour from 3-4am. None of which bothers me, I am not a person who needs a lot of sleep to function. I'm a horrible sleeper and always have been, so if I can get a solid four hours in I will be okay. It might be taking years off my life, but my dad always said you can sleep when you're dead. Is that a little too morbid for a one month baby update post? Probably, moving on.  
Let's see, let's see. She loves tummy time, which all of my kids have. She has rolled over twice already, but we are just calling it a fluke because I mean she is just now a month old. She is strong and can hold her head up, but actual rolling? I refuse to let my mind except that! But if you ask Chris, he will say she is the hulk and he will whip out his phone with video to prove it. my She loves the bath, same as her siblings did as well. Once I get her in some warm water she closes her eyes as if she is at the spa. She is completely relaxed until I pull her out. She HATES her car seat!! Now this is a new one for me because all the other kids loved being in the car. And not so lucky for Odette, we are busier than ever and my chauffeur service is booked full every week. She hates life in the car, and it usually takes her a little bit to settle down. I feel awful, the kids are all stressed that the baby is crying. It is going to take some getting used to. Practice makes perfect right? Right, sorry Odette.

We won't have another check up until two months because she was a little porker at her two week appointment. She weighed 8 lbs 5 oz and was 21 inches long. So quite the little growth spurt from her birth weight of 6 lbs 15 oz and 20 inches long. Clearly I have no idea where she is right now, but we are in size one diapers and moved into 0-3 month clothing. Onward and upward!!

I think that is about it. I am just soaking in all this newborn-ness. We love her we love her we love her!! 

The End. 


  1. She is so incredibly precious! And sounds like such a good little baby.
    Hopefully, she will grow out of her carseat hatred, unlike my son. From day 1, he hated his car seat and then passed along his hatred to his stroller, which we used a handful of times then gave up completely. He only wanted to be wrapped to me in the moby, and then once mobile, he just wanted to RUN. So I wish you better luck than us in your carseat endeavors!

    1. Oh NO! She likes the carrier, but the car seat is a struggle in the beginning every time. Hopefully she grows to like it ;)

  2. A month old already!? She is such a gorgeous little one.

  3. Oh so sweet! My fourth is 16 months old now and I would totally rewind just to redo it all over!

  4. My dad always says that too, about sleeping when you are dead. And why don't kids love the car!! Especially when there are all these fun siblings to stare at! She's getting so big already and it's too much!!!



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