taking stock

Apr 6, 2015

picture from our walk this weekend

Making : Well, technically I am not making them, but I am having prints made for a project Ace has to do for preschool. 

Cooking : Chicken Picatta for dinner tonight! Recipe here

Drinking : Water! Tons and tons of water. Breastfeeding turns me into a camel. I just can't get enough water. 

Reading: Kids books. I would love to read one of the many collecting dust in my pile. But we got some new children's books, so that means we are on repeat reading mode.

Wanting: Denim dresses...I'll take this one, or this one, and maybe this one.

Playing: With all the toys that my mother bought the kids during her stay. I am toy-ed out! No more toys. 

Listening: To Odette's sleeping baby noises. I'd love to know what she is dreaming about...seems like a good one!

Sewing: Not a thing. But I did fold laundry today, that has to count for something. Right?

Wishing: I had an extra set of arms. It never fails that when I am holding the baby, or breastfeeding, someone needs something. Or wants to be held as well. I would love to just do it all.    

Enjoying: The idea of spring around here. Last week we had some pretty amazing days as far as weather goes. High 40's. Kids outside playing, iced coffee's. My Vegas living self would stay inside under a heating blanket if I heard anything close to 40 degrees. But up here....seize the moment.

Liking: Fresh flowers in the house. The market downtown has the most beautiful tulips right now, and I can't help but want them in every color in every room of the house. But...Pierce likes to murder pretty flowers, and that is like flushing money down the toilet. So I'm settling for flowers  in the kitchen. 

Wondering:  How I am going to take a shower. I usually shower at night, but lately I have been passing out the second Odette takes her last gulp of milk. I am not sure I trust any child around the baby without my hawk eyes on them, so maybe just an extra spray of dry shampoo...and a couple more swipes of deodorant? Is that totally gross? I am pulling the new baby card here.

Hoping: To show this week who the boss is. This is my first entire week solo, that includes preschool days, and all our normal activities.

Marveling: At Odette's eating habits. The girl can e-a-t. She is quite the sleeper as well, but if she happens to get one eye open she better see me assuming my position on the couch. 

Needing: To cross so many things off my to-do list. I feel like I took such a break while Chris was off and my mom was here (and rightfully so) that things are just piling on top of one another.

Smelling: The candle that I picked up at Target, I can't find it online but it is called "Blonde Woods & Musk" and it is kind of amazing. Not really spring like...but I'm diggin' it. 

Wearing: Jeans and a light sweater. I feel like that is my easy combo these days. I am loving anything and everything denim. 

Thinking: About how my mom almost burnt down my house when she set my toaster on fire. I see the reminder of the whole event with my burnt cabinet in the kitchen. It was actually all very funny looking back now. I can tell you that my mother and I are not the kind of people you want around when there is fire, zero logical thinking going on.

Feeling:  Incredibly blessed. 

Bookmarking: These wedges, completely impractical...but so are a lot of other things that I buy. Also wanting to try this lipstick. Loving this romper for Odette, and matching dress for Avalon (is it bad to want them to match sometimes?). 

That's all I got! Happy Monday friends, I hope everyone's Easter was amazing. 


  1. You are supermom! No joke, I am in awe of you! :)

  2. Beautiful photo!

    I'm curious about that Target candle. I'll have to see if my store has it.

    1. I know they have it in store, they are huge hurricane candles, and they smell amazing!!

  3. Oh wow well good luck this week! If anyone can pull it off I know it's you!

  4. That view of downtown Anchorage is one of my favourite in the city. I have a lot of photos like that one. I also used to love going there at night to get photos of the city lights and mountains in the backyard. Point Woronzof has the best sunsets in the city by far.

    1. Could not agree with you more! We love grabbing a pizza and taking the kids down there to watch the sunsets, and they can watch the planes :)



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