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May 15, 2015

Ace had his preschool graduation last night, and all I can really say is that they should have charged admission! I mean we had to pay for the one time use cap and gown set....but seriously that was a small price to pay for the entertainment that was provided. Even though the kids had "practiced" what they were supposed to do before hand, nothing went accordingly. Some kids were overly excited about the whole thing and just could not contain that much joy inside their little bodies. Some children were so shy and mortified by the whole experience (Ace Ace Ace) that they stood there like a deer in headlights. A video throughout the year was shown, and preschool teachers deserve some kind of special place in Heaven....because there is not enough money in the world to make me want to teach wild monkeys! And Ace's teacher has been the biggest influence on Ace coming out of his shell. He is SO shy at school, it is hard to even get him to talk. (I wish I saw this side of Ace in the house!!!) But, he has had her two years in a row, and it is so sad that he won't be seeing her next year. Buuut....dun dun dun....Pierce will have her next year and she is in for a surprise because Pierce and Ace are complete opposites when it comes to out of the house temperament. Pierce will for sure get voted class clown.....and most likely to get arrested for streaking! 

Now summer is upon us and I have no idea what I am going to do to occupy these minions. Your suggestions are more than welcome!

What else is there to share? Not too much on our end, so let's send you else where! 

Everyone...please go look at Grace at 33 weeks pregnant with baby number FIVE!!! I didn't look this good with Ace as a young 21 year old. She amazes me every time. Then go and jump over to see how Jessica makes her day run a little bit smoother with her littles. I mentioned in my first trimester post that I was loving infused waters, well Brittany has read my mind and posted some of her favs. I will be trying all of them!

Moving on to beauty...this post has me wanting to clean out my makeup cabinet! This top coat is my new best friend! All I can say is I got close to four days with no chipping. That is unheard of with the amount of times I wash my hands a day! I am obsessed with Lorac lipsticks right now. I have gone back to Ulta three times in the last two weeks to pick up another one. I will share some of my favs soon!

And it wouldn't be a post from me unless I included some online clothes shopping. Loft is having a killer sale right now. 40% off select items, and these items are gooood! I picked up this chambray shirt, this romper, and this dress. One thing I love about J Crew is they always have some kind of promotion going on. Right now it is 25% off select summer styles. I have this onesie for Odette in my cart, along with this one piece. 

What are you browsing on the inter-webs? Leave it in the comments so I have something to look at while on the couch breastfeeding! 

I hope you all have a wonderful weekend!


  1. He looks so adorable in his cap and gown! I love it.

  2. I did about him in the cap and gown. I am so glad letty's preschool doesn't do this. I would not be as stoic as you were. I'd be hysterical. Emotions come out my eye balls far too many times.

    And yeah grace. She's like born to breed I think.

  3. How cute! I never had a graduation until high school, and so far the girls haven't had any either.. ): Maybe kindergarten. Going to check out those posts. I need my days to go smoother.



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