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Jun 19, 2015

So we have basically covered our Homer accommodations, and the daily activities, but there was more! So much more! With our mornings spent hanging out around the cabin and enjoying the view, our afternoons spent getting sandy at the beach, clearly our evenings must be spent downtown. Clearly. 
The town of Homer itself is really quite cute. You could drive down any street and find a great restaurant or coffee shop to stop at. But where the real action is...in my opinion is down on the spit. For those not familiar the Homer spit is basically a 4.5 mile piece of land stretching out into the Kachemak Bay. Down there you have the port, the boardwalk, and at the very end a hotel. It is such a cool little place to explore, with some of the best food I have ever had. 
We happen to greatly enjoy walking around the port, and down to the waterfront to see all the boats. I am a huge Deadliest Catch fan! I remember the first season, I was a senior in high school and somehow became fascinated with this whole crabbing thing. I used to make Chris watch it with me in my dorm room, along with a little Law and Order SVU. SO...the fan girl came out in me when I spotted the Cape Caution up there. Wild Bill is basically my spirit animal, and all I could do was hope we ran into him and his glistening grey hair. We did not. Guess I'll just have to catch him on my DVR. 

Anyway...we walked around as the kids marveled at all the boats, and questioned why we didn't own one. Simple answer kids...tuition and food are expensive...and there are four of you...the list really could go on. 

One of the nights we were down there, a couple fisherman had just come in with their catch. There are a couple cleaning and processing areas set up near the port. The kids were fascinated by watching them clean and fillet their fish. Much different than watching mom and dad struggle to do it in the kitchen! haha. It really is an art form I tell ya. These guys were just flying through these fish. Homer being the Halibut capital of the world provides a nice backdrop to catching your own fish and taking it to one of the restaurants on the spit that will prepare it for you for dinner! Not too shabby in my opinion!
Once you have walked around for a bit and worked up a nice little appetite, there is no better way to end the night than with a pipping hot pizza pie from Finn's!!! No joke we got two pizzas everyday while we were down there. I dream of these pepperoni pizzas! And the view from the upstairs lounge, gets me every time!
One of the days as we were driving back from the spit, we noticed the farmers market was open! Last summer we missed it, and we remember from the summer before that it was pretty good! Not all farmers markets are the same...that is for sure! This one is small, but quality people, quality!
These donuts!!! I would give my left arm for some more of these donuts!! They are made hot to order, with every unhealthy delicious topping imaginable! It was insane, insanely perfect!! And now that we have been on our "vacation cleanse" all I can think about is pizza and donuts! When is our next vacation? Christmas? It can't come soon enough. And sometimes I wonder why I'm holding onto a few pregnancy pounds.........the truth is in the donuts!
And would it really be a stop in Homer if I didn't bring home a case bottle or two of wine? No, no it wouldn't! Really do yourselves a favor and look up Bear Creek Wines, they are amazing! The owners are amazing...it is all just amazing! 

Okay, now that I have spent so much time trying to relive our vacation, and more or less imitating an online brochure for Homer, I will think about unpacking our bags. 


  1. Of course I read this whole post and go right for the alcohol... HOW do grapes grow in Alaska for wine? Clearly I am not versed in winery-ness because that just blows my mind.
    In other news, this town looks super cute!

    1. HAHA! These wines are to die for! We actually have a pretty decent growing season for fruits and veggies. These are blended wines so the majority of the flavors are fruits that do well in Alaska. Blueberry, pomegranate, rhubarb.

  2. I met Wild Bill, I think I've told you that before. He's really nice. I need those donuts in my life, and all the views are sooo pretty!

  3. I want to go there now! It looks so awesome!

    1. Seriously I could spend all my days there. Love affair for sure!

  4. So I would have been singing Wanted, Dead or Alive the entire time. Yes? Looks like such a fun place!!

  5. lovely blog, nice Sunday!




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