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May 1, 2015

We have made it to Friday friends!! Why does that always feel like such an accomplishment? Seeing as how my Saturday/ Sunday's don't really look too too different than the rest of the week. But whatever, I'll take any little celebration I can get.

So what can I tell you? Oh! So many firsts going on around here lately....Ace is about to lose his first tooth!! This is totally exciting territory for Chris and I, and I'm pretty sure Ace is so sick of us saying "let me see your tooth!" first born children man....every little thing is super exciting to us. So here is my question seasoned parents, what is the going rate for the tooth fairy these days? Ace is pretty excited/ terrified of the whole thing. "You mean she is going to TAKE my tooth?" "How much money will she leave me? Can I buy a toy?" So how is that determined? Is there a set standard? Does it go by the size of the tooth, pain involved at time of removal, amount of blood, points for creativity of getting it out? Am I over thinking things here? (no...never). Anyway....let me know.

Also a first, Odette made her first trip to Target!! Now this should be celebrated right? She was asleep the whole time so she doesn't remember, but it was a momentous occasion. We picked up these for Avalon, a few of these air fresheners because I am obsessed, I can't walk through my kitchen without picking up a bottle and just spraying it everywhere! And have you seen these lights?? I am still baffled I walked away from buying a couple, but there is always next time!

What else? Oh! I read this article the other day on saving money. That is a total first for me too. But I ended up following some of the advice such as looking through my bank statement and cancelling automatic charges, like itunes apps, some kind of picture editing thing that I don't even use that was taking out 4.99 a month. I ended up cancelling $20 worth of stuff!! That is four grande white chocolate mocha's I just gave to myself! Wait, that's not saving. 

So from saving spending money. Nighttime breastfeeding is the worst thing to ever happen to my wallet! Odette can fall right back to sleep, but I am up like oh, let me see what shopping I'm missing out on. I am loving this beach tote, we don't go to the beach like most people, we go to clamming beaches up here. But still that tote...necessary in my book! From Forever 21 I have in my cart this boater hat, this dress, these shoes, and these woven overalls.

Shall we send you to greener pastures on the internet? Okay, Kate posted this about parenting tips, and I was just nodding in agreement, and taking notes. Natalie put together this realness about the internet and bullying, and I pretty much just wanted to hide in a hole, and then come back out roaring. Tawnya is one badass mama, she posted this about accepting your post-baby body, and I mean, could it be more fitting for me right now? 

That is all I have...

I hope everyone has a great weekend!! 


  1. Oh first tooth!!! My girlfriend gave her daughter a dollar or two I think? But no more than five? Some kids try to pull the wool over their parent's eyes and claim $20 but let's be real. It's a tooth. Hopefully it'll be out painlessly! I did love Natalie's article. And pretty much everything else she writes. And yeah late night shopping. Oh girl. The ways I could spend that $20 you saved. ;)

  2. Yay for her first trip to Target! :) She will forever love it I'm sure.

  3. Oh man... the tooth fairy... I haven't thought about that in a while!? I wonder what the going rate is... probably like $5... it was like $1-2 when I was a kid. I hope it's not more than that... good God that would be ridiculous!

    and THANK YOU for sharing my post :) XO

  4. Love the post baby body post! Also first target trip?! Hurray!



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