Spring Trends: This over That

Apr 2, 2015

So now that the closet has been cleaned out, it's time to switch out some items. All of my staple pieces that carried me through the winter can take a much needed break as I incorporate some fresher pieces for spring. I try to pick items that I know I will get a lot of use out of. Pieces that are on trend, but that will also be able to be worn season after season. 
Suede and fringe are huge for this spring, and what better way than to have both in a jacket? I can tell you that my Hunter boots will be missed, but I am so excited to slip on a pair of mules. I once thought the mule slide was only for my mom....but this mama is loving it! Denim jackets will always be a spring invitation, once they come out I just want someone to invite me to a bbq. Did anyone hear that? You can invite me to a bbq...where I intend on eating all your food, and wearing a denim jacket! 

Bye bye beanie! My ears no longer need your warmth. I happen to love a fedora in all forms, short brim, wide brim, floppy, bring it! I will tell you that I am sad to see my over the knee boots going into hibernation, but the bootie is a cute and mom friendly way to rock a boot in the spring. Last but not least on my closet switch-a-roo is the vest. Say see ya to the faux fur and puffer vest, and hello longline lover! I am really into this trend because it is so easy to throw on a t-shirt and jeans with a long vest as a topper and look totally put together. On lookers at Target will think I take pride in my appearance. Little will they know that in order to do one thing I must sacrifice another, if I got dressed my hair is most definitely not washed! 

Nevertheless, with an organized closet I somehow feel like my life is a little less chaotic. Please don't try and tell me different, let me live in this fantasy! 

Tell me, do you spring clean your closet?

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  1. Reading your blog is hard on my wallet ;)

  2. But duck boots are just so damn comfortable!!!

  3. love the comparison, its still cold here in New York so can't ditch my coat yet! love the edit. do check out the latest post on my blog, all about Spring!

    1. It is still pretty chilly here in Alaska too, but I am gearing up for the sunshine :)



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