5, 3, 2, 3 months

Jun 24, 2015

This summer is just flying by!! We are rounding out June, and I just received Ace's school supply list, which is giving me heart palpitations. I mean, kindergarten next year!! Someone get me a prescription for Prozac stat! But before I keel over from time being robbed from my fingertips lets press pause for a minute on these four.
Oh man, if you could bottle up five and display it in a picture this would be it! At-ti-tude! Ace is on his high horse just about 90% of the time. Nothing gets past this kid right now. He sees and hears everything going on around him, and he has 101 questions to follow. It is really fun to see how he interprets things, and how he goes about solving problems. He is so incredibly independent it's scary. He is determined, stubborn, and extremely sensitive. He wants to climbs mountains just like his Dad, and right now he wants to grow up to be a doctor because he "hates germs". He still has a huge dislike for girls, and he has requested that they not be in his class next year. He basically thinks girls talk too much.... 

He is growing like a weed. So tall yet so skinny, his waist is a 4t yet he needs pants in a kids xs to get the right length. His feet are ginormous and we go throw shoes so fast! He is about to be completely toothless in the front, as we patiently wait for two more teeth to fall out! Favorite food right now is halibut....the kid has expensive taste. Other than that he is a force to be reckoned with. 
Pierce. Pierce Pierce Pierce. The boy is out of his damn mind! Three is definitely the most trying year as far as parenting goes. Two is like the kitten of three. Three is the king of the jungle, straight up lion. He doesn't listen to anything or anyone unless you turn into psycho parent and your head starts to spin around, then he is like, oh you mean business. He wants to only eat turkey sandwiches with mustard. He sleeps like a teenager. He will go to sleep at 8pm and wake up sometime after 9. I am constantly going in there to make sure he is breathing. He is a beast of a child, weighing two more pounds than Ace. He is constantly mistaken for a much older child, or Ace's twin. 

But, he is the cuddliest and funniest child ever!! He makes us laugh so hard and is constantly the life of the party. When he walks into a room, he lets it be known! He has a deep deep love for music, and always wants his headphones on. He knows the words to so many different songs, and has dance moves to go with it. Total protector of his sisters, and loves the ladies in general. Taking him to the park is like watching someone speed dating. He just runs to every girl and introduces himself. He is a riot!
Oh the princess Avalon! This little girl melts my freaking heart. She has the cutest little voice, and I can't resist but give her whatever she asks for. She is attached to my hip, which I absolutely love! Everything is princess this or princess that. She always wants to be in some kind of princess attire. She loves more than anything to tell on her brothers. She watches them like a hawk just waiting for them to do something crazy so she can scream "maaa maaa maaa looook!!!" 

She eats as much as a grown man, and has yet to meet a food she doesn't like. She is willing to help you with any task. Her favorites happen to be unloading the dishwasher, and changing the laundry. She has quite the obsession with dogs right now, and is constantly asking for one. She loves to look at clothes online and would like to wear as many hats as she can stack on her head. But, home girl can throw a tantrum loud enough to make me want to take cheese graters to my ears! In other words, don't mistake her kindness for weakness. 
Baby Odette! Three months already. As much as I would like time to just stop, she is at such a fun stage. Discovering the things around her, most notably her hands. She is laughing, and cooing, and making so many different noises. She absolutely LOVES getting her diaper changed, and taking a bath. If Chris is with her and she gets just a tad bit fussy, he automatically takes her up for a diaper change whether she needs it or not. After all the traveling in the car we have been doing, she seems to not mind her car seat as much. Usually just falling asleep once the car is moving. Heaven help you is you stop the car for more than 2.9 seconds! She sleeps through the night. I happen to not. I usually get up once to pump, and then about ten other times to check on her. She co-sleeps like she owns the damn king bed. She is a full blown stomach sleeper though! All my kids were. She can roll all over the place, so keeping her on her back is irrelevant. At her two month check up I told her pediatrician that we were entering some stomach sleeping territory, which she was a little concerned about, but once she saw her roll around she knew there was no stopping her. 

Still eating like crazy, thankfully she has slowed down on the cluster feeding. She is in 3-6 months clothes, with some 6-9 month stuff fitting. She hates headbands and hats, and swats a her head when I put them on her. She is just the sweetest most laid back baby, and we are falling more in love everyday! 


  1. Your hands are full mama, but it sounds like your heart is fuller!

    1. 100% the most perfect way to describe it!

  2. Oh my goodness, they are seriously adorable. I love how distinct their personalities are. :)

  3. Speed-dating Pierce, I love it!

  4. Oh I love this!! And I completely agree with you and the two being the kitten and three the king of the jungle oh my. Terrible twos my ass. Your kids sound like such a ton of fun! Each one just chock full of personality!!!!

  5. Seriously, Adri is Pierce! So funny how similar they are! And Avalon. When did she get so big?! OMG! Her first birthday feels like it was not that long ago!!

  6. Oh my gosh- you're description of three is dead on! My son sounds just like that; it's insane that the same three year old boy can drive you to tears- of anger and of hysterical laughter- within the same hour. I am, however, extremely jealous of Pierce's teenager sleep habits- Max snoozes from 9pm to 5:30am. His seven month old sister sleeps through the night better. Everyone tells me that the 'easy baby girl' and 'challenging toddler boy' change places in regards to behavior once they start grade school. Can't everyone just be good:)??

  7. Two things: If Avalon asked for a Birkin bag, could you say no? If not, please tell her to ask for 2. Also, can I just have her? She is the freakin' sweetest.



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