Happy Birthday Avalon

May 12, 2015

Happy Birthday baby girl!!! Two, where did two years go? Honestly the best two years with this little girl. She has brought so much joy and happiness into this house. Chris and I were absolutely sure we would be okay if we had all boys. We never really thought a girl would be in the cards for us. But sure enough Avalon was the best surprise ever. And a little girl really does change your whole world! She is not only the apple of her daddy's eye, but all the people in this house. Ace and Pierce wait on her hand and foot, from the time she wakes up they say "bugger girl what do you want for breakfast?" "Oh my Avalon what pretty dress are you going to wear today?" It is the sweetest thing to watch. I can only pray for her future boyfriends, because man, not only will they have to deal with her bodyguards but she is treated like a queen. Big shoes to fill....

But lets not get too far ahead....

Avalon you are two! With the sweetest disposition of any child I have ever met. You fill my heart with the greatest of emotions. You have taught me what it is like to be kind, to be gentle, to maybe walk a little slower and take everything in. You operate at a much slower tempo than your brothers, which is welcomed! You have the cutest mannerisms, and the most animated personality, only to be shown at your choosing. You snuggle and hug like you mean it! You reserve kisses for special occasions, and really make your dad work for them. We couldn't love you more if we tried....and we love seeing you in your new role of big sister. Odette will be lucky to have you show her the ropes in this crazy house. 

I can only hope this birthday is as special to you as it is for me. You have a lot of people out there that love you, but none as much as me. Your grandmom Cheryl, who sadly you will never be able to meet due to her passing, told me that I needed to have a girl. That I needed to know the love of a mother and daughter relationship. She hoped for you, and I am eternally in her debt. 

Happy Birthday Avalon Josephine!

We love you!!


  1. So cute!!! yes, a mother daughter bond is amazing! happy bday avalon

  2. Oh my goodness! She is gorgeous. Happy Birthday Princess!
    New follower from Grow Your Blog!

  3. What a beautiful little girl - happy birthday!! They get big so fast...cherish these times (I know you've probably heard that a million times as have I...but now my boys are 10 and 7 and it's true :( )

    1. It is so true. Even having a five year old, it goes by so fast. I feel like he was just turning two!

  4. Okay this had me in tears. Wishing Avalon a very Happy Birthday!!!

  5. so sweet. Her eyes are beautiful! Happy Birthday!

  6. So sweet!!! Happy Birthday to your beautiful girl!! xx

  7. Such a sweet and touching post! A mother and daughter combination is unlike anything in the world! I am looking forward to the day when I can have that with my future daughter! She is so adorable, I love how you have a different picture for each year, cute! Enjoy these times mom, she is growing more and more everyday! Have a lovely week!

  8. So sweet! Happy birthday Avalon! And hey girl, make those future boyfriends work for it. Big brothers are the best.

  9. What a sweet birthday post! Happy birthday to your precious girl!



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