twofer tuesday: the denim jacket

Apr 28, 2015

Today, I am teaming up with my friend Britt from The Fisk Files to bring you our takes on the all time spring favorite....the denim jacket! Since we both have four kids (she just announced yesterday they are expecting number five!!!! ahhh so excited!!) we thought we would show how to style a jacket from our day time toddler craziness to a rare...rare...rare night out. 
denim jacket: zara (love this one) // tee: american apparel // jeans: target 
shoes: converse // sunglasses: ray-ban 

I think most people shy away from doing a denim jacket, with an actual pair of denim. I however love the look of mixing different denim washes in one outfit. It really gives it such a causal, relaxed vibe. Perfect for rock collecting with my buddy! Any kind of day time look for me has to be simple and movement friendly. Running up the steps at the playground, or rescuing someone from the depths of the big slide are grounds for wearing workout clothes, but in the event of wanting to look "put together" an outfit like this is a go-to!
leather pants: forever 21 // heels: zara (similar here and here) // clutch: kate spade // lipstick: dior 575

From day to night! Let's just a dream world....Chris and I snuck out for a date night, this is totally a look I would throw on and race out of the house in before the death grip of my children could get to me. So simple to transition from earlier in the day, throw on some leather pants that just scream take me downtown baby! A killer heel, and a bright lipstick is all you need. It still keeps everything casual, but adds just enough glam to feel, dare I say pre-children? It's true. 

So, what is your take on the denim classic? 

Also be sure to head over to Britt's neck of the woods to see how she styled hers!


  1. I always LOVE what you end up putting together! This was fun, and you're gorgeous!

  2. I'm just amazed you can fit into so much of your clothing already. I dig the jacket. Even if it would NEVER be worn out. Because we don't go out. ;)

  3. You're not supposed to look that good after having a baby. RUDE. ;)
    I love it best with the leather pants!!!! GOOD COMBO!

  4. I'm always afraid of denim on denim, but girrrrl you rocked it!

  5. A fifth kid! Wow!! I love the mommy & me photos!



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