Life's a Alaskan beach!

Jun 17, 2015

Alternate titles could have been...."Alaskan beaches are cold". "When Bald Eagles Attack". "A sequel to the movie The Birds". "A bird in Alaska could easily pick up my toddler". 

Basically you are about to see a bunch of birds on a beach...some really big ass birds on a beach! I want you for a moment to picture yourself sitting on this beach, watching your children play with sand, frolic around splashing in the water. Then all of a sudden you see a few birds circling around you, you think nothing of this because you're on a beach...and well, there are fish in the water. Not only that but there are fishermen coming back from a little trip out to sea. But then! THEN! You see a few bald eagles the size of large dogs land uncomfortably close to you and your small children. Your husband is losing his mind with fascination while you yell at your children to stay close! One bird, then two eagles, then more birds and you find yourself in some sort of weird feeding frenzy! They start to fight over the fish carcass that had appeared on the beach. But at this point you can't take your eyes off what is going on, and the sheer size of the is my evidence!
These pictures were taken with a 50mm lens, so you know that we were oddly close to the action! I mean...I'm sorry what? Seeing bald eagles in Alaska is nothing new...but having them fly so close is quite the experience! All I could think about was that movie The Birds, just all these damn birds circling around us. I was trying to get the family to oh I don't know...move a few feet to the right...but they were not having it!

Then I see this big fella lands right behind us and I about wished I had a few adult diapers mixed into my diaper bag!

There are so many beaches along the highway when driving down to Homer, but out favorite is Anchor Point. There is a small campsite near there, tons of moose sightings, and we love to watch the boat launches from the shore. It is also one of the beaches that is pretty vacant when it comes to people. Probably because right at this spot it is always pretty windy. 
Obvioiusly going to the beach in Alaska is nothing like going to the beach anywhere else. There are no bikini clad women, no swim suits at all for that matter! The weather can change on a dime. You will start off with just a couple layers on, and the next thing you know you are in full winter gear! 
Rain boots and rain pants are highly recommended!! And a few extra changes of clothes while your at it! This trip to Homer I thought I was over packing, but I was sadly mistaken! Pierce went through all the clothes I brought him in the first two days! From throwing up, spilling milk, jumping into the water before I could get his rain gear on, to ripping a pair of pants when falling on the gravel. So my new motto when packing is "what would Pierce do?
Avalon's first time in the sand was at this same beach last year! It was only fitting to give Odette the same introduction....even though she hated the wind chill factor and was only happy if completely wrapped up in blankets. I can't blame her though. 
We spent a good portion of everyday at the beach. Living in Alaska you really have to take advantage of these beautiful sunny days, especially when down in Homer! We all know that we will be cursing the ground we walk on once it is frozen again! 


  1. Wow!! Those eagle pictures totally gave me chills! This beach day totally beats the ones we've had lately!! I get a kick out of the kids all bundled up playing in the sand!

  2. Wowwww, those bald Eagle pictures are amazing. The closest I've ever come was a nest waayyyyy up in the trees at Yellowstone, but seeing them right there on the beach is awesome!

  3. I hear bald Eagles are pretty mean.
    I hate birds. So no thanks. haha
    The beach here in Nor Cal is the same, you better be wearing a sweatshirt and pants or else you will freeze.

  4. Ugh I am not a fan of birds, my brother has chickens and I want to kill them lol.

  5. Holy birds batman! Thank god you don't have a rag top convertible am I right? They go right through those things. But the beach! Yes. The beach. Worth it.

  6. Those birds look like an awesome experience; but also disconcerting! They're huge!

  7. True story, I once had a roommate that was so terrified of birds. I'm tweeting him this blog post, because he will probably shit his pants at these photos.



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