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May 5, 2015

Mother's Day....a day for homemade cards, breakfast in bed, maybe even a shower alone in the bathroom with the door locked! What!!!! That is what I'm talking about. I know that Ace has been working on a Mother's Day art project at school, and I am so excited because last year his card was so cute! I think we can all agree that the handmade mementos are the best, keepsakes. But who doesn't want to get a little something something as well? As many times as I have told Chris that I would love nothing more on Mother's Day than to wipe half the number of butts than I do on a normal day, he always throws in a gift or two. 

Here are some of the things I have been eyeing on the world wide web:

A cute mama tee, just to wear that title loud and proud! Seeing as how I spend most of my day in the kitchen cutting up fruit, preparing dinner, and refilling my coffee cup, this mug and cutting board would fit right in. And now that the temps are warming up, I guess it is time to put away the flannel pj's and break out a cute short sleeve set. This J Crew one is at the top of my list. 

My sneaker collection will never be complete, and I wouldn't mind adding those brightly colored Nike's into the mom uniform mix. To go along with the shoes you need accessories right? Right! A personalized clutch and a few monogram bangles would be the perfect combination! On rare occasions I like to wear some big bling in my ears, but with baby fingers and toddler curiosity, the simpler the better. Those gold bar earrings look like the perfect trendy piece. 

And it wouldn't be a Mother's Day gift guide without a little smell good something or other. Have you seen this aromatherapy shower kit? I mean, I think we all need this in our lives. As much as I would love to run away for another spa day, that just isn't on the calendar at this point. Just like my sneakers, my candle obsession runs rampant in this house. I have mentioned these candles before, but the summer scents are just as good as the winter ones. Vanilla fig and Espresso happen to be my favorites. To round out the list, this ultra hydrating body mist is my new favorite, and of course my all time favorite lip balm! Trust me, your mom or you yourself will love them!!

What are you looking forward to? Or what are you sending your mom? Can't forget the grandma's as well!!


  1. I love these items, they are so fun!

  2. I love the pajama set and clutch!

  3. Great list! That tee is pretty awesome. Reminds me of Stewy from Family Guy. Mom. Mommy. Mom. Mom. Mama. Etc. I actually am going to put money on Matt forgetting lol. I'll be lucky to get a piece of toast in bed. ;)

  4. Cute list--I love the personalized cutting boards! So happy to connect through the bloghop!

    The Lady Lawyer

  5. I want those tennies! I got my mom personalized photo magnets and I am hoping to get a new watch or sunnies!

  6. Oh I love those tennis shoes, comfy and cute!

  7. I'm loving those PJs from J Crew. I may have to purchase those as a Happy Mother's Day gift to myself!! Happy Mother's Day to you BTW!!

    1. Yes! That is what I said, they are just a must!! And thank you, Happy (early) Mother's Day to you :)

  8. As someone who has yet to buy her mom a gift (I know, I'm the worst), I really appreciate this post! You provided so many great examples that I may snag :) I'm so glad that I came across your blog!



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